Tipping Point is here.

I have written two blogs this week  about various themes that have concerned and aggravated me and yet I am now sat feeling that there is a benevolent higher goodness that is of a good standing tall with the giants of creativity and no matter what course I enrol upon, or fad I get enthused about, it lays firmly at a mix of knowing thyself and being honest facing each demonic episode and one by one I see how advantageous the millennial children such as my daughter, is no longer prepared to put up with the bullshit that we were taught.

My generation grew up within the narrative of the NO vibration, money doesnt grow on trees etc, not good enough etc, less than etc that desensitises using the oldest tricks in the book – distraction via  divide and conquerism’s keeping separation and the Ego in firm power heads. It’s still here, but its losing its force. Industrial revolution

Last night I heard George Monbiot out of the wreckage.jpegdiscuss his new book, Out of the Wreckage as he speaks about how the duplicitous disingenuous two tier tired top down statism and privatisation as the old paradigm loses grip on its once vital hold to lie, steal, cohere, and bully us into all the ills of today.  The past few hundred years  or thousand depending where you are coming from points to the implications of mass ecocide, mass genocide, mass fear based low-level tactical and political day light robbery by the elite, nobles, industrial complex classes whose real job is to keep us distracted, dumb-down and disoriented. The Lords and Ladies of elitism are being found out by their own malicious control methods to separate us from nature and agree to the entrapment of their ownership by any means. Since the pillaging and throwing off the small  holders, carpenters, wheel Wrights, weavers, growers, foragers into the jungliest of the nightmare of the Industrial Revolution that saw The Enclosure Acts that began in the 15th centuries towards the gradual separating of the common man from his beloved interdependence to living off the land and the continued practice of rituals with knowing the seasons with the returning birds from warmer climes.  Open common lands, fells, woods, forests, dells, highlands, water meadows, were not for the few but for the many.  Self rule meant good husbandry and respect to all things of Natural lore. There was no such thing as Job creation. Man knew his place without some idiot politician and do gooder telling him or her how to run his or her life.

This week social media rang out a call to arms as our government ran into a petition from NGO’s highlighting how they allegedly refused to back the wonder of animal sentience.  When any half-hearted human knows how to interact with animals, pets, walking outside, doing things with the wind blowing in your face and whipping one up for good feelings as we breathe in life itself.  Again we are seeing the lack of real intention from the governments world-wide. When we see, feel, hear, read about cruelty, we innately know that we humans feel powerless much of the time and yet bit by bit we are waking in our droves. We are at critical mass times now and the tipping point is here. No longer will indigenous man accept barbarism, communism, mono crop capitalism, any isms really and that raping, pillaging, dehumanising, being treated contemptuously is at the end.  We feel peace & warmth in the knowledge that plants and animals and rocks and elementals all vibrate love and energetic ancestral histories as we remember. quote-the-main-point-for-me-is-moral-animals-are-sentient-beings-i-know-for-some-this-is-a-hard-grace-slick-172420.jpgThe Trickers are now being outed on social media and any one with common sense is raising the floor as a call to arms to standing up for our beloved Mother Nature.

Draconian man-made Lawyering  is over as it no longer serves our highest good for life on earth. We have Blue Planet 2 Blue Planet 2 with Attenborough on task as per usual highlighting our defunct throwaway cultures in consumerism and crony capitalism as the root of our ills.

I myself have struggled of late to know where I fit in especially as my daughter is at that delicate teenage age of 15 and is struggling to know where she is going. At her age, I was still living on the farm, the beloved Common Farm where I grew up and had I known I was going to be thrown to the wolves in 1982-1984 – well – a different Mia would be probably on a farm, married, horses, children, etc…my trajectory was to be moved quietly off the farm never to be welcomed back bar a tiny crack when I had finished being a groom at Bibury, and applied to Dance & Dramatics at The Wyvern School in Swindon. I auditioned with Marie McCluskey a once grande dame of Ballet in the UK. I was delighted, took the bus home, walked across the fields and gushed to Aunty Binks and dad that I was now on my way to becoming a famous film star!!!! I was met with no congratulations or support, but straight away Aunty Binks said: ‘How are you going to afford that?’..she had a point, I was 16 and so I got a job cleaning at Hambros life from 7.30 – 9.30 every night near the bus station in Swindon. I travelled on the past bus home every night, walking across the field to the farm in the dark, never a dinner in the oven like the grooms or other  would receive but a great big pile of washing up to greet me. I had already learnt that my role at the farm was cinderella like…from the moment my mother left, and we came back from the children’s home I took up the arms of cleaning, and becoming a mother. I was 5. I am digressing. I was never giving much encouragement in regards to my well-being other than I was so grateful that I lived on that farm, fully emerged with the natural rhythms of life engaging daily with  animals, trees, plants, weather, sounds, birds, riding, patting, touching, feeling all that is of that. Nature nurtures me. It is All that is.  I also tuned into the wonder of music and the arts. And so when I dropped out of college due to tiredness and a diet of mars bars and cola, I never dreamt that within three months I would be in London living a new life as a nanny and finding a whole new other world that unfolded a super load of new communities, new city scape, and so as I am now reminded how it was then to now I look towards my daughters future and go to pieces. What would have happened had I had the support of Dad and Aunty Binks? Would I change anything..well that depends..yesterday I was in tears at myself, feeling disempowered by my failing of parenting to my beloved daughter, and as I went to work, I learnt more about myself. I am a giver and the tone I began with, began unfurling something I knew. Life is what you make it…how you feel it…how you recognise behaviours and I have a particularly horrendous self-destructive old part that just loves to put me down. Where did I learn that? From the constant low vibration of my own family that had no trouble in telling me I was worth nothing, costly and not good enough to remain in the bosom of my family. For my girl, she has me and I will do my best to help her through this period of transition.

I  remember that I am part of the cosmos and sunlight and that I am here to keep learning, embracing and align to fearlessness.

The political system is a farce and is dying…the state is on its way out….top down orders are broken. Greedy men will squeal on each other as the whole god damned sordid paradigm of psychopaths unravels to such a level as it is now, with the kiddy fiddling rackets that are on the tippiong point of coming out, and with the illusions of money and quantised easing,  greedy economic progress that we hear of always, GD fucking P, and reductionism and Brexit and Trump and pointy finger wagging, this blame gaming is no longer the way. Back street conniving and meddling thugs that we have given power and whom thrived on unhinging man by cunning and power mongering to keep us separated from our innate spiritual and physical realities do not match the greater good. And that  each individual is required to self govern and take heed of that that feels wrong in every sense. All the polluting, buying into the fear no longer is serving us.

We are here. Now. At the tipping point for transitioning that will spell disaster for cronyism and return to small is beautiful and slow is essential and seasonal in all its glory and joys.  We will not let our millennial children down as we take the next generations forward to a resource based caring community living on Common lands growing whats around us and reducing our reliance on economical unsustainable models. Men and women will remember that they are part of nature. Now we are realigning with our rich mix of indigenous &  cultural participation as we seek purpose, real purpose no longer paying  attention to the men of manmade law.


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Disillusioned and living in the paradox of politics of Love…

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I’m done in, lond-don out and disillusioned by the incessant continuation of the droning landscapes of sheer bombardment & infertile language that is NOT high vibing and most definitely not of the truth. Its bonkers out there and so I just have reached the point of no return to the old ways and the good old patriarchal paradigm days.

Having to un-write my whole life because I began to question my whole identity connected to my external drivers, and then some with my earthly desires and easy convenient lifestyle from time to time, sitting on the fence, no longer happy to sit in the duplicitous divide and distraction techniquing views from secret top down shady deep state algorithms to confuse, keep us in a fear-based, poverty conscious consciousness and then the wielding propaganda celebs, monotheistic and other, double speak crossers and aligned to a low vibratory is called the great big hypnotic hyp to hide and gnostic, to know all, so we are under the swing band of a mass scale roll out of repetitive main line hookers, fixers, symptoms, paradigm culture that is highly destructive, ecologically horrifying and has left me stuck in this place. I have been utterly uninspired to write about what. I move in my day and feel my thoughts and feel my self amongst  the diatribe of mainlining propaganda drivel.

I hardly use Facebook anymore, just to flick in on my notifications,  keeping abreast with counter-culture groups and more individuals whom I relate on a wider quantum level for good news stories and a little adjustment as another news speak story is fobbed into the world of man.  In fact I would say, even my go to’s, that troubleshoot and do the work on my behalf are quiet. We are it would seem, going off the once big blazing trail seeking truth finding facts from under the parapet of controller v controlled and that many, including me, are no longer ranting and spewing out our own brand of truth that was once in-perceivable gobbledygook and conspirator mayhem, with the other side of the page being outed as fake news that is the Main stream  and the gobbledygook is feeling more appropriate as Trump, Brexit, the boring symptoms continue to fill up our lungs with chemicals, pollution, toxic food, pharma, subsidy rackets, quangos, traffic jams, stupid expensive nanny-State as we bend over backwards at the great big sell off of all things sentient all things spiritual and most important our relationship to the natural lore which have been hijacked by man-made law. We are being asked to choose but not what we think. Divide and conquer are not new. We are not the top of the food chain. There is much more out there and in comes in great big shudders, shifts, timelines, sleeping giants as deeper than the oceans on earth, further than our own cosmic milky way constellation, and that  cosmic lore is bound intricately with natural lore and devotional God heads.

Now I choose life in the essence of feeling joy, truth, momentum, alchemy, exploration, self discernment, self-awareness and my whole self is to steadily rise deeper to my soul in-doing and being so I gain new perspective and new horizons come through my way of thinking right from the off, that deals with love and compassion, integrity, understanding others as not the problem, but how one actually lives without always having indicators that point to shame and guilt, and that I have the sensibility to work out that all is not what it seems.

We are going through a huge earthly, cosmic, interstellar, configuration beyond anything we have been led to believe as non-sense. We are such creatures of habit, that we forget we are our own unique guiding lights towards pure potential and inner transmutation that each one is divined, potent and different.

When I went down that 2014 rabbit hole living with total eyes closed to eyes opening as I faced my behaviours, and stories.  I had the most amazing break through, apart from the obvious areas that required a huge eye-opening self responsible awakening, I also saw other threats that weren’t human, and in my darkest sojourn, I got to see I was full up of entities feeding off my gullibility, my sexual depravities, my being not taught to pierce the veils of the dark unseen, as I was uninitiated.

It came through all things synchronic and  utterly unbelievable but come they did. I realised that I had been probably from the beginning of the physical, material getting here in this heavy vibration, that I first held the keys to all that was and all that is. I saw that not only had I begun changing my inner vibration when I began my journey into the aspects of counter-culture and smoking pot, drinking alcohol and dropping my first trip in 1984 in The Moscow Arms, and by 7 am in the morning, or thereabouts, in that first squat on Wharfedale road, kings cross, that  I lived and shared with a bunch on New Zealanders and Steve, my then bf, that I had  a huge perceptive realignment with the way I had felt so robbed of those early years, and that I saw the split that shattered my whole perception of who I was and what I had used to keep me safe and in the knowledge that I could be tempted to another way and not what I had been taught by those enablers around me. In a nut my whole life apart from the constant vibrations of the honey bee’s buzzing, the birds singing, the flowers blooming, the wind soft, hard, glorious and yet these were and are still today my reason of being here at this time and bit by bit uncovering what is not of a good and gracious energy, and really digging up the whys, who’s, how’s of manipulation, war, greed, agenda new world ordering, illuminesque symbols, kiddy fiddling, mass declines in every part of nature, as we are battened and waved at from everything outside of ourselves, to keep playing the fiddlers tunes as he weaves his nicks and knacks for power, pestilence, duality, sideshows and utter fear to keep indigenous humans contained and agreeing to the occult of  I, the service to self, and that me, you, are all  are living under the massive hypnotic trance and discouragement to being truly honourable and brimming with potentiality that seeks the will of the divine and not the matrix fuelled fear fed machines with nasty levels dependent on how you play the games. We have been so distracted by materialism, powership, ownership, predatory and designed in a very disrespectful manner that is not human. That there are other levels of benign energy eaters that require your essence. I also in all of that throughout my life trajectory, have found that there is also a greater for good genuine code that is not the unseens, but the ancient lore of life here on earth. When we watch Attenborough on Blue Planet 2, we are in awe of the micro and macro worlds and the sentient beings that live in this world where we live. We are heartfelt, and we are humbled, and we begin to really look around our own world views for another way, the way of the Tao, or unfoldment of creativity and self-expression through self work. To do any good is not  to refuse all things that pertain our existence, but rather to allow all things to be, so long as the lore of nature is adhered to and that we respect our part as children of this part of the universe and that we remember our past.

And so I ran a life of chance meetings, codependent or rather, interdependent participating, interacting, with my huge hormonal emotional and physical, mental and spiritual drivers, every time I woke up a bit, I saw things that made me question and seek some resolves that weren’t just pushed into the barrel of a gun, and left fearing for own life.

I am honestly stuck beyond measure to now resolve the deepest aspects currently here. To stand up and fight the system by being in it? Or to keep creating the life I wish to live with all and sundry and have the character to create a really wonderful life with all its bells and whistles. By recognising false flags, staged distractions, my own distractions, chaos and lacks, and yet I knew I was on to recognising through my own defects, that a time of man’s great hijacking of his truisms to his own wellbeing and his own abilities to adapt to what his immediate environment.

When I dropped that LSD I had no idea that the cosmos was so cosmic and so allowing for me to look like a kid watching their story narrated and told by a little big part of all the human stories, that we have to have concrete foundations filled with fertility, diversity and biology to grow our food and to receive our highest goodness for ourselves. To be able to feel a goddess like attraction, and that we are not what we thought. Just now in my life, I am so disillusioned by absolutely all the avenues that are out there transmitting their glorious messages, their meaning of life, their versions of what is good and what is evil and yet I am so fucking disillusioned by the peerage  system, the state, the government, the council tax, the EU, the politics of lying. The way we hand it all over to be fucked. I don’t even have it in me to believe in the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn and all things red, blue, green, yellow, it’s all the same story of them and us, you and me, black or white, blue pill, or red pill,  living a story that was impinged not nurtured. And not only that, I was hooked line and sinker to love, bodily, embodiment and the assuredly that the counter-culture in the mid 80’s was alive and kicking. Class war marches, hilarious as my first jobs were in fashionable Holland Park, and to march with the banners of kill the bill and bash the rich was quite something and only in a year of being in london.I came to London as an live-in nanny and by the end of the year I was squatting, turning veggie and really having my first taste of another whole life that was interdependent upon the values, energy and ideas of those days. Thatcherism, Strikes, Privatisation and the beginning of the gentrification of the home owner and his kingdom.  We were all under the trance of the day which was firmly in my world , anarchy, self-rule and self discovery.

I was always insecure in London, always homeless, not on the street, but firmly in the appealing other feelings that were never to be about rooting down, marrying, staying with one man, and staying in one part of town. Of course I never knew this was my way of being in my life until I hit my 15th hundred rock bottom and yielded to NA nearly three years ago. It gave me space to work out how I arrived where I arrived and what I could do about it. I worked the steps and I came out of another conundrum, how living in the steps in another form of enslavement and agreeance by systemic control. I even had a chat to someone about Monbiot being a shill for nuclear as after Fukushima disaster where he wrote that we cannot live without nuclear as a main energy supply base, a bit James Lovelock like.

What happened and how it shaped me is something I hold dear as the life-giving force of joy, and the feelings of breaking free from the constraints of greed, protecting whats yours, sticking in the same place with the same vibes with the same outcomes. I was a big wondering wander of that time and I wasn’t the only one. I have such great empathic and deeply nostalgic memories that rise up from the tranquillity of the mill pond, deep in the sand and mulch of fertility that has always been a constant. My total desire for all things to do with nature and the natural foremanships that are who and how we are in the great scheme of things. I was always in the idea of a higher god and a higher plane, heaven, earth, universe, planets, stars, oceans, and soils, trees and bees and all that is connected to a greater consciousness that holds higher truth and righteous meanings that is not held by greed and profit and people herding and using that psychological babble to keep the aliveness of a deathly atonement that dumbs us down to death shaming us with the same imagery of death, disease, starvation in the abstract world, and for us little people at the bottom of the pyramid, enslaved, entrapped by fear, self harming, self flagellation, as our whole entrenchment is on that vibration, the lower entity demonic land of unseens, feeding of you and me.

We are being fed lies, deceit, corruption, ecological distraction and mass dis-ease. I knew innately that through living that life that I did, underneath there was always something that kept me safe, kept me inquiring, asking, finding out things, I was outrageous and outraged by mass starvation, mass deforestation, mass sickness, homeless ness, waring, cutting, maiming and mining, terrorising, dividing, and on it went. I knew innately that somehow I was born to break free of the external drivers that had me licked, drugged up, fucked and codependent on the State via the dole, codependent on others, via my hormones, and ancestral knowing/unknowing, codependent on others for everything and yet I went along with it…highly sexed, highly intelligent, highly keen to find out why I was who I am. Of courser the hormone years were a tricky one to balance. I was sex and love mad and went on a personal crusade that pushed me over the tops, into very strange courses but ultimately those very same-sex love hormones kept me in the most protected place too, my soulular cells were activated by orgasms, excitements, adoration, politics, mainstream stuff, and human fragility most importantly. I was so obsessed with love and finding love through my body that I just didn’t really stop till my daughter was born and I was put into enforced containment to reflect on the life I had led up to that point.

My own early years were extremely cruel, and leaving home, rather forced out of the farm I grew up on, I was never safe there anyway, Aunty Binks made sure her game-plan was on course and I suppose I have her to thank for being cold and delivering a lot of broken hearts that really meant I kept breaking my own. The more I went on myself to self learning, it meant I had to keep breaking down, breaking the laws of man and waking up slowly, fast, slowly to arrive at a place where I sought help and I tried to rescue everybody that needed me. I was a high res resonant player. Upon stopping and upon self-reflection and upon the big rabbit hole period, I have been able to ascertain that I am no way any closer to what I am, and yet I feel never more closer to God, Goddess, Gaia, cosmic and catastrophic in this knowledge, this gnosticism, and my faith to feel whats true to my nature and to my self growth. I want to tell you all about this because I am readying myself for my work here. Shouting from the rooftops that humanity is not all that it seems, that we hold the keys to our own dramatic plays, words, feelings, relationships, scrutiny of the Stockholm syndrome mono-cropping and reductionism of mice and men. I see we are hooked on this and that, we are moving away from the dreary back drops of progress and prison planetary vibrations. We are setting ourselves tasks we already agreed to upon coming back to earth. To learn to play with a good set of natural observations in all parts of the universal lore. We are so ready for change. Pitchforks, to the ready, not to hurt each other but to help each other. To join with our tribes and our communities and our hopes for a day that is now upon us, to get growing, cooking, partying, and breaking the law of man.

By creative self learning, self-care, self highest possible learning, I have found that there is no one way, no man-made law that holds real governance as we bang our heads, break down, lose our identities and rediscover there is much to be made of love. Holding love. Feeling love no matter what.

Love is ALL. Love is the way and that means we need to take account of our capacity to love without expectations, without conditions, without judgement, without compromise, and that we are now living in a time of having the masks come off each one of us as we move towards enlightenment and a call to action in the lay of the land and that man has a duty to step up and choose the right way of being and remain observing what is and how to live without blinkers. IMG_1644.jpg