Good Morning party people, London is a Gloryville! And Daniel Pinchbeck is here..



The Beautiful People!!

To experience life in London at a certain age, in a certain time, with a certain open-

mindedness, this is a truly wonderful way to start the day!

And to be asked to be Door greeter was probably one of the loveliest jobs I could have been asked to do……Thank you dear Jo…And thank you sober, clean sparkly ravers who dress up, get with the programme with a pure heart mind connection.

I first began coming to this particular part of town two years ago and fell in love with the essence of bouncing around the warehouse, in east london with a lot of joyousness, ecstatic laughter, massage – of which I always have with really good high vibe organic raw bar, juice bar, good Fair-trade coffees and tea’s, and a great big dollop of lovely old skool music to keep us on our toes.

This Morning I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel Pinchbeck who I read one of his books last year called: Breaking Open The Head, 2002, which took Daniel onto a journey of self discovery as he opened himself up to native, cultural natural plantcology and did they rewire his brain, body, spirit and soul…I was fascinated by his chosen topics in that book and so was delighted to meet him personally, pose for pictures and have him sign his new book called How Soon Is Now – From Personal Initiation to Global Transformation that proposes from reading the back, a manifesto to raising consciousness to support Mother Nature and Humanity. It looks good. breaking-open-the-head


However whilst I am on Books to read, I am absolutely loving Sharon Blackie’s If Women Rose Rooted – The Journey to Authenticity and Belonging that takes you on a journey to remembering the roles of Celtic story telling, mythology, traditions and cultural unification that has been lost by the current religions and system that has polarised the beautiful guardianship that we all come from, namely Mother Earth and Father Sky. A real honour to read this one….However I am sure Pinchbeck’s will be good too.

Wow..thank you...

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