MAY May Day


This May is epic with the lead up to the snap elections on June 8th, with our core selves questioning  the insanity or sanity of whom to choose and why..with our ego’s asking, what’s in it for me?

Also I am flying out the door and wish to just get this post up, so I have completed my once a month blog. It may not be the best, however it is about a subject  we are all part of, politics and power, and what a bunch of crock for the past god knows how many years it has become. Please excuse any written error, typos and anything else. I have just finished the farmers market, its hot out there and we have got to scoot on the train to Devon. Now!

I have been feeling ambiguous towards this time of voting for quite some time after spending years learning about the Stockholm Studies that identify with duplicitous behaviours and give the illusion that we have choices.

I heard about the election via my brothers ping arriving through the Eurostar on April 18th after a very wonderful and liberating two weeks in the midi-pyrenees with my great friends living off the land,  river swimming, raw food living, 10 etable every lunch and supper…and my brother Lester saying, ‘Now lets see what the country does’. I enquired as I came through the tunnel and there, Theresa May had called a snap election. I sort of looked around the room of politics and realised they are pretty much the same now, except that Jeremy Corbyn whom I had taken my daughter to see and listen to a few times, just didn’t seem to motivate me in any which way. After last years two main sessions voting him in to be The Labour Leader, I had resigned after Brexit, Corbyn and Trump, to just let it all go.

The World is being run by mad men who are placed in positions of power not by the people for the people, but by the establishment for the elite groomed classes that are aligned to getting their way and being handed powers in the Banking and Industrial fraternities with their buddies lobbying the Media, Advertising, Crime and Punishment, Law, Pharma, Farming, War and Peace, and after years of believing that these power kings and queens had some influence to make the world a better place, that we needed these sorts to keep us from chaos and anarchy, I had to keep waking up and going down many rabbit holes to peer in to the eyes of the unseens with their cloak and daggers at the ready, the secret societies with their special privileges, the upper ruling landed classes and  come to grapple with the notion that this is all an illusion and I struggled to make sense out of the madness that consumed me for most of my whole life, remembering that my whole identity was framed around seeking others approval and people pleasing to feel worthy. When will the individual human with his and her own sovereignty and integrity arrive at the point to realise that today more than ever, that everything outside of our selves, is made up.


Through my own nativity and structures growing up, I can honestly say this: Nature, trees, bees, seas, grass, woods, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, things made out of nature, air, wind, wave, earth, matter, all matter a lot and that the other thing we think is all, is in fact a wish list to a great big hoax. the cosmic joke.

My whole sanguine, my whole love affaire, my whole truth seeking, is not about following like a lamb to slaughter and hope for the best, but really, deep down, is to be the best. Not that that was how I was bought up, far from it, however the land speaks to me, the animals speak to me, the whole universe speaks to me and conspires to match my soul purpose vibrations and innate visions.

I saw a shaman last week, and she released a demon or more rather to me an entity, as you like, however it had been living in me for quite some time. When I saw the Maori’s in 2001,who practice the arts of removing entities as psychic surgeons, they removed a great big mummy and daddy entity out of my core, from whence I fell for my daughter straight after; I knew there was more to this than just whimsical imagining. I had seen ghosts as a child, a headless horseman in Bushy Field on The Common Farm where I grew up on an old track only now but back in the 18th century a road from Bath to Oxford, and many other things like this have always captured my attention.

My whole growing up has been about seeing the unseens, or at least feeling their presence. My point is this, that we may think we are the only superconscious beings on planet earth, and at the top of the food chain, but I can assure that is not so. WE are now more than ever, waking up to the fact that particularly the last few thousand years, as men have wielded an axe upon Mother Earth herself and in doing so, we have lopped along under the mantel of worshipping the deities and religions of the day and fearfully lining our vibrations within the men who have wielded their values on to us and look at the mess it has created. Every time we bow down more, and hand our power over to outside influences, we lose a part of our own governing.

One of my gifts is my wonderful golden rainbow intuition that buzzes to the far reaches of space time, quantum molecular vanguards, and all things magical, mystical, alchemical and of a similar corresponding wave length that have led me to a very physical and hot bedded wild time of living, out of nothing, from feeling and listening and ending up at some great things on this great physical hotspot called earth.

Using a combination of common sense, heart-felt resonance, and feeling my way around, whilst making spectacular advances as well as plenty of bloopers and blips, incrementally I have learnt to see that things on the surface are not all that they really seem to be. That somehow the world-wide systems are somewhat jaded, corrupt, bent towards favouring the few and the rest will all eventually work for the corporation. Yes it does read a little 1984, but it is becoming transparent that the main stream does not serve the interests of the whole, and keeps pointing us all to stick our heads in the sand, disempowered and feelings of low worth particularly if you don’t know who you are and what you want to do.

This has led to the crack in the whole show and more than ever we are seeing in front of us, the mad men become crazier,  more addicted than ever before as we all cough and wheeze and splutter at the lies, and perpetual droning on all our senses, bodies, lands, and biodiversity. We are run down, and expected to be pleased with  homogenization, and generic constipation, with processed, low graded foodstuffs to eat and whole wipe out of countryside in the name of our consuming more, believing in systems that stink.  Where it is all about stats and figures, and health and safety and bland bland bland mono mono money money, honey honey, its not even funny out there.

The Main streams are done I for one, no longer wish to give my time and energy to them and us, us and them, the other party is that, the other religion is this, the other people are terrorists, oh my god!  We are being led down the same old broken down well worn path and that should we not take a look up out of our current slash and burn, bomb and alienate, frack and hack away at our future generations heritage and our own sinking. As the elections loom and the news remains fixed in fearful catowallowins  with a fixed one route consecrated in old tyrannical, hierarchical ways. And heres the thing…who really really believes in these political groups anymore? They do not make any difference. If JC, whom I rather like gets in, he will be burned by the media. He already is. And May, if she wins, business as usual with more austerity every single day.  Our leaders are fixed, placed in power, pulled out of power, or assassinated if over popular and crazy with changing the status quo.


The world right now needs not to plunder any more natural resources. Its ludicrous. And obscene. We have normalised everything to fuck for the top down system.  Their Gods of money, oil, gold and drugs playing have blood on all of our hands, as their Globalist Agenda trajectory waits for no one. I have understood much just by finding other historians who have joined up the dots to discuss the real reason of war making. And folks, it is all down to making wonga out of stealing, cheating, tricking, manipulating and so on in order to live in the high castles dripping off the blood and guts of ordinary men and women.War horse


WE now are in a very challenging era whooshed in by the sickness overload of toxic tyranny from the old guard as we observe, feel and deeply ponder those external bleating; we are sheepish in our attempt to remember we are Gods and Goddesses should we care to have self-awareness that our coming now is to face the belly of all our beasts, after all, we have a duty to our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

There is a is splitting of time space right now, the natural cycles of mankind and earth herself, are cracking us open, should we seek to know thyself, and then act accordingly.

Should we remain satisfied in the third dimension, not to say that is wholly bad, however we have a time loop that can be reconfigured leaving the matrix of poverty consciousness, scarcity bound ideologies that perpetuates the feeding frenzy of capitalism as its whole needs are the absolute requirement to resource stranglehold shaping a bleak future running down the world-wide natural biosphere as we cough, and splutter on our man-made throwaway tit bits to give us the illusion of happiness and such grandiosity. When we vote for a two-party system, we align with their power structures agreeing to buy into that cult of divide and conquer and choose to carry on no matter what a bunch of toss it all is.

We have choices here, we have the willingness to evolve from consumers, to growers, that propagated with an innate sense of what is right and what is not, can rise up from the ashes, and question everything.

This is now evident as many more of us are switching off and shifting gears up into the esoteric fifth dimension where the bridge is waiting for all to cross should one be aware and seeking. And when we choose to embrace how we purchase and choose our what, and why’s, and hows, we become sovereign.

We are all co-creators, artists, gardeners, growers, thinkers, feelers, touchers, Town criers, we have the ability to do so much more than the idea of conformity and familiarity. We are not the same as we were a few moments ago and this is largely dependent on the invisible energetic  blue print of each and every one of us that we are gifted with when we arrived here all that time ago. Some of us have been here many times. We choose to incarnate again and again to learn what it is that our soul purpose within the divine cosmology and so to creatively act accordingly.

In a nut, the time is ripe to simply look within and align to your own unique self shifting away from polluted outcomes.

The Puppet Master is now quite clearly seen in the Big 5 Corps News Media outlets. In Industry. In Waring. In Food and Pharma. In Energy. WE can actually see all this in our time and break away from that killing of our indigenous cultural heritages. Throw the money men off and start to soak up the Sun stepping away from gross negligence on us and our lands.

Float on across the warm winds of early Summer, and marvel  how you feel about  yourself, no matter, mulch, and ferment, and walk barefooted on the ground, acknowledging the  interesting parts playing out. Hug trees, breathe deep, eat organic as much as you can, local and seasonal, find a way to feel  yourself sparkle in what you eat, die in what you let go with love, with anger, just get out of where you’ve been and find your tribes.

Right now, the sun is shining, half term is close to us, and there is much to smile about as the life is rich with diversity.  It was not easy and even as I tap here, I am aware, that I take nothing for granted and that gratitude in all things, sad, bad, glad, happened, happening, are taken with that self acceptance and warmth and an invisible golden light glows in the dark ages last embers.

We can no longer hand over our power willy nilly to the same rules that have led us all to the same paradigm and now we have such a potency ringing the bells of ascension leading us to all question, confront, face our fears and accept its down to the individuals breaking free to their own unique, authentic kind and compassionate friend of this place we chose to come back to, Mother Earth, Sofia Gaia, the Milky Way. Period.


The free and independent individual

Jon Rappoport's Blog

The free and independent individual

by Jon Rappoport

April 27, 2017

“Now we have a whole army of experts, whose job is to tell you success only comes with you being part of a group. Your status as an individual is transmitted to you through some diabolical portion of your brain that is loaded with false messages. Therefore, give up on the greatest adventure in the world. Take the elevator down to the basement, get off, and join the crowd. That’s where the love is. That’s where your useless courage dissolves into sugar, and the chorus of complaints will be magically transformed into a paradise of the lowest common denominator. Give up the ghost. You’re home. The sun never rises or sets. Nothing changes. The same sameness rules.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Since the 1960s, many people have decided that, in order to create the future they want, they should…

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Follow Your Heart and All Will Be Well

We All Signed up for this when we chose to reincarnate into the third Dimension from the multi-dimensional swirl of life beyond space and time….Planet Earth is a School for All,  an education – the death of innocence – the end of not knowing and the birth of knowing….the end of infinite potential and possibilities that opens up to power, intelligence, learning to drive your own car, when you learn things you can design a bridge and so we are enhanced and educated with potential genius.

I study the cosmology of earth, space, the in-between, the unknown and the known, and have a great awareness around shame and guilt, not being good enough, always wishing to please others, getting friends to like me as I sell myself to their trajectories, however one thing I have always done, is follow my heart. And that is my message in this post. Follow Your Heart in all endeavours no matter how ridiculous you may come across.

Right now we are in a time period that happened not by chance, but by Godly interventions, from another paradigm in another dimension in the multi faceted and aspirational earth story…back in 1964,65,66, that heralded in Pluto-Ocean, Earth, Underworld and Uranus-Sky God, that are here back in Now and represent  change and by that, breaking down the current of the day myths, paradigms, power houses.

From those middle late 60’s, The Children of the Revolution have grown up and bear fruit of their own with their children. WE, are those children still and we have gone through epic transitions ourselves just in our short time here.

This Pluto/Uranus/Jupiter power house trinity is here and will be here for quite some time, it has returned with kids born then, like me, in 66, to make a difference, and right now I feel very aware that all the work I have been doing on myself, understanding, Who Am I, Where do I come from, etc, has led to this year…2017. This year is literally full of bang, splash, wollop and wake the fuck up! Stop blaming others, start getting inside of who you are, what are you doing in your experience of life today? Are you happy? Are you healthy? Are you doing what you said you were going to do when you chose to come back here?

What is this thing with Uranus, Pluto ? Uranus is the Sky God and Pluto is the Underwater God or Oceanic life-giver.

‘The conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in 1821 and of Uranus and Pluto in 1850-51 paved the way, as it were, for what has been slowly unfolding until now. These two cycles were preludes; they marked critical states, the periods of transition between the old and the new. Now the real thing is about to happen, and obviously many people will not like it. The institutionalised minds of political leaders, university regents and boards of trustees or directors will fight against the change, just as classes and groups owning privileges and special positions have always fought against inevitable social, political and cultural changes. But the new always wins in the end, tragic as may be the victory.

It is therefore futile to think of catastrophes ahead because of the rather crucial planetary aspects of these years 1965 and 1966: The only real catastrophe would be if nothing at all happened — for this would imply that man’s capacity for growth has become ankylosed! But, even if this were the case, I believe that the planet itself would rise and shake man loose in some very radical manner, just as a human body can react violently and shake loose its mind, when the latter has become rigid and unyielding. We speak today of psychosomatic illnesses; but there are also illness which are somato-psychically intrinsically linked, ie, The Body of Man, in the sense that they constitute a revolt of the body against a perverted or catatonic mind.

What actual events will release the pressures being built up no one really can tell, so complex the situation is; but the heliocentric picture of the solar system for this fall and early 1966 seems to show that there will be forces at work which have the whole solar system for their field of operation, particularly during November — perhaps even as early as September. It may be interesting to note that in the remarkably significant Sabian system of symbolism for each zodical degree, the 18th degree of Virgo, on which Uranus and Pluto meet this October 9th, is represented by “An ouija board,” while the symbol for the 17th degree on which the two last conjunctions occur is “A volcano in eruption.” Pluto was on this 17th degree from November 14th, 1964, to January 23rd, 1965; it reaches it again on September 6th, 1965, and on March 15th and June 20th, 1966. The ouija board symbol might be quite revealing, for the October 9th conjunction on the 18th degree of Virgo could open the door to a new approach to psychology and para-psychology which might revolutionise further our realisation of the nature of mind. Such a revolution seems relatively imminent, though most official institutions of learning will probably oppose it.’counter culture

So is the personal genius and mercury is my left brain – so our minds are blown…people are losing it right now, just look around, the world is in chaos and no matter what your be-lie-fs, who and what you buy into,  watch your nervous system, do your yoga, practice mindfulness, eat organic, meditate, hug trees, stand strong, still, swim in the cold fresh rivers & waters of life, breathing, tuning in to Who You Are and stop the noise of what something outside of yourself wants you to follow, with venus in Pisces, CHAOS, it is the end of the old paradigm, old order, we are in a state of suspension which is extremely uncomfortable, however I personally have been waiting for this for all of my life. I do not say it without candor, as I myself was very much sleeping for quite sometime, as I lived my life under a very thin veil of authority, as I searched for my parental positioning and yet only found a very little inner child girl lost in herself, looking for direction, love, and security in my 0-5 years. And because I was institutionalised for a few years in those early days of life first, I actually have no idea who looked after me, and what sort of stuff I was shaping and forming back then in the late 60’s. Of course, today I can see the bigger picture, and have really delved deeply into my inner sanctum of catastrophe, of self loathing, of self abuse and torment, however I do recognise I am a big fat Empath who is committed to Mother Earth and Father Sky. And we are now on the brink of total wholesale breakdown destruction, fabricated and real, as we continue with the trajectory of Business AS Usual and That old system of controlling the populations using old methodology in divide and conquer, cloak and dagger, and systemically old paradigm rooted and fixed in fear mongering that are held down by some very odd and old characters who simply don’t want to share the innate beauty of all Mother Natures gardens, and so these very old rooted be-moths weave their webbery of life through junking, throw-away – breaking down products, land fill, ocean plastic pollution, deforestation, wiping out of indigenous peoples, mass vax, mass intensity, mass mono crop pill popping, push push push till you are sick on the teat of corporatocracy…..Until Pluto was discovered in the late 19th century, the personality of the peoples developed another wonderful underworld of changeling, and the Age of Enlightenment blossomed illuminating such great humans such as Rudolph Steiner, Picasso, Einstein, who fell in love with the unfolding potential of powerful electricity, and lightening that began to break open the crack and let the light in!

The tides are turning, as we awaking, relearn, and take up a new way, the trinity way, the age of elders, and lovers of earth and the land, the very thing that keeps us sustained, into a collective and individual celebration of life, releasing  and  facing our traumatic heritage of warring and battle cries for whom, for what did those bells toll? Humanity has so much possibility to yield, stretch, break down, and cry, cry so much, let out the tribal warrior in all of us, let go of all the triggers that pulled us, tortured whole villages, whole names sakes, all gone in that 20th century spree of killing. WE now can see, feel, hear the in-between worlds are so ready to be faced squarely, openly and absolved with grace, dignity, understanding, wisdom, by turning to the death of the war fields, the over the top charges, the extreme unspoken violence of men  trapped in hell for again, I ask what? Why? How do we do this? 

We now can turn and create a safe ceremony to allow the trauma held collective dead to leave in that in-between space and go to their loved portals and dimensions to be with their families, and we in the third dimensional physical land, grow, adapt, learn, grieve, after all this is the land of that we all come from, the earth that is all of us, and we can do  this in ceremony,  in order to allow the dead to move on from the shell shocks and the plundering nightmarish untold stories of so many boys who died at the the front, in their youth, artists, poets, farmers, carpenters, fathers, brothers, lovers, brave, scared men. Horses too….nature…..

John Masj

Those massacres of those World Wars, One and Two, in the twentieth century show me consciously or unconsciously that my ancestral lineage is ripe for releasing and tenderising and surrendering with Love as we invite all world workers, alongside The Shamans, The Healers, The Astrologers, The Medicine Men and Women, The Permaculturists, The Weavers, Gardeners, The Foragers, The Clean and Transitional Town Drivers of real change that work with Mother Earth and not against. WE are Nature, We Are Apart of the cosmology of life on earth and when we do things  like, eat food that is low vibratory and live on low vibe lifestyles, we feel sick, and hand out power over to allopathic prescriptions which block intracellular organisms and today I sense that people are sensing there is another way in all areas. 

It is not acceptable anymore as we struggle agitated, trapped in the lower resonate markets because we forgotten to embrace another way, that is not about cruelty to animals, cruelty to us, to our children, to each other, we need to re-think All of our values and how we are going to make amends with Who We Are.All power to the people

Aries is all about the Warrior spirit of instinctive will powering up and booms everyone, everything in its pathways – I should know I have a very feisty daughter, and many of my most forward thinking friends are Arians, desirable, attractive, energetic, willful and  so Uranus illuminates more of our animalistic nature, of which Pluto, the sea god marries us to our animate soul body selves as we are incarnate deeper and deeper into this stuff….we are individualising, opening up psychically and physically and yes it can hurt like hell, however  Uranus is roots, and impulsive, this golden Fire Rooster Year is the end of illusionary trickery, and the energetic lightening rods are leaping across the airwaves deep into your pools of life, your emotional watery selves.

We are in a nodel transitions, the final dates, of the moons nodes in Virgo, next month it goes into Leo……its all passing, get the most out of the lesson, journal it, write it, reflect it, don’t act on it right now, take it in, take it in…Venus into Taurus….

Uranus is start a new life. After Uranus came, new ideas, new communities, however when we wish to start new things, we have to face whats stoppering us, and Aries wants it NO~W. However Saturn is coming in, Mercury Retrograde, take it  all in, slow down, the teacher is teaching, we haven’t graduated yet, SIT In Your Seat.

Set a plan. Make a business Plan. Don’t just do it, be aware of what is happening everywhere and we need to breathe. Pluto/Mars rules Aries and Scorpio. Pluto is death and regeneration. Death of our old conscious death as we become more aware of foundation root core, the snakes sheds its skin, the Phoenix rises from the ashes

We are safe people, remember We are all A part of Mother Nature and Father Sky and she loves us, Gaia is all and we are all interconnected, we are all part of the nervous system of the times, and follow your heart, oh my, follow your heart….That is the one thing I have generally always done except for when I was pulled into fear based times, times of poverty consciousness, times of lack and times of self harm. WE all know these times and these are the very gifts,  the shadows that are our demons, ghouls, entities, ancestral fear based trapped souls, and we have the power to heal all of our somatic and sympathetic flight fight ordeals of time memorial and primordial.IMG_2342

The here and now the unfolding of life is World Work. Step carefully and question everything!




The month of the Mad Marching Hare, Dark Mountain, Schumacher, Theosophical Society & Point to Pointing…

This March is most assuredly as mad as a hatter ever there was…great stuff…

I am so close to tears, so much emotional energy and physical-ness- is pouring out of me…this past week and a half has and is pure Warrior energy…As I dived into the watery landscape of March the mad hare month, and faced all things unfolding, it was a very enlightening surprisal appraisal of all things good, authentic and playful. Spring was in deed around this corner and it came in the bag full as we moved from precarious Pisces to the demonstrative action Aries. I want this to sound good and well, and not too crazy, however it was crazy, it was deep, it was syncretistic, I did learn so much, and I have met such a variety of world workers from all walks, as well as step with my own dear blood family. Celebratory seems to be this months trajectory. And on top, I highly recommend that everyone switches off their main stream medial mechanisms, and tunes in to themselves, firstly, in so to allow self-development, non judgmental partisan behaviours and self-awareness that leads to full creative potentials….I have learnt the hard way in the times before, and I have leant to feel the force of flow and catch it in the waves. So where to begin this story?

March unfolded and sprang into an up and early to catch the many worms as I  found myself working the door at MorningGloryVille…a sober dance party in east london that was themed on Africa. -us

Then to actually fall in love with Tom Hardy from a suggestion of watching Taboo from some dear customers from Islington Farmers Market and yes, I almost began a stalker campaign….he and his father wrote Taboo, however when filming, apparently it took a life of its own esoterically as though spirits from the other world wished to be really pulled into this rather authentic skull duggery East India cloak and dagger drama set in the 18th century with the theme of business as usual, go and kill the natives, make them slaves and whilst you’re at it, take all their possessions, which was one of the first legal drafts from The Admiralty Law; that said sails up, go conquer, plunder, take, plant your flag and bring back to your homelands, booty for the King! And so it was….

The most beautiful man I stalked this month, Tom Hardy on Taboo…brilliant skull duggery BBC

Then if that wasn’t enough to keep me interested I had the most good fortune to be asked to be a study on how Twin sisters daughters pan out, within the Ayurvedic charts with Astrologer Sonal and my twin cousin Lucille Glenn, at The Theosophical Society, No 50 Gloucester Place, W1 and hear the most illuminating lecture on how my father and mother played out with my life, and many of you who know me, know that childhood was beseeched with bad luck in regards to parenting. However our most illustrious Vedic astrologer beautifully interpreted who and how we were in this most fabulous setting where Madame Blavatsky and her community lived, and orderly opened up the questions of enlightenment in the 19th century of which I became very fascinated and began studying that society with other very interesting people like Rudolf Steiner, Alice Bailey, Krisna merti and having the good fortune to read Vera Stanley Alder and Finding of the Third Eye, The Initiation of The World and The Fifth Dimension, all written in the mid 20th century. . I buzzed off on Sonal’s interpretation , the astrologers recounting of life with Manners/Paget and how my charts are blessed, though I do have Scorpio rising in this ancient eastern philosophy….yet much to be grateful – I purred a lot in this reading. And realised I can do anything should I put my mind to and of which I have done a fair bit.

Where to begin? I suppose at the beginning…Back before Christmas I saw a feed that had a strange looking energy around it, It was The Dark Mountain Project, and I read some of the folk myth stories from it, and I was attracted to it, intuitively, I knew something different was being forecasted, discussed, placed in the world in a form, shape and frequency that almost matched my own way of thinking…I liked and sent the project off to other people as friends on Facebook, who I thought would be interested. I then forgot all about that and got on with the holidays as one does. In the New Year, I thought I’d start this blog, no matter how it would look, feel, be, and opened up myself to getting behind the scenes of learning about WordPress and the bones it would be to make a small place for me to off let, outlet and blood let my deepest feelings coming up, which also ran along my creative writing course at City Lit. I just knew that for me to take the right foot forward I would have to expose myself in a proper way, even though some of the stories coming out of me would be difficult. I then noticed another story on Dark Mountain, by now I had placed this group as a follow on Girls from The Green Stuff, and I thought I should go and look at them again, I noticed they were doing an event, so I naturally opened up the field of consciousness to finding it was an event questioning the system in Schumacher College in Devon part of the Dartington Hall deep green ecology network & world. My intuition buzzed and I looked with keen interest at Schumacher, this was the place that Satish Kumar made his physical dream come to reality back in the early 90’s. I booked there and then, and put it tidily to bed till the event last week.

Then I met Satish kumar – the conceptualiser of Resurgence & Ecologist & Schumacher college on Wednesday 23rd March at Dartington Hall in Space as we listened to Paul and Dougald discuss the inbetween space of humanity and ecology that is much at the forefront of any decent enquiring mind where the world is filled with despots running their corrupt corporate mandates for slave debt money debt society.  Satish held me captivated, intrigued and some one I aspired to be from a very long time with his very sincere, open-minded, willingness to explore the creation of life on earth and how we humanity, regard our place in the universe with Mother Earth, our provider, nurturer, life give.

We are all excitable children here in the time we come to earth and in our journeying were are explorers, and are grown up to wonder at the world, I was very fortunate to know how to ride a pony, milk a cow, egg hunt, play in the barns, rivers, woods and use my imagination to feel a wanna be lineage to the innate glory of all things organic, seasonal, habited, blessed, animate, inanimate, educational, practising and profound. Satish started Resurgence & Ecologist in 1966 and his whole wellness comes from a very sound perception that we are all interconnected emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically bound by earth, sun, moon, universe, elemental, diversity, poetry, eating organically, locally, growing, planting, grounding, seeking to keep self-improvement and mastering ones own destiny accordingly to ones own paradox! I learnt to fly again this week in Schumacher with a group of highly evolved spiritual beings and felt utterly grateful for my wonderful higher self to align me with The Dark Mountain Project online and put my money where my mouth was. I utterly couldn’t make up the joyousness of mulching, fertile, learning life-styling……

I was also propelled into a world of deep unseated thinking in a wild habitat filled with volunteers, and other courses…courses that were almost designed for me alone and the world I wished to investigate. I am so fiercely fed up with the diatribe language of world-work to live and that everything is costed, commodities, profiteers and that there is much more in the world than that. I simply had arrived in my spiritual physical home, Schumacher.

From the minute I met Zach from Toronto asking at Totnes in the rain to go to Schumacher and then another lovely girl also sprung forward, we were on our way. Things were looking and feeling already unusually easy. The cab itself was cheap and my happiness at going to this retreat was buzzy. In fact I did not stop buzzing. In the hall entrance way at Schumacher I met Peter Reason, author of In Search of Grace, Anna, sculptress/artist, and bit by bit, the group unfolded over a good organic, local seasonal lunch as we landed. A large group of 25 and very nice homely vibes abound all of us. After lunch and a settling in, we had our first discourse with Paul Kingsnorth and Dougald Hine which was very inspiring. We also went out into the woods to finish up the introductions to each other. I coupled up with a scientist, and had sat next to a lovely woman from Missouri with a fab southern accent. Deirdre. Day one was over, not before I re-met Todd Hanson, artist who knew the same people as me, and such a lovely he turned out to be. In fact, I had a bit of a crush that unfolded like a silly teenager; this place just allowed all this stuff to un-pour out of one, in a girlish and open-minded manner.

Meeting creator of Resurgence &  Ecologist at Dartington Hall, Devon…Oh MY!

The very interesting Resurgence & Ecologist latest edition*

I love and listen eagerly to Resonance FM, adverts, public community, arts, musical, unusual, different, educational, in fact I will get something on this Radio Station…Brilliant

A truly highlighting moment for me at a lecture with Colin Campbell in the library at Dartington Hall discussing the Watery aspects of life and depression in society and how we are not permitted to accept and dive into our who we are. He went to university in the west, and got sick off the food, and western medicine could not help, so it was his tribal lands and relationship that brought harmony and wellness back to his soul. Colin Campbell’s upbringing in Botswana, the son of a renowned anthropologist and a creative healing mother. His grandmother was a famous healer, whom people voyaged to see from far afield.  On formative childhood travels with his father he slept under stars, learned from traditional San people and ways of the desert, awoke beside lion paw prints, and regularly fished cobras out of his bedroom draw. Through the time of his upbringing he acquired a deep knowledge of Tswana culture and its traditional medicinal and spiritual practices. His talk fascinated me on the vernacular of Water of that comes from the middling years of life proceeding the fiery early years of a mixed up and down of being, and the impulses of sexual creativity years, look at me, here I am to a more open and wide atmosphere in growing up  into a where the water allows humility to really come through,  and self acceptance. His voice melodically sang as he took us on a close and personal quest that was touching and quite beautiful, eloquently sharing a transmutational pull of sentience as again, my frequencies hummed harmonically to his discourse. Colin Campbell allowed me to really remember a more solid understanding of the world we live in and how we have forgotten our tribal indigenous inter-relationships, interdependency and elders to children communities, all mixed with the natural cycles of life-giving seasonality, earth, wood, minerals and all things life affirming which are most assuredly lost in the urban city.


Paul Kingsnorth & Dougald Hine at Dartington Hall, Devon discussing the world between fixed political gerrymandering and what if another conversation could really begin that wasn’t money based only

Though I did go and look more in to Dark Mountain and noticed a very good part of their thinking and feeling strategies are based around The Commoners, and what it used to be such an integral part of all human families, in their tribal communities and generations. When man became displaced with his ancestral lands, traditions, culture, family, things began to really go in a different direction.  If you had no family to look after you no matter what in your own home, with a fire at the centre of the house, life was tough and to work for the means to live was the worst thing a man, or woman could happen upon her. The work ethic was unheard of throughout mans growing up in communities, yes, a man and a woman knew how to forage, make, skill ship through their families traditions, but to work without a family to return home to, with not a hearth and oven to bake bread and break it, drink local hops, mead and such was considered shameful. The commercial man really started to eerily transit in his adventures abroad, and warring. Man began to forget his heart was home and local and family oriented. The common life began to change from about the 15th C to The Enclosure Acts of the mid 18th century, as the Industrious pompous and greedy man began to corral and creep into the once open common lands that were essential to all beings freely foraging and walking about the communities of village and town life. The common man began to falter and lose step with the complex and fertile essence and potency that generations of man, woman, child, beast, field, river, stream, copse, forest, ancient crop rotations, seasonal feasting and fallow, folk stories, myth stories told by singing, by weaving, and by creating and not on paper, not in law, not in some stupid rich mans world where parochial was considered foul play by the now seeker of profit before planet.  Local cottage industries all had a place and a need that had no written condemnation and that the community was complexed and very much attuned down the line of common lore and common values.  When man began to use the law and his mental intelligence, he pushed hard against land use and began herding, enslaving, enforcing, making laws, acting upon them laws and we, the people  began to separate from nature. Science played it’s part too, with the church to point at herbal lore, healing modalities, walking paths as it accelerated in full force from the 17th century.  Dougald Hine’s message really struck a chord with me as I grew up on a farm called The Common Farm. And I recognise that creativity is more encouraging to my health and wellbeing, than automation and repetitive teaching.

To finish off my Mad March Month Blog, the next highlight of the Schumacher experience was the Deep Time Walk with Stefan Harding, see below. I couldn’t get enough and all children, and adults should attend. I made field recordings, and I am going to edit a little sound cloud of it. I learnt about life on earth in a two-hour walk on the Jurassic coast line. I now understand how time is irrelevant in the great scheme of things and that harmony, upwelling to the sun and planets are all vibrational and that mother earth, Gaia, loves us, so much. That’s how we stay grounded!

We are all part of a deep green ecological diverse world and on my walk with Professor Stefan Harding from Schumacher, we walked the Deep Time till we became bacteria, and in that bacteria we became men. We are all required to become better husbands to mother nature and co-create as individuals a beautiful outlook of high gods and goddesses that resonate higher powering up frequencies through choosing ethically, switching off the telly, tuning in to mindfulness and meditation, listening to the birds, and being grateful for being here right now in this time.

The most entertaining walk ever on Deep Time Earth and how it evolved over billions of years to become the most incredible balances plant, animal, natural, inanimate, elemental, watery emotionally, spiritual life giving planet in this orbit

Fungi fungi drawing all the sunlight from the tree top canopies to feed photosynthesis down into the undergrowth for all life,feeding carbon and breathing out oxygen…beautiful with Stefan Harding, very stimulating walk and talk from Schumacher

Inside the jockey tent with my cousin Lucille and some Irish……My Beautiful talented and kind brother Lester and new friend Jo.


And finally, I got to spend the last weekend in March with my brother Lester James ‘Piggot’ Manners and Lucille Josephine Glen. We rocked the racing, Abba night, and The ancient White Horse Hill, though we were very tired by Sunday.

I found Resonance FM, 104.4. Are doing Space time holographic T-Shirts for Aphex Twin world tour…connected with my dear family in the beautiful countryside, met some awesome people world-wide, fell in love with fun, fungi and funny moments that are deeply imprinted in my life forever. I even got a photo of Aunty Binks, see below at Siddington Point to Point. I nearly cried when I saw her after all – she did bring me up!


A racing man, Me, Aunty Binks and brother Lester James at Siddington Point to Point…

We hugged, and we laughed and all was forgotten that had pained me and pushed me into a place of separation. To enjoy the fruits of my family members, really makes me cry with joy.

I thank all that have come on this month of marching of which that have been masses – racism, NHS, Anti-Trumpism, and Anti-Brexit…I have not seen London like this for quite some time. The world is turning upside down as the people and planet now are shifting into chaos of which is a good thing.

Another March, marching in London…I think it was a record three or four this month, this year, 2017


One of the many Mad Marching Month of March in London 2017

Thank you Mad Marching Hares…Thank you

Shuumacher is …

Bright bold light day spring

Simply divine….

Here’s my poem:

Great basket islands

Skelleg to here west coasting

McKilleycuddy reegs The Burren County Clare Dawn chorus Ravens stay together for life and are all individuals Insects thrive from insecticides Clew Bay Connemara Co Kerry – cricket newt frog toad

Pert Babuki- the song of the faeriesHump back whales Dolphins Grey seals

Cessation of whaling Ireland is a safe haven

Maybe just maybe It’s watery it’s emotional deepening that allows a letting go falling down, falling away dropping downing into the intracellular memory foam beds that support the breakdown and move away gloriously ousting mouldy oldy paradigms that was all vertical and critical, outgoing hard cruel, separate defined

Feverish fighting pushing upwards bigger better look at me look at what I can do you see me

And so this young adult trembles in those experimentional platitudes on showy shows always in the know-how’s

Now depression lost unknown what am I who am I what do I do

Breaking into the middling years men-o-pausal- blood to soil to fertility to watery now the ending of into the widening familiarity that feels deeply isolated one step from the hand of time that pushes you under into the ocean and bedrocks rock bottom ravished and ravishing

Let go child woman crone let go

19 dear girl We will never let you down as you let go

You are held by Earth mother tenderly reclaiming interdependence indisputably

I had to get out of my way

My hormones driving me along every day every night up in out in out shag shag shag

Now I’m glad that games up and I m outside inside looking in gathering up my creativity urges to upwell in out through me

Rarer and rarer in the world now

Riding into your destiny

Holographic multidimensional intergration 

Look … we are all there…

Looking through the lens of a space and time 

Meeting new people & marvelling at who is who and how are you..running into the arms of my dearest old friends, collaborators till the very end

Alive and very happening…circulating, cheering on good willingness, interested in the art of detachment and light heartedness – fire in the grate, pictures on the wall, chatty chats to be had with pretty much all!

Where have all the Birds gone…

The Dawn chorus is such an intrinsic part of my growing up and probably one of the most comforting aspects of living in the world period. It represents without any sense of time fixed, an unfolding…

Source: Where have birds  gone…

Where have all the Birds gone…

The Dawn chorus is such an intrinsic part of my growing up and probably one of the most comforting aspects of living in the world period.  The  celestial skies spilling fourth with a vibrant humming, a swooping and dancing show as they go about their own business, building nests, searching for food, roosting and filling the world up with chatter, song and good energy. I am grateful they are there in chorus and view…however there has been a massive drop in numbers..Why is this…img_1298


Feel free to click on to this whilst reading my latest blog on behalf of all Ornithology as the Dawn Chorus in the British Countryside performs.

As a nature lover who grew up on a farm yet learnt my crafts in the city, which led me to an enquiring  mind covering the social, environmental and economy aspects as I try to find my place here on earth whilst asking  who I am,  what is my purpose, and what an amazing spiritual journey this life is as I experience potentiality in a physical dimension. However  it really hit home when my daughter Baby Metta-Angel was born in 2002 and I noticed that there was no morning song from the birds outside, and yet all looked normal with a full planted garden with trees, flowers, grass laid outside my bedroom.  I felt a chill run down my back as I nursed my baby and questioned what is going on?

Every Saturday afternoon when I get back from market , I tune in to the Gardening Programme on Radio 4, and always the main issues with fertility in soils, gardens and pests, a point of view always come in when the expert remarks on the loss of habitats for pest controllers, of which are birds, then swiftly talks of bird decline, and then the over use of intensive chemicals on farming systems in the UK. Gardens are now considered to be ‘The Front Line’ habitats for the health and wellbeing of our great traditional intrigue, adoration and love of these sentient creatures as we make sure that there is food in their feeding trays and boxes with plenty of water.

Living in central London I am of course aware there is a lot of people, traffic, offices, with less parks. I am fortunate to live with a private garden outside our window, of which the clever Fox and her family have lived in as long as I’ve been here and every late winter, we all get to hear their family getting ready for their cubs to be born. They are charming, noisy and a regular part of life here.  Even last week as I listened to  our poetry greats on Radio 4 discussing writer Rosemary Tonks(  who became a recluse after much success as a published writer/poet, she retreated to Dorset finding her own spiritual path to God, and gave up on giving interviews, however a journalist visiting before her death, remarked that she would rush out to her garden as greeting dear old friends from afar visiting, calling out Darling Darling, your’e back, so lovely to see you, only though they were birds, harbingers, messengers and angels from God, who would come with news comforting, admonishing or warning Rosemary. She honestly felt they were divine messengers as did my father also. He too laid bare the orchard and vegetable patch for two reasons – laziness and that they were feeding paradises for incoming birds from their stretches on migrational charts. Growing up on the farm was indeed no easy matter when living in the house with Aunty Binks and co..none the less, the experience of living on a farm in the 70’s drew upon my natural instinctive joy of living amongst animals, birds, insects, creepy crawlies, and the blessed elements of seasons, summers, winters, spring and autumn.

We had a river running through the most spectacular water meadows; that water meadow was a site of specific interest (SSSI) as were the lower common, bushy field, and a few others dotted in that well  preserved land. That land had never been ploughed up, so it was filled with rare flora and fauna, hundreds of different grasses, vetches, clover, seeds and saplings alike which only had thoroughbred horses and cows grazing contentedly on the land. The Water meadows would flood without fail seasonally washing nutrients over that soil that was gold.  This is everything that is right with the world. One that nature and God, are together in a place, a paradise, a heaven that is inter-woven in a settled and useful earth and yet when I wake up to listen eagerly to the dawn chorus, it has gone. It is a whisper. Even Nigel who runs a successful Lovages and Herbs stall at Nottinghill Gate Farmers Market and Islington selling the most delicious organic seasonal foodstuffs he grows and plants. He admitted that his spot in the countryside outside in the satellite county bordering Hertfordshire/Cambridgeshire a noticeable lack of the usual birds ringing, singing and expressing their love of living in our physical dimension.



Thirty/forty years ago the countryside was flourishing with the dawn chorus.

Today we have a problem and as a practicing environmentalist, I sit here trying to raise awareness, and write out my own relationship in the lessening of bird life trying to make head or tale sense.

In 1947 – this year is significant, not only was  David Bowie …my higher power…was born, it was a year under rations that would last till 1954. Britain froze this snow filled winter and after the War effort, something new was coming in… an insurgence of new systems that would revolutionise and stabilise the way we view food, farming and our relationship with it was being paved by the battle cries of the new media, and the bellowing call of increasing the yields in the fields which would be paid for by the British people in a  new subsidy system. It was devised by The Ministry of Food and Fisheries, aka, MAFF, now DEFRA and with the help of our largest chemical company, ICI. CEO Sir Malcolm Gavin and Government came together to devise a way that would increase profits, yields and crucially gain control. It was known as The Agricultural Act and it came in in 1947. It made men rich, gave assurances to Farmers that they would never suffer again so long as they signed up to this subsidy system and of course, it meant that every acreage had a price upon its head.

Frederick James Marquis who became Viscount 1st Earl of Woolton for his services in War time Britain who oversaw the rationing of food who coined the belief in “the establishment, under private enterprise, of partnership in industry, whereby all ranks engaged in it shall … share in the increased yield that comes from greater effort or increased skill”

1st Earl of Woolton 1947

Yes the climate after the Second World War was tempered and our national debt was humongous with the worse winter on record, floods in Spring and the hottest summer in 300 years. Rationing extended to bread for the first time, milk allowance reduced, the coal industry was nationalised, with a first atomic reactor opened at Harwell, Oxfordshire, We handed India back, a jewel in our crown, with a baby boom in full swing and the US Marshall Plan was under construction to bring down the curtain and non-essential motor driving was outlawed to save on fuel. However as all said and done, the British people had survived the war and in pretty good health. Every urban garden along with Anderson shelters,  had chickens, pigs vegetables, fruit trees, an aptitude for foraging blackberries, cherries, seasonally gluts, bounties for free, in the trees, hedges, woods, parks , lanes and a good idea how to cook up a storm whilst the war was raging. Britons became truly authentic is standing up for each other, in a sharing  and caring society  to help all, not a few.  The WI (Womens Institute) also put out recipes, and  helped enormously bridging all classes, all sexes and creeds together to keep us well fed, turned out and jolly as all generations helped with the war effort to sustain and nourish the population. It is often said, that the people were healthier than ever before, as sugar, and white grains were hard to find, meaning everything was cooked from scratch, grown locally and without the use of pesticides, and fertilisers.



Then around the late 70’s something happened. Each year The Cuckoo  would come to grace our ears with that wonderful May sound heralding spring has sprung. I too would love to hear my father and my own self, recount how birds were very important indicators of how healthy our land was. Then it began to falter.  Comments of the swallows are not here, and whilst the Blackbird always delivered, the multitude and dawn chorus became less and less.


As industry, commerce, profit and the rise of a different world entered all our psyche, the relentless ploughing up of ancient furrow fares, fields and meadows began to shape out a very different landscape to the once small, manageable and densely covered edges of the fields with hedges, woods, copses, and so on. The carving up of the countryside acutely and chronically decimated the look, feel, taste, hear and touch of all that we are. Run off from chemicals drenched and seeped into the underground water tables, wells & water-ways, polluting river beds with heavy industrial cocktails, and into  the channels leading out to the sea.  It didn’t take long to notice that things were not right with nature, its richness and varieties began to suffer and in that, a shadow was falling across the land as trees fell, and the balance required for all life, started to wobble horribly.

In 1977 myxomatosis spread across the countryside that wiped out indigenous hares, rabbits and domestic pets if they were outside in runs. It starts with runny eyes and in the very early stages can be confused with other causes of conjunctivitis. However, myxomatosis differs as the genitals are also swollen. It rapidly progresses to a severe conjunctivitis which causes blindness and is accompanied by lumpy (nodular) swellings on the head, plus lumps on the body. Excessive amounts of thick pus discharges from the nose and swollen eyes (which are often sealed shut). There are also two atypical forms of myxomatosis: one causes pneumonia and a snuffles-like illness; the other (“Nodular myxomatosis”) mainly affects skin and carries a better prognosis. hit our countryside with hares drugged and maimed all over the roads and tracks. As a youngster, it was a devastated attack on wildlife that was man-made and in 2000 another attack arose, it was hushed up, and rabbit pets were advised to be vaccinated.

The once rich fertile soils needed for excellent rude health was becoming desert-like needing more and more intensive chemicals to keep crops performing.  From the extensive chalk lands, to the highlands, hardly any where was left untouched, unless some do-gooder, walker, ecologist, bird watcher happened to raise up the flags for biodiversity bravely pronounced it a duty to save some of the once diverse and rich countryside.

Today we have lost up to 89% of our indigenous wildlife, grasslands, uplands, soil fertility, orchards, and all parts of a once vibrant and sort after green England. Our ideology of what we considered Natures Basket was eroded in principles that broke not only our connection to seasons, but also we began to lose our soul to our own downward spiralling of lower health and wellbeing that shapes all of us. We have gotten lazy and over reliant on cheapened foodstuffs, filled with additives, laced in colourants, salts, preservatives and things that we can now leave on the shelf for months and years. In a nut we have all got used to low-grade, mass intense, imported, freeze-dried, frozen, canned, packaged foods whilst small holders, producers, growers have shrunk disproportionately and large landowners tied to the shareholders, Hedge funders, derivatives and so on have meant that we are now in a perilous state in how we tackle not only the disastrous impact it has created to wildlife and its soils, but to our own health.

We rely on Big Pharma & Big Farmer – both subsidised to the hilt. My ex bf, Caleb Cox aka Instinctive Expression, wrote this and I think it sums up how we are now more tied in to a massive scandalous system that does not wish to help you get better, but to keep you drugged up on poor food, poor medicine and poor information.


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the-fat-of-the-land-john-seymour A BBC journalist who changed his life by living learning self sufficient small holding, providing food for his family and then raising awareness to the benefits of locally grown produce. The Good life![/caption]Today when we walk out into the countryside, take a train, picnic, car, we imagine a countryside filled with birds, insects, plants, clean and bountiful, and yet what really we see are set asides, fragmented islands left for us to tally and remember tokens of yesteryear,  yet if you really look closely, there are no birds, insects buzzing, no sound to be heard, just a dull, empty less than void of a smattering of once rich filled sounds. Now at most a desert that is covered annually in mass intensive chemicals still paid for by you and me, is what we have. Most Farmers are now Business men providing industrial generic crops of mainly wheat, that is so poorly lacking in nutrition, and yet is in most goods in the super markets, the British people and western diet is grossly dished out in repetitive Ads, that we have become addicted to the chemicals. When the Chorley Woodexperiment was rolled out in the late 50’s, it was a boon for big biz as it demonstrated the fast yeast activation process was now a thing to celebrate as loaves were sliced, and packaged fast, intensely and cheaply. However this bread is everything that is wrong with human health, ingestion, digestion and glue. It has taken just under 60 years for individuals to feel the wrath of bad bread that gets stuck in the gut causing huge problems for the body to eliminate such levels of blandness.

Over three-quarters of children do not understand where their food comes from. In times before, children up and down the country would know where to go for foraging foods to gorge upon whilst out playing all day in all-weather, no matter what. That was our growing up. That has changed too. . Today we bow down to celebs and money people, saturated in glossy high-profile status’, pulped dry and highly contagious in digital online mags, as they run around singing songs they didn’t write, parading fashion they were styled in whilst being good little citizens for  model behaviours in every which way they turn, we follow. It’s all about the look, feel and sale of consumptive packaging right throughout every single step of our lives. And yet underpinning all that is, is this very telling psychology that is  a big fat poverty consciousness and fear mongering daily fed by main stream, it’s no wonder we are so conflicted.

What we humans are now witnessing is not only the mass demise of the natural kingdoms, but the loss of our own vibrancy, potency and potential to keep upwardly inclined in all our habits, in order to live a full and rich life. It is as though a strange money man walks the earth , prices the habitats, sends in pirates of sorts to mark out territories and then either does one or two things, make a war, or and , loan monies to leaders to give them aid for schools, hospitals, manufacturing plants, etc etc, sell them our supposed wonderful lifestyles, expose them to our money management systems, bankers, clerks, accountants, lawyers, skull duggery and on it goes, keep the relentless march of money men and their machines to rip our the lungs of forests. I refer to these groups of business hierarchy as:The Codex.

It is time to switch off the lifeline of business as usual echo, and prepare  to slow down, become part of a slow movement which takes gulp-fuls of fresh clean air, drinks from the fountain ever abundant, and reflects as to who we are, and what we do. If we do not halt this continuous trajectory, there will be no elephants, bears, tigers, rhino, forests, grasslands, uplands, chalk lands, bumble bees, butterflies, and all the wonderful dawn chorus’s that have been so much apart of our own heritage since man became conscious, as David Attenborough now speaks in volumes, the kingdoms will pass through corridors of wildlife, as land is turned over to huge industrial farms feeding industrial cows, and animals as we eat off the diets that dumb us all down, a diet filled with sickness and disease, a run away market ever wanting more and more, with a sort of trance like behaviour becoming the norm.

Its time to stand up, look around your room, and ask yourself, are you healthy, happy, creative, imaginative, inspired? Then observe that which arises and make small steps towards changing how  you are in your environment, in your work and home.

Health shouldn’t just be about stuffing drugs into a sick person, putting food into a microwave oven,  and chiming we never had it so good, but rather we remember that we are all one, with immense feelings, and capacity to make changes just by self realising we all have the power to switch to a more fair and ethical way of living.

Today more than ever, for man to really flourish, his goals should reflect a sense of duty to all humanity and all ecology, not just the same fixed quotas poured on mass industrialists from mass media that keeps up the same mass drone of self-importance in how much you earn, what you do, and what becomes of your life in measuring success.

We are all addicts to the same brain washing that causes us to gorge on pizza’s, pasta’s, animals, sugars, fats, salts, chemicals, on systems that keep on advertising the importance of these products and services that become obsolete as soon as they break or a new fad gadget, system comes into play. If you see, and hear enough, Justification plays on one’s consciousness.

We are driving ourselves to early graves by our self-importance, ignorance and sloth as we  keep up with the jones’s. Meanwhile we are losing the flowers required to feed the bees, birds, insects that pollinate our  trees, fields, meadows, wild uplands, low lands, our love of being in nature, is continuously under the watchful stocks and shares of a few men that we hand all our power over to, because we are all ourselves creatures of habit and as we become less able to realise that we are all a-part of nature and yet we are falling a-part of nature in our collective choices in the relentless need for supremacy in how we conduct and cause harm in our social, environmental patterning. It is as though we have forgotten to feel how good it is to eat mindfully, engage in how our food is grown, stop purchasing mass subsidised, grossly negligent inferior foodstuffs because we somehow have all been brain fogged into illusionary benefits of buying cheap

It is time to stop buying into adverts, authorities, grim reapers, Big Pharma, Big Farming, Big polluting industries, Big Banks, Big this and Big That, for we know honestly that when we lost the Big Trees, and Big Forests and Big Animals and Big Sea Creatures, We ourselves jeopardise our future generations, is it really worth it?