The Best of Trump yet to come!i


You got to be thick-skinned these days to remain an independent,indigenous, individual sort of jolly these days. Or I’m another girl on Another planet!
The 5 Big giants in tech Gulag mass spying social engineering systems are hell-bent on keeping us entertained, entrained, enslaved & placed in pens.

Norfolk Broads…


After my day trip to Norfolk last week to have my palms read by world-class John Fensham unknownas he explained my innate cosmic Air hands
to being of huge sensitivity as my demeanour is that of a harbinger bird fluttering from here to there in higher lands up in the skies & that Air hands are In-tune with spiritual matters however my hands are also water divining instruments & body working is essential which works with my therapeutic stance that is my greatest self-serving act of believing in free thinking regardless of race, creed, faith etc & my purpose to wake me up! And that my intuition is huge gift with my Appolo Ring finger divine! Ha!

The point I’m making in my first paragraph is this:

I love Trump

Trump speaking at the United Nations General Assembly

Trump blasted the whole auditorium at the United Nations was genius. I love the way he stands up against The Globalists Agenda. Period. He is tearing up the Skull Duggery purgatory tax fiddling nations & in transparency! Hoorah! I pray he doesn’t get taken down like Kennedy.
We are all under fire today as the mainstreams are refusing to talk about Q & despise Trumps Tweets. I totally got into tweet world even though Jack Dorsey, fat cat owner is struggling with his narrative because the giant 5 Big Gulag techs are deciding who goes on these platforms and who doesn’t.


Wake up people… stop living in low vibe land, eating mass processed foodstuffs, vaccinating your babies, limping along, in this codex alimentary war. Turn off the Main Stream Monopolies. Read 1984.
Our food is dis-eased, our water fluoridated, our air spewed with chem trails & our soils sprayed with hundreds of chemicals. It’s a lie. It’s psychotic & it’s extremely despotted & by this I have a wave of Haters convinced I’m mad. Hated for being an individaul non lefty, or non righty…just in betweeny!

I no longer bother with Mass pys-ops Zuckerberg & al platforms as the algorithms look out for words like: Trump, GMO’s, Zionism, Terrorists
And anything that goes against the Globalists Mass Eugenics War on mankind.

Bill Gates, George Soros, Sir Geoffrey Pattie, Lord Malloch-Brown, SERCO & the Internet Of all things are behind the hideous world Globalist crimes. I highly suggest you do your own R&D.
These mass propaganda mechanisms are droning and cloning the masses into a huge weaponised false narrative.


Me? I’m an environmentalist & totally dancing to high vibes of source, God of my innate being and local, organic & seasonal.


I totally am done with following Duopolies that demand you choose one or the other. I would rather eat my shit than pay to play with thieves, murderers, liars, pedo’s & destroyers of our beautiful landscapes & indigenous humanity.
Meaning I’d be happy if we all returned to local permaculture practices & self prevention in our medicinal fields of consciousness . IMG_1377IMG_1358IMG_7423

And the worse joke of all is We Pay for our demise.

The psychotic system is freaking out, panicking and the rats are jumping ship.
Those under spotlight are singing like canaries as the world wakes up from a massive 70 year campaign of horrific dumb downing. Zombie numbing. De-sensitising. As Normalisation of transhumance & transgendering hit the young innocents.


George Soros sponsoring the New World ordering – backing Me Too, LBGT, Black Lives Matter, take care, pull the curtain back & look! Soros is banned from his own nation- Hungary.

Both Soros & Carlos Slim who owns The New York Times, are funding the Colour Revolution paying for protesters like those odd bods in Antifa & wanting disruption against anyone who thinks outside of the box.
These nefarious man are in the business of lying, stealing, murdering, dividing, conquering, through the dark arts of honey potting, black mailing, kiddy fiddling using cloak & dagger skull duggery.

Trump is the real deal bringing back jobs, industry & the military. He is not an enemy of the people.

No matter what the poison minds of mass media say. They are paid shills.

The play for players – pedostate, pedowood- Hollyweird and human grooming traffickers are being found out, the light is on them as The CEOs run for their lives.

Bill Cosby, Weinstein, Spacey, Keith Rainer, Alison Mack are the first big ones to get caught… watch Epstein, the Clinton’s, Podesta’s, Obama’s, Bushes & those great actors fall into a different spot light. They are panicking as are The Crown privy MI6 crew here. The 5 Eyes & all the clowns.
Game on. And Watch observe how the lame stream media on both sides, continue mass hatredness to anyone who is not a Deepstate, Globalist shadow entity.

As a child who was abused by my family, I know PTSD. I’m a survivor &
In times a thriver.
Watch out.
We’re waking & finally ascending from the murky swamp. Ta

13 thoughts on “The Best of Trump yet to come!i

  1. So now anyone who disagrees with you is a ‘hater’ – a typical Trump trick. If you want to know what hate is, check this:

    Anyone who likes Trump, who is a despicable piece of shit pretending to be human, and the way he views/treats/hates women is a fucking idiot. But, then again, you’ll probably say it’s fake news created by the mass media and not actually recorded/witness comments

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    • Whilst your entitled to your scornful opinion … thank heavens we can still have free speech something the far left are desperate to rid of with George Soros finding major anti- trump…the Big Gulags were all sold to China via Obama, Feinstein, Clinton me& worse… … at last we have someone with a big enough ego to take on the Fake Pedostate Lame stream nefarious media that CEO CNN Ted Cruz a well known pedo, and his Mob are all shaking in their boots.
      Let’s hope Trump outs the NWO and the Globalists mass eating & not only makes America great… but the world too…..!


    • Trump is not a Pedostate mass trafficking criminal against children.. he has his own money, doesn’t depend on central banking systems, is for world peace.. look at Korea dismantling their nuclear arsenal, ripped up the TTIP/TSI/CETA, ripping up NATO/UN/All proxy placed George Soros Rothschild cabal Jesuit mother fuckers. And so much more. Yes he has flaws… don’t we all? However the whole sorry MSM pedowood Hollyweird set is in mass panic pushing horrendous pointy fingering at their hard left fascist mass bomb dropping soul destroying open boardering mass immigration Lying cheating killing drones on the people’s of the world in fear false flagging… look at Sandy Hook, Parklands, Vegas, all Deepstate activities… yes so what if Trump shagged a few hundred women which I don’t truly believe..Blasey-Ford lies under oath… she couldn’t tell when, where, who and how… she is an MKUltra trainer, her dad works for the CIA, and her handlers are Feinstein, Pelosi and Hilary Clinton..+++++++… the Vatican Bank is under mass investigation & meanwhile no one researches what the fuck communism is, socialism, conservatism as we go along saying and singing the same old song. Give it up Steve. I love life. I love what I do. I am free & I suggest you go and break out of your prison planet. With love! M


  2. Mia, Trump didn’t start with his own money he borrowed $1m from his father and, facilitated by his father, $100m from banks (which you despise so much). Because I am against Trump (who is also a proven rascist – he discriminated against black people when he was a scumbag landlord in the Queens in the seventies), does not mean I am pro-Clinton. They are all as bad as each other and Trump has his own agenda which is ‘do whatever it takes to win and fuck everybody else’.

    Read what you wrote again and think about your train of thought – you are addled & all over the fucking place. Stop watching all that shit on youtube – why do you think all these people and their theories post their oral vomit only on youtube and not in a public debate (not necessarily on TV)? It’s because nobody can answer them on youtube and they are scared of having their lies taken apart in a logical, intelligent discussion with proven facts and data and not paranoid rants and hearsay.

    You know me – I trust nobody and question everybody and everything – you appear to have gone the other way and will believe anything that ‘proves’ people’s lives (including yours) is not want they want/expected it to be either just shit because somebody, somewhere has got it in for them. You need to get real Mia beause the reason for this is that most people are to fucking dumb, or lazy, mindless or just plain lazy to do anything about it. Love – $xx


    • Hi Steve,
      thanks for your feedback…..I couldnt care less if his dad started him off – so what? This journey of studying Who the players are in the Deep State shadow government is nothing new for me. I have always been interested in counter culture and covert culture and look we are now seeing who the players are, and what they actually have been doing. You dont have to agree with how I feel, that’s fine, but for me, I am enjoying the show and who does what.
      For example I now know who and how The Queens Privy Council control Corporate America…I love writing notes, and keeping up with the daily events. I understand who makes HAARP Weather weaponry Directed Energy, Chem Trails, as well as all the usual suspects who destroy the soils and the soul of man. I am learning so much about the Federal Reserve, deepening my knowledge, I know what MAGA means now, and why it is imperitive to the sovereignty of the world.
      Sir Richard Dearlove, Lord Malloch Brown and Sir Geofrey Pattie, the Vatican, Hollyweird, New York and many other parts to the nefarious systems of governence have opened my eyes from becoming interested as an individual in Donald Trump. He is not a racist, as much as the Lame stream Mockingbird media like to say. He may be misogynest, but he did have a strange relationship with his mum…a bit like me really….I often write with a stream of consciousness and in this post, I didnt want to ramble on and on about why Trump is who he is and why I am who i am -there is plenty to look over in my previous posts.
      I stopped going on Fakebook for reasons that had been creeping up on me for many years – algorythms, and surveillance and what ever…I just don’t like corporate blue interfaces, a bit like this really and so many nasty comments, and many from you.
      I am not a socialist, never have been, and I am not a conservative, I dont believe in duopoly monopolies and I have been researching the tentacles of the Deep State Globalist Agenda for as long as I can remember – go and look down my wall on Fakebook since I began – nothing new other than me ranting on about the Globalists.
      History has always been something I have loved, and gnostic esoterics another. The two combine my favourite things, the feelings I feel intuitively and the way I try not to get side tracked into being a people pleaser of which was my life for many years. I re-read your thoughts and you are right in many ways, but not the way you think. I think its great that you still stand by your self belief of not trusting anyone or anything but that makes me sad too.
      However I am still in a great belief that Love Conquers All and and that indigenous humanity will get to a place and not too far away and will awaken beautifully like a butterfly.
      Trump is turning the world of Globalism upside down and that makes me smile. I love my own researching, and I find the ones I suggest to be the most vibratory ringing the truth for me.
      Isn’t is great we can still just about write what we wish and not get locked up like Winston Smith for having unique thoughts.
      When Alex Jones was taken down, and now another few thousand top sites from the left and the right, millions of followers, years of research, Gone in a second by Gulag and co….lets trust in the plan as Q says and trust in ourselves, as interdepent wonderful love and kind humans that can see through the mass propaganda mind controllers. And btw, Q is also something I dont undertand, but what I do is my own self in how I got here and what I do to make my world a glorious adventure. I am scared, I have fear, but in my heart of hearts, I am getting stronger and stronger.
      My main thing though is the Sex Industries and Children Trafficking. When Trump put out his Declaration at Christmas, the grimey disgusting pedo brothers, the Podesta’s (Hilary Clintons secretary) closed their business and went into hiding. Many other CEO’s resigned and ran screaming into the hills. Actors like Robert De Nero, Peter Fonda, Merly Streep, Spacey, are all kiddy fiddlers and ritualistic worshipers drinking babies blood in their dark dark coverns and like the mainstream media, they are under the orders of the private Banks, the criminal cabal and the old blue blood families. Honey potting is the term of blackmail…not nice…read Cathy O’Brians Trance Formation – a totally authentic story of her life as an MKultrad child who was groomed, handled and raped by literally all the presidents men and the Popes and all the top pyschopathic weird odd balls who love sleeping with underage children. Look at the Children Protection Services(CPS)…and what Bill Clinton did in 1997, allow all councils to make money per head of each child taken away from their parents if there parents were smoking drugs, or felon of some sort or even just a single mother…Nancy Schaefer Republican Senator
      That is just one story…..
      Haiti, China, The Internet of Things, IP’s, dropping bombs, on it goes…..that is the deepstate…
      I know that the shadow government, the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Queens privy council, Vatican, Clintons, Bushes, Obama’s and all the swampy creatures, the fraudulant stealing of billions from the Haiti Earthquake, the whole ugly Pay For Play players, George Soros’s Open Source, Ultra violet, Black lives matter, LBGT, Me too, Antifa and many other grim paid groups to go out and cause uncivil rest as Maxine Walters, HIlary Clinton, Valerie Jarrat, Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi have all given the green light to do, ATTACK anyone who doesnt agree with the agenda of the Globalist hardlines of the left…Attack ffs….Racism is the Democrats. Did you know they didnt vote to abolish Slavery and yet The Republicans did 100%.
      Oh and as we speak North Korea is dismantling its nuclear arsenal and that is beautiful xx
      I wish you well, and I hope that we can remain friends none the less…….
      with love Mia x


  3. Trump too, is from one of the oligarchical families like the Clintons and the Rothchilds that run, & have been running for a long time, the US.

    Anything he does is nothing about bringing down the status quo or globalism but for his own benefit. As for him not being rascist, there is a long history of racial bias in the properties that he owns and runs and his imflammatory anti-immigrant tweets are lies and deliberately made to incite rascist behaviour.

    Trump is in a deranged world of his own, believes that what he sees/believes is really the truth and tells outright, blatant lies in support of himself such as:

    “Just arrived in Scotland. Place is going wild over the vote. They took their country back, just like we will take America back. No games!”
    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 24, 2016

    1. He wasn’t there when it happened
    2. All of the 32 council ares voted to remain
    3. Take it back from whom? Definitely not the people you say run the world as he wants them on his side – he’s created a scapegoat of the black/hispanic/Asian immigrants

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    You are swinging so far to the right that I’m just waiting for you to parrot the Trumpist view that ‘multiculturism doesn’t work’

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    • Steve – you sound like a radical left wing projectionist…. my whole identity is Local, Seasonal & Organic. The State is Out Of Date is a cracking read.
      Yes we do need to stop mass bomb dropping divide & conquerism. I love and choose life.
      Go & look at the crazy bat shit mass ghettos being created by allowing Moslem black young men into Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain & France. Paris has masses of tent cities with vented & pent up young men where the locals feel unsafe to go out. This is not racist – this is about divide and conquer through fear tactics.
      Women are being raped… there’s so much evidence world wide. I’m on the bus so will get links when at my computer.
      Sadiq Khan is a racist and since his mayoral, London is now the knife capital of Europe.
      Rotherham council are out and out ignoring the mass grooming gangs that target young gullible and vulnerable teenager girls and drug them, and handle them to vice.
      This is happening up and down the country.
      When I went to Goa in 2007, I was almost raped by gangs of impressionable Indian men in the sea on the beach.
      I’ve never cern racist however George Soros Open Source network is a Nazi led pushing hidden cloak dagger mother ducker and I suggest you go and research his nefarious ops.
      I love Trump because not only did his father build his company from scratch but was one of the first builders to givers rent homes to Hispanics & blacks. His son carried on that tradition. Don junior also gave the building of Connegi towers to a woman engineer – unheard of in the early 80’s.
      He has been vilified by the Pedowood Press… &
      Is not a 33 degree free mason. Period.
      I am quite ok with my way of opening my eyes, hearts &
      Mind to Who Am I.
      I suggest before you start pointing me out as a right wing nut job… you stop acting like a left wing one.


      • First I am an anarchist not a left wing nut job. Don’t put your faith and believe so much in Trump. He says he will take on Wall street but there are more billionaires in his administration than in any previous US government – funny way to take on the establishment?! He attacked Goldman Sachs before being elected but once elected he appointed at least 5 of their executives in his government who then pushed though tax breaks for the richest 1% in the country.

        As for rape, why do you mention grooming gangs and not the fact that 69% of rapes are carried out by white men and 8 out of 10 victims know the fucking scumbag that attacked them – I’m sure the figures in the US are similar. Rape is about power – It goes without saying that I am against all forms of sexual abuse and I’m not condoning the grooming gangs but they have been brainwashed by their religion (the same as all religions) that women are of lower worth than men and are to be posessed.

        Trump not rascist – ha ha! in the early 70’s when he was president of the Trump organisation, employees (who testified against him) were told by Trump not to rent apartments to coloured people. Black people were not employed in his casinos becuase Trump said, “ Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys wearing yarmulkes… Those are the only kind of people I want counting my money. Nobody else…Besides that, I tell you something else. I think they’re lazy. And it’s probably not their fault because laziness is a trait in blacks.”. During a 1993 Congressional committee hearing on gambling casino operated by Indian tribes. Trump, who considered the tribes competitors, said, “They don’t look like Indians to me and they don’t look like Indians to Indians” (maybe because the weren’t wearing headresses and carrying tomahawks). He also said also said that tribal gaming operators were linked to organized crime and a scandal was about to erupt.(Decades later, the industry is still waiting for the scandal that Trump predicted.)

        How many non-white people are there in his administration? Not only is he racist but he also mocks the disabled and is a 100% first class piece of shit


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