This End of Time is here, the spiritual New Earth is being created, and its down to US!

I soon configured that NOW is the time to post this one up readying for my next move in expressing the past four weeks as we are now well into May. May Day came and went, with no traditional Pagan Celtic gatherings of May Pole dancing, and thanking Mother Earth for ALL that she provides and creates in Nature, that is the vital pulse of Humanity, We are Her, She is US and therefore, yes I am posting this!

I normally don’t put up my intel as I just place myself in my highest good upon writing my own stories. For Stories is what the world is under and today we are told daily to stay indoors, not mingle with anyone, keep walking if we are in parks, and only go into shops for necessary buying.

I switched off the main stream media years ago on my own journey from climate change to current, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and right now we are in the most perplexing end game that we, as covering beings, tied and bound by common lore, and under Admiralty Law and Merchant Law, are subjected to the fear low incitement war practices of which an Invisible Enemy is at large and has no concern of to its audience it captures. The evidence though, is now suggesting that the hospitals are now under strict surveillance from securities, and higher ups to those in the front line and have to report All Deaths to the Covid19 experiment of eugenics on the populations of the world, creating a perfect back drop to stop all commerce, all socialising, all community groups working out how to engage without this lock down. In a nut we are all under an attempt to keep us all pointing to the main streams, and to do as they say.

I follow lots of great citizen journalists today, preferring acute to chronic and since my own great awakening back in 2014, I know this play we are in will be up to the individual who stands to gain should he or she, do their own research and self care to remembering their value, worth and above all, the interrelationships we have as families, tribes, groups, nations and other. That we are not powerless as we may think.

However the wonderful deep learning that all men and women are now facing, is here, as we question our identities, do we wish to return to abstract slavery in their current status or can man go through his long dark night, face his shadows with all his might, and crush the demons that inhabit our conscious cellular light brigades that do their daily job of keeping us safe, conscious to God, and to our self development of our innate Natural Governance that is to all men.

Not just a few. Science today is a replicator that we pay billions to their causes, in the name of keeping us sage, however I would argue, should they those that govern us, be more interested in harbinging our absolute place on Earth, to eat with clean organic foods, to drink water without fluoride, that calcifies our intracellular bridge to the mighty mystical, alchemical and Cosmic lore fraternity that is Gods’s Kingdom?

Why now is this global pandemic pushing for their one world messaging – Vaccinations, contact tracing, chipped and pinning, spying, twitching curtains, ghastly parts of people coming out with fear their language of handing over their innate powers to the State that is Out of Date!

Yet when we look around the world today, before this final solution, combining all the Big Tech weaponry DARPA, HARPA, CERN, with their white coated masters, with masks blocking out their faces, whilst daily rubbing our noses in their death rays, dead systems, in an attempt to destroy Humanity, for which we are now awakening.

Question this: We can now see our souls shine without the criss-cross nano-particles spewing their daily dosages of highly dubious amounts of poisons, toxins, in mass programming to see those criss-crosses daily, now we see very few in these Lock down days.

And boy the Sun doth shine! Mother Earth, Father Sun, glorious be done. And today stopped in our lock down, in this Daily Prayer. Faith transcends the gruesome affairs of men lacking which is God given. We asunder, whilst remembering Who We Are in this particulate paradigm of those that being led to their slaughter, to become less than vital. Or are the Warriors on the Rise remembering why they came back in this time?

The Baddies

1- The Control for our Oxygen! Everyday before the lock down, Aluminium pours daily in geo-engineering, with its buddies, Lead, Mercury, Strontium, Barium, and baby parts, exclaim the Sun is dangerous for our Natural Earth works, all to help us tackle our obsession with wonky Global warming! What a paH! joke, a really stupid joke, to close out the sun by seeding clouds …are we suddenly God? Are we above the great Cosmic Natural discourse of human health and hearted aspirations?

2- 5G millimetre 60 Hertz gigabytes radiation beams, of the worse sort of sickness being pressed upon us and its not been tested! Na! Not by any true Telecommunications arm, or FCC….listen to this:

Congress hearing 5G has not been tested guarded for human safety. 2019 Feb, Washington DC.

Meanwhile throughout this March – May ongoing lock down, 5G Cell Towers have been rolling out all over the UK countryside….and boy they are ugly! As ugly as those awful Wind Turbines…..Please in my wish list, Free Energy comes our way….

4- The Food we consume is mostly lacking in vitality, as Frankenstein food is paraded throughout all models of adverts daily, that we are the sum of what we eat, and boy we’ve forgotten the arts of growing food locally, seasonally, organically without the hard push of mass industry to destroy our soil, our blood, our kinship towards each activity that is designed by God for men and all sentient beings. MY core values for full diclosure of my life has been Eat Well and if you can eat organic, local and seasonal!

Push a New Breath , a new adventure, into the light of day!

We have been fooling ourselves with the edible ideas of eating Glysophates, in Round up measures, from yes, our friendly giant corps, that are here to supposedly improve our soil and food we grow from the photosynthesis of mans wellbeing, the light that draws every single cellular system upwards towards our great Sun, that gives life to everything and everyone.

Man, know this, that we have taken the past 50 years and run with the idea that Artificial food and Artificial systems are the transforming parts of ourselves towards the metabolised skies, and mutualised mining for rare-earth minerals, to evoke our SMART systems of technocratically glorious to be handed on a chip and pin future, within our blood, lymph, cells, organisms, somatic, nervous, adrenals, and so much more as we’ve carved up our selves towards this futuresque prison-planet that is designed by faulty types, loaded with money, guns, drug, weapons. This Geo-Engineering that Gates and co have orchestrated as these seeded clouds in the name of saving us!

We now are under the illusion that 5G is great, and all is well here too, these wonderful millimetre rays, death rays, I would suggest, as they heat up our blood supplies, causing huge internal respiratory, circulatory, heart and lungs, guts, expunged by this Radiation poisoning that is 5G.

So lets go somewhere within context to this ramble…We have designed a world order dominion that can either allows You, the participants, the choice of fear, for breakfast, fear for supper, fear for life. If you choose this one, you stay within the dark ones arts and crafts under their slavered models, the drive for you to repeat, repeat repeat the Problem, Solution, Reaction conundrum for the rest of your life, as you stay fixed, bound by money systems, profit over people, AI, 5G, Fluoride in our water, that calcifies our Endocrine, stopping our god connection to source, of course.

The New Earth

Sacha Stone brings this group quickly together to discuss the messaging of today with some truly in-depth sights to the misinformation/disinformation war on our whole way of life.

Its all to do with PERCEPTION. Please listen to Dr Judy Mikovits who was fired by Dr Evil Fauci and her book Plague of Corruption, is now Number One Book published.

Those in power, behind the scenes have forgotten that they are not God, and have lost their way in their attempt to own the control the oxygen/carbon relationship that is photosynthesis. That is Life Force.

Ungodly men have dropped the bomb and I prayer everyday.

This dark, fear led mind controlling atmosphere has to resort to all things of an opposite nature to our divine chosen stories coming back to earth. This is the movie of our lives, those wishing to destroy our innate spiritual/physical/mental natural wellbeing tendencies governed by decency for all beings, including those wishing us sickly, grotty, brain fogged realities, hidden technologies, in their pursuit for dominion here using vaccinations, flue-shots, and all that is medically maligned totalitarian toxicity wavelengths. These harmful and wicked, void of empathy that is human kindness drag netting the environment in Biosphere mismanagement, in the name of climate change, as EMF’s (frequencies) destroy our air qualities. The wonderful abundance that is within all living things, water, soils, salt and minerals, animals and biodiversity, grotesquely maligned in profit for the very few, with messengering Threats of All Globalesque conquering under their New World Order banner of SMART IoT cities under lock down and key, no travelling for you and me!

Margaret Sanger and Gates dad, are continuing their vision for humans with lesser than abilities to be culled in this eugenic led cabal. The Club of Rome, Davos and the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organisation, The United Nations…All part of the One World Globalist dream team vision on, where cash has gone, and digital money is all there is left, as we live under domes, going out from time to time, the rest of earth is now out of bounds for man to play in, under the crushing arms of lawyer-ships that feed all our material, who we are, where we are in beams up to satellites, back to surveillance labs, call centres, hell holes of spying on a mass orgy for the controllers who are pushing for their Agenda 21…to 30..This is the Hunger Games……and I for one, have learnt enough of this Agenda under the banner of climate change, and mass fear programming.

So summing up: We have Covid19 made in a lab, mixed with bats, from wet markets overseas that when 5G is switched on as it was in October 2019 in Wuhan, the nanoparticles of displeasure reared up throughout this Provence thus man dropped dead in the street from some major shutting down of his blessed intracellular organisms, that are subatomic, particle, nano, quarks, in his lungs, as he could not breath in oxygen saving his body…

Geo Engineering Social Engineering Bio-Engineering Bio-labs are all vying to make us food that is disease ridden, processed(possessed), synthesised, lab-made, superficial, alien, covering our skies in electromagnetic frequencies, nano-particulates, unseen industrial chemicals, no less.

The FDA, FCC, multilayered infiltrated corporate comms are fixated and mired by profiteering of sickness and dis-ease relying on Scientists to encroach upon our senses from ugly foul minded psychopaths dressed up as experts.

To Summarise: using the New Earth as the Bridge to remembering ..

There is no Industry commitments to acitane the scientists strong arm for the Good and Wholeness of wellbeing upon the people. We are not cattle fodder or chattel at its best, yet energetic strands of life, in every single part of our Wholeness. We are Electric beings with mass potential to transforming, transmuting and transfiguring how we first deal with our own trauma’s, and triggers or shadow selves, to realign with all that is true and kind.

We are however gullible in our approach to the False God narration that belies the real mission. To keep us in permanent fear is the energy these Masters, Freemasons, Secret Societies, Climbers, Death Corps interested in matter, material, money, prestige, power and privilege. They simply have forgotten.

From the cataclysmic horrors of Fukishma through to SARS, MERS, Ebolia, HIV, a new retro strain of Corona Virus has an insert, or gainer function, that is a protein that George Webb so skilfully pieces together in his off cuff, on boards deep dives explaining what all the excitement is about. This protein is the prize, Covid is a very serious destroyer of oxygen in our bodies, stealing iron, as it attacks itself, confused at the inserts and unzips the DNA genetically damaging the RNA, something our bodies were never meant to figure out, as this is the endgame.

This Electrical Universe of that we are, is being hijacked by the Darkened ones who have designed a system under lock down and key, to keep us in a fear state, you do see?!

Sean Stone says of this era: Contra-indications Kali Yuga end of the Mayan calendar aligned time cycles behind human knowing.

Time to Switch off the TV, Go inside and do something different for humanity. For the current model is utterly filled to the max with violence, fear, technocracy, Big Pharma, Big Med, Big Biz that all lead to the curtain being pulled back, to see a small sector of Globalists whose aims have been to own our souls, destroy our body ecology, and stop our connection to faith and God, Nature and our Natural righteous ability to walk gently on earth, with a love so brimming full of health and wellness, that these arbitrators of deeds so deadly, and ugly, and cruel, need no longer be our choice to live in earth, the New Earth that Sophia Gaia is asking us to return to her fold with Gods gentle guidance to return to source.

Connected to spirit to God to Earth and our own education as this third dimension is a school.

The End of the 7 year cycle of 2012 has come – as Terrence McKenna spoke using his world of plant ecology and really uncovering a whole new spiritual way to see how the universe unfolds – Eschatology.

We are in a eureka moment, of choosing to live in the New Earth or the fear based AI programming that cannot create Gods signature and so New Earth is the NOW. Rebirth of consciousness, always a part of higher geometry to entrust at a soul level. The higher order is guiding this journey to promote our own evolution that is inspirational and here. Those that surrender to fear canabilise themselves.

This time is woefully joyful, and incredibly exciting as we are ALL Spiritual Beings, bonded and bound by profound mysteries and a desire for Right Action, Right Truth.


Fear is Illusionary. Go Inside. Stop Thinking so Much. Take this pause and Breathe…You have the answers that your exist within not servitude or expansion under the death rays of the olde. What is my Soul telling me? The Olde System is Now Deceased.

Sacha Stone and his International Tribunal For Natural Justice discussing our divine righteous pathways that are bound up in Common Lore, Natural Lore, and Heaven on Earth its very self! WE are blessed and so I send this with so much gusto, love, and reassurance, that we are on the right paths, with the Beast of Hunger, pestilence, Dis-Ease, propaganda, enslavery and skulduggery wishes to own our souls, under 5G, Vaccines, Bioweaponry, Big AG, Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Government.

Its time to do your homework and get activated as the one percent of enlightenment, thrusts forward shining the light of truth upon those who wish to control our very livelihoods, and abilities to travel, work, be free, and live life accordingly as this time is now upon us. We Are Free.

And finally what I watched this morning:

Thank You

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