I love earth I love living here

I eat well am so grateful knowing hearing seeing feeling what I do

Smelling dancing meeting challenging

I always put the trees before everything that is what drove me

I arrived in pain in ecstasy in real third dimensional essence

Physical emotional mental

I cried when I saw the pictures of starving peoples on the mid 80’s

I died at the rainforests logging

I became intense through the mayhem of political external programming

My life up down homeless lovers sex drugs and plenty of rock n roll wrapped in counter culture

I never felt trapped or free

I came I saw I felt 

I reacted to the outside

I knew my heart struggled with the dystopian entropy of the times

The State the telly the radio cinema

Then the internet and mobiles

Rage revolution began

We connected 

We buzzed

We shared our deep anger depress recession and solutions

We all became players of the day from the Ethernet land lines 

We begN to stop reading physicals

We also began to believe the hype

Then the cracks opened our inner portals

Entrainment entrapment consensus 

We were didn’t even know how things translated

Cyber cities futuresque far away 

Standing alone

Writing from my emotional flexes

I became obsessed with saving the planet

I was hooked on the-imagery

I found Organic 

I found people places

I’d done fashion art parties now I was determined to bring my own version of addressing mother earths dilemmas

I thought humans were evil sick stupid greedy

I even thought in the mid 80’s that humans should be questioned on intelligence and if failed they should be made into biscuits for the poor millions starving on telly

I thought I had the right ideas

However I was entrenched in draconian battles built on ego that discombobulates

I felt righteous always spouting nonsense about the earnestness or downfalls of man kind

I saw plastic oil rubbish animal testing factory/battery farming mass production mass consumption mass manipulation towards all men and women as the problem

I screamed and argued for social reforms more equilibrium for everyone

I hated the pills and numbness of ads and signalling from talking heads

I followed all the NGOs

I signed on and off throughout my discourse

I lived in hope that things would improve for the masses

I believed in everyone living in harmony 

That money and capitalism were destroyed

I hated the industrial revolution

I despised the enclosure act

I felt consistently promoted all things healthy veggie local

I had causes left right and centre

I believed in the total brainwashing of helplessness so I fought my own internal battles to save the planet

I began pfp I promoted raised awareness and sort to wake up the sleepers

I thought I did ok

Eat organic food

Recycle plastic

Switch to alternative renewable energy paper fair trade

I became imbued in FoE Greenpeace all the usual suspects

Pfp creates a tool g2g

We foot printed learnt facilities switched saved off settled CSR

Learnt the lingo

Practised what we preached 

Made a living found out about things

Then the IPCC become entwined in our outreach The UN

The Globalists 

I became sad depressed unsure

I began questioning who were the players 

Who was being played

And then after 12 years I left the show of virtual signalling and Symbolism

I became disenchanted disengaged 

I retrained as a masseuse as an artist as a healer 

I broke down

Then everything accelerated on the back of clean time re-evaluation remembering

I woke up

I quietly drew the curtains and saw the barrel of the gun

I saw the game 

We I me the individual traced backwards like a good album 

And caught myself falling for this great big ego victimisation

I blew hot and cold 

And broke down 

I had always followed my intuition

I believed in god mother father sun holy spiritual living

Sure footed about that but how come I’d been so closed as not to see the false flags rerouting the same outcomes- guilt shame traumatic triggers skull duggery dividing and conquering our very own sovereign individuality

Robots machines propaganda tied up in pretty dark premonitions from a well written narrative

We me I had been programmed to respond to the bitter pictures weirding destruction hate circumstances all throughout my grieving and growing in the external mainstreams and counter culture

I almost became a socialist but the problem was I had no idea what that meant

Democracy democrats

culture Marxists in the far off somewhat

Utopian dystopian pie in the sky 

But I woke up

I broke down

I stopped caring for the social engineering

The mainstream racketeering

The hijacking of my emotional outlays

It was hard cruel isolating but I hound something different

I found me in a field full of psychiatric click bait amongst a lazy audience lapping up the new symposium of anti humanities

Humans humans humans were are the enemy enemy enemy 

We are the reason the earth is dying under our extremism

And yet and yet and yet We are nature, we are human, we are compassionate, intelligent

However I’d been lucky I saw through this gerrymandering corrupt pandering upon our actual freedom to think for ourselves

Climate gate agenda 21 IPCC 5G SMART technologies Internet of Things are energetic harvesting of each and everyone’s souls to play like children in geo engineering the skies as aluminium barium pours from the skies


As the tech industrial complex coupled with the mockingbird media promulgated the shocking narration did daily horror stories of MANs descent towards oblivion

I knew it was back to front

Talking heads lying repeating double speak 

Communism indoctrination pure master and servant propagation

Mind control sexual imagery everywhere

Lacks scarcity models not good enough pain gloomy readings saturated and plagued by repetitive repugnance

Day in day out hopelessness mixed with just enough hopefulness to do something

The UN The globalisation and sheer outright tip toeing and taking over the nations governance

Tug tug the hearts of good people

Injustice will be lost as the intelligence of Man comes together through a single great cause 

Saving the planet no matter the cost

Transferring the fossil fuel demonised culture and industries into the ridiculous and fantasy futurism of renewable energy 

I shan’t but say I Peeled unpacked observed and researched the UN



Agenda 21

1992 rio earth summit

1997 Kyoto

2007 IPCC more more more

The figures didn’t add up

I exploded down the rabbit hole and read huge amounts 

And now I stand outside my circle I once trusted and see puppet masters NGOs institutes government and corporate action global plans to entrap control censor confuse and push us to these mega regions out of our native up growing as we live under a satanic submissive baton playing 

Hard fast and furious pay for play so long as you’re in club globalist

Grim reapers waiting to harvest humanity and turn our down dumbing mass vaccination mass social engineering into half human half cyber Satan’s


I woke up

All those out there thinking climate change is the worst thing happening that co2 is the enemy are sadly sadly mistaken

We i me are being duped surveilled credit scored watched 

And by the big one:

Biological carcinogenic millimetreDARPA 5G is rolling out whilst all the emotional conned folks are fighting an invisible weather pattern that changes all throughout the billion years of life on earth

It’s all out there in here..

The good news

Awake act and join the dots…

Do your own research 

Try to be the best version no matter what those tricky Puppet Masters wield and push upon our very fragile circumstances

We are the human family

We are being played by external masters of the dark unseens…

They are everywhere and so are we!

And now we have COVID…I shall leave that for another poem…