Can You Explain the 7 Levels of Advancement?

Once in a lifetime we meet people and forget where and how we find things. This blogger touches my soul and deep heart with their knowledge in all things esoteric and spiritually apt. Their excellent interdependent musings within divine nature with the God of Love and the understanding of how Soul is within the realm of the physical 3D Earth Plains……Great Stuff!
And we, that being me, feel totally grateful to be aligned with these words and vibrations as I listen to Gaudi & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan…- Dub Qawwali..

Insights and Awareness


Q:  I recently revisited a book I had read a long time ago, it was by Sylvia Browne, Life on the Other Side. A few things she mentions in there I would like to validate if possible. First of all, she states that “the other side” is a perfect carbon copy of the Earth. She also mentions that we live, work, and socialize similar to here on Earth, and we project a body of our liking that is always aged at 30 years old, in comparison to Earthly bodies. It is also stated that there are certain distinguishable buildings, like the Sacred halls of records, wisdom, and justice. She also then talks about the seven levels of advancement on “the other side,” and of life themes, option lines, and exit points for earth bound lives. Are these similar to Roles, Modes, Attitudes, etc., or is she confusing the two?

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Wow..thank you...

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