Pulling back the curtain…on me..


Grown up in nature, experimented in one of the cities of God, and ready to do my finest work in an Action to Mother Earth and Father Sky.cropped-green-tara-lying-down-with-rooted-trees.jpg

Driven by organic/local & indigenous rainbow cultures that are free from man-made chemicals that pollute, ingest, harm and destroy this home we call Planet Earth.

I ran a company called Space time that created the first holographic textiles worldwide. I also put on the first ambient techno parties in that period. double-ringed-afx-dec-7th-2016-25-years

Parties for Purposes is my event, physical side of bringing people together raising awareness in all things environmental.cropped-pfp2.jpg

Girls From The Green Stuff, started as a community radio show, where we covered Hemp, Transitions Towns, Recycling, Reuse, Reduce, Farmers Markets, Grow Your Own, Herbalism, Big Biz and the impact on earth and many others,  morphed to tv ideas, then came back to me as something I do to raise consciousness for me, and those that come play with me.img_0240

Sovereignty – is my key watch word.

Who Am I  orientates me to question Authority,  systems, history, wars, movements, Gods and Goddesses and how I got here. I am curious and full of local, universal ideas, whether I actually get to make one percent work, depends on how I feel in a go to attitude.

I am easily distracted, yet I keep open hearted, wearing my heart on my sleeve and getting more focused to what I do and How.

For Future Generations:

I am here; a self righteous thinker, who wants to ensure that my daughter and her daughters grow up in a world full of animals, plants, fish teaming the oceans, and air clean and pure.img_0954-1

And that I can offer my top lines and my gravest concerns.

Thank you.





Wow..thank you...

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