The Great Awakening is here…


Is this ‘The Great Awakening’ foretold by ancient mystics throughout the course of Humanity. The one where we shift up a notch and embrace non conformity? Be the change etc etc stop choosing one side over another?


I NOW know that everything I thought to be true to has folded in- side out & I’m back to Tao, yin and yang and back around again! I have shifted in my so-called programming from being a high res-seeker of approval from external influences to avidly switching my once quite obvious left leanings, with masses of Green passion (of which I will always be affiliated with), dropping the main stream at every level as the BBC 4 talks endlessly about war, about the NHS, about things that drive me to wanting to get wrecked on skunk smack of the smoke world and antidepressants.

The dreary continuous narrative of the main stream is the most repetitive 1984 yawn that man continues to sync into everyday, day in, day out. Why do we do this? Its boring and meanwhile Monsanto are merging with Bayers, whilst BASF, Unilever, Kraft, Heinz and all still slash and burn the forests, covering the soil in carcinogenic chemicals whilst planes cover the skies  in biochemicals under the banner of geo-engineering to halt climate change PAP!! Whilst the next generation of mobile phone companies really go to town on 5G to really wet your neurones to madness and spikes and weirdness in the back story of the New World Order but…BUT…something happened….Donald Trump beat Hilary Clinton in 2016 and destroyed that certainty whilst the UK chose to leave Junker’s  Europe.

The Truth will set you free

Today the world is shifting as  North Korea are meeting their Southern brothers and sisters in historical times after 65 years of stand-off resolving to scrap nuclear weapons and become peaceful. Had Clinton and co got back in, I cannot imagine what crud the world would be under right now. The Deep State, one set of rules for the masters, whilst the slaves continue to live under a tyrannical low rate vibration driven by the continuous threat of fear, poverty consciousness, duality, the memes of that world. 

I am not saying that things have shifted that much, but the width and breath of a season has blown in feelings of energy, higher frequencies of discernment, knowing right from wrong.Transcend the Matrix

The old adage that the truth will set you free and for me, I have been working consistently on myself to intuitively resonate to righteous, integrity, higher power, gratitude, compassion and when the storm comes, to be prepared.

When I look at the 20th century I see war, I see programming, I see sickness and disease as the great heist in campaigning across the countryside, on the television and radio in Advertising, whilst smoking cigarettes, drinking copiously, shoving your face with sugar, trans-fat were well, ok. That was the 20th century in its money profiteering no matter the cost to the earth finest derailment of the Health and Well being.

I have spent years following my own wellness in what to eat from where and how, to recognise that food grown locally and without chemicals, is everything. To be in tune with continuously practicing the healing arts of Prevention as the cure. To use gentle non-evasive plant medicines, eat mindfully with organic foodstuffs, know thyself in energy, ancestry, akashic and other.

So imagine when I after a long spell sober, I woke up even more and then I saw the game. That polarisation of humanity, class, ethics, colour, creeds all bound up in them and us.

The Great American Make America Great AgainWhen Trump won, I felt joy. How could I feel joy? The mainstreams were in melt down at his winning. This intrigued me and then it came. the whole new world ordering, global gerrymandering back story manipulations were suddenly jarred. The Clinton’s had lost!

Trump straight away tore up the TTIP, TTP,TSI,CETA, The Paris Accord, and withdrew masses of money from quango organisations running America.Inc. I know he ain’t perfect, but he changed the script. He paid for his election campaigning andKanye West got on with Making America Great Again (MAGA). The Donald has been around the block a lot. He has rubbed shoulders with the illuminati, the sadists, sicko’s, war mongers, mass intense polluters and much more worse, his no nonsense straight to the point with his declaration President Donald J.Trump Proclamations 2018     Suddenly in the devil and the detail, someone was prepared to speak up for the unsaid un-imaginable secret ritualistic torture and pedophile antics run by high elites.

Suddenly the world really began to wake up. This was and is NEWS. I began to look around other forms of media and up came the good, the bad and the ugly and yet, I listened and I began to see the narrative wasn’t right-wing, wasn’t left-wing. The new media is blooming into a rainbow tribal community of independents. Stand Alone’s like me…We Are Ready to know the truth

Its You and me and jim and john all exercising their rights to the past three hundred years of tyranny, shadowy world governments, all being highlighted through the Internet of All Things where we have all been meeting, researching, going deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole whilst the main streams now seem baron, old hat, disingenuous and insane and not prepared to raise the curtains on pedophile, MK Ultra, CPS, Jimmy Saville, Space programmes, and massive other Black Book stuff. 

Trump, Kanye West, Roseanne Barr,Info Wars,   Jordan Sather Destroying The Illusion &  You Are Free TV  with millions of others began to look elsewhere and not towards the same narratives. A call to arms to stand up for all the innoncents & Gods Country of which is the INDIVIDUAL!  Not the duplicitous lies and deceit of lefty liberalism that puts you in a box of its them or us and that is it. Today humanity is pulling itself out of a deep sleep, dreaming to be awake as new burgeoning channels resonating high vibes and  breaking with convention has a huge appeal. Chaos Order

I started to really think deeply about the wonder of my marvellous intuition and with the help of my innate guides and angels I have recognised that this planet, of which is paradise, has been not only taking over by a dodgy low vibey parasites worse than lets say a great big one living in my stomach happily for years, eating my sugars, chemicals and fats, but a great big lot of skull digging the duggery deeply, I shimmied into the underside of the otherness & began-facing my darkness whilst glaring at all the pain, greed, envy, sloth & suchlike. And there! The shadowy murkiness Of families nestling their whole essence harvesting us all as they grow fat off the sickness & disease to profit by in all crusades of totalitarianism, marching and hypnotizing us, weaving their batons based on cruelty, wickedness & chaos. So there’s nothing new so what? They these entities known as Archons Hidden Rulers through the Ages

I have realised I have been Stock Holm Syndrome  on so many levels and probably still am to a degree so I began to really investigate all the other news coming up from the Rabbit Hole and I found that the closer I became to knowing Thyself, the more crazier things began hotting up. I began to find new media and existing media that has been around to wake us up at our right times. And this meant that the old shadowy Deep State and fake news began tumbling out of the world. And I suddenly woke up even more.

great-awakening (1)AmericaI love history particularly the 19th Century for there I can really grasp some of the people, politics, places and secret organisations that really became a coup d’etat in the world of the 20th century. From the Great Era of Enlightenment sprang Rudolf Steiner andMadame Blavatsky whom all shone the esoteric ageless wisdom’s Of lightness & truth upon that century only to be spied and roused by Darwinians and Victorians.

When the World exploded with materialism in The Industrial Revolution, many Europeans began to fill their homes with artefacts from abroad and from our own factories and cottage industries.  The rise of obsessiveness towards shopping, and acquiring was to become a reality for the many. This was a good thing for the controllers that worked behind the scenes placing their people. members and cabals from nobility to industrialists to manipulate future agenda’s that would come to pass.  One particular family The Rothschilds really took the whole debacle of owning the people right to the very edge of our life today.  They placed family cousins, and close allies in every Banking fraternity in the main cities of the world and the story goes that when Napoleon fought Wellington near Waterloo in Belgium, the Rothschild sent foot soldiers to London to tell the City of London Traders that Napoleon was winning, the City panicked and a mass sale of shares took hold. However this was propaganda because Wellington beat Napoleon leaving The Rothschild Bank in London to buy up all shares including the King at a penny a pop placing their victory to be the most powerful double dealings of the day cementing their powerful monetary status at the top of the pyramid of which they still today are.  There is a lot of speculation yet this family had members on both sides and that is the crux of enslavement and mastery.

The beginning of the end for the common man

When man lost his right to gathering, and foraging, planting and making his cottage industries, his mind literally became impoverished as the shift from field to factory was the only way to survive.  The Enclosure Acts of the 19th c  destitute the once rich commoner whose life depended upon scrub lands & accessing small holdings to living interdependency. Now the man and his family were subjected to working in the booming Industrial heartlands  living in narrow streets with no running water, no proper way to look after his family healthily. This was the age of mass employment, low wages and mass enslavement.  Mankind lost out in that displacement & again in two banking world wars. Alienated from  our indigenous natures…I have spent many years feeling the grief of my ancestry and the dumb downing of emotions as the individual man lost his land and then his families to the Great War and Second World War. I am no longer surprised that the gap that was felt from the huge losses of life and land left the people traumatised and in mass Grief.


Since the Second World War the uptake of prescription drugs and intensified industrialised mass weaponised foods and medicines have created more loss in a huge wide scale rolling out systems designed to numb us even further away from our Great Mother Nature. 

The Take over of food and health

And so,those that know me know my Face Book posts from 2008 onwards. Always on the same missions of truth outings, such as Monsanto and its ghastly history on earth to the  The Codex Alimentaires and the whole conspiracies of food ownership, the genes and seeds and the great big hijacking of our health and well-being-ness.

We have all been dumbed down by wannabe Big Pharma  and Big agency Farmer crazy for money, greed, and the continuation of making lots of drugs to stunt peoples growth and destroy their gut bacteria via horrid systems of agriculture which are now totally killing all natural life on earth  as the birds, the bees, the pollinators are all in decline and in our own bodies, the immune systems defenders of rogue bacterium and viruses all under inflammatory guises are disrupted by acidification of monocrop Frankenstein foods & geo-engineering.

I am particular concerned about the so-called Welfare State and its indoctrination of each individual with a sort of One shoe fits all quotes-about-life_4843-1propaganda speak and the same for schooling, education, television watching, screen watching, and being plugged in to the matrix of industries dependent on our codependency in order to keep making money, informing us via main streaming the constant duplicitous threats from them over seas and here in our streets wandering around waiting to pounce on us so we had better keep Law and Order otherwise the bogey man will come and eat us up and our children. It’s the stuff fairy tales and fantasy films are made of to keep us fixed, hooked and in fear of finding out our own truths…..

So how does this figure?

I grew up in fear from my step mother and blood father telling me that I was not welcome or safe on the farm. I was pushed out at 16 and had only my body and soul to share in that journey that became my own. I learnt that I could sign on when I was 18 and so I did whilst squatting in London. I therefore used what was around me. I was young, enthusiastic & naive. Still, it meant I had to go out and keep breaking down in order to break through a little each time to the open sourced world that became my class room and my teachers….homelessness, parties, boys, girls, fashion and culture were the models I resonated around. IMG_0435

Through life however, I became an active passionate supporter of eating the best clean foods I could afford from the clandestine chance meetings in toilets, tubes, and clubs. I met through sheer connectivity all the right people who kept my inquisitiveness alight and moving through the corridors of spacetime. I felt happy to be in company with artistes, Musicians & inventor types. I have been extremely fortunate because I found my intuition to be really rather essential in the growing up of myself and the lessons I needed to learn in order to keep trying to crack open my programming of complete and thorough unworthiness repeatedly sloshed in my growing up. I had been groomed to be nothing but a cheap and awful daughter of my mum leaving my recourse to plunder into unwholesome people pleading & seeking approval from outside of myself and external authoritarian groups. Still, I believe that as a child of the universe, all unfolded to keep me alert, aware and congenial as it should be.

In America The Rockerfella Organisation put over 180 independent Holistic practitioner schools teaching Holism in Herbalism and Homeopathy out of circulation as they were a threat to the emerging cut and maim industries that the American Medical Association pushed forward displacing mans innate flowering up of preventative learning as the systems digressed towards patented synthetic health regimes guaranteeing mass profit.

The Rockerfellas Institute placed money men in each school of Herbalism and Homeopathy to observe their practice only to writeThe Flexnor Report 1910 This led to the whole takeover of supplanting allopathic medicine and health to the marketing of Dis-EASE.  The Whole 20th C was about promoting Dis-EASE and flagging up all our chronic and acute problems that complimented ironically the mass use of Industrialised Chemicals to  destroy Top Soil and old growth forests and countryside whist profiteering unashamedly.

So I spent years researching promoting and standing up for Mother Earth with pfp my quiet unassuming company that first brought people together to raise awareness in all things environmental from 1997 – I would say current.

My cousin Lucille and I developed a tool which is not an off-setter, but a behavioural change tool called Grey to Green that tackled behaviour from whole life cycling in 2005 with Gleeds who partnered up with us to develop their carbon footprint and how to make small yet necessary changes in the working environment. We made three little films for your perusal:

Parties For Purposes Global Warning 2006

Girls From The Green Stuff TV Promo 2008

Gleeds Christmas Party 2007 at The Canal Museum

I continued with developing my self after my dad died in 2009 becoming a body and soul therapist putting all my thinking and learning into understanding epigenetics, endocrinology, massage and energy with of course promoting organic foodstuffs and prevention at the heart of all campaigns. I learnt how to touch and to know how to feel about the bodies innate ancient sanctuaries of healing modalities and again it pointed towards what we really know; We are All innate healers of our own multi-faceted dimensional beings should we be taught, pointed towards, and intuitively find. It is said that many find holistic medicine when all conventional routes have expired.

I don’t care anymore about being safe and normal….the world has turned upside down and the main stream is dying fast. I can feel it now. I can sense the false flags, the lies, the duplicitous lies that are all aligned to FEAR and Poverty Consciousness and GREED and DENIAL and there is much of that in the world of politics and media moguling. The Mainstream is dying because humanity is breaking down via the falsetto Of victimhood and the self-serving (STS) perpetrators are being outed as pedophiles and pariahs who run ghastly Deep State lawlessness systems. It is getting hotter and darker as the light now shines into the crevices of evil wrong doings.

Once you awake, its hard to go back to sheep

What is different is the Vibrations…and when you begin to recognise your own vibes in your own self-care and work, you surrender to God, to source, to love & light transmuting the pain and delirium through the traumatic rebirth of Who You Are…Who Am I..

You couldn’t make up this time period. Things are really changing as we are literally living in a Game Of Thrones era.


My passions have been to uncover and expose the dirty tricks and lies of main stream propaganda and every time come to understandings that what we have been taught limits us and doesn’t allow the greater good to grow upwards towards the sun light, and shine individually as sovereigns. I have learnt that the more cabalistic and weird it gets, the deep state hierarchy is on panic alert jumping ship struggling to come to terms that the Rothschild dynasty and George Soros collaborations are in the spot light. That higher frequencies are working to weed out all that is wrong with this new world order.

Trump has torn up so many regulations and things that were killing the US economy and job markets designed by the past 50 or even more years by the 1933 American Public Banks were closed so the Federal Reserve Bank privately owned by Rothschild and co took over of the National Government . The City of London owns America Inc and SERCO own The Internet of All things , a British company.

The Clinton Foundation sold all internet users the rights to observe and spy on us. It’s all out there.

I have surprised myself by how this stuff has really ignited my quest to outing those that literally are fuelled by sexual demonic kiddy trafficking and killing of innocents, from Jeff Epsteins Lolita Island in the Caribbean, Kevin Spacey, Bill Clinton and many others were on that island in seriously horrendous acts of unimaginable rituals with children who have been groomed for their sick rituals…Pedogate is now upon the world and we are all watching horrified that the top El-ites are at it….

Trump has 25000 names indicted at the WH.

Over 15 000 men and women have been arrested since he came into power for fraudulent and sexual trafficking – this will not be found much on the main stream other than should you go deep and look for it.

Any way I am sure you know all of the above…but I am highly intuitive that The Great Awakening and The Storm is really upon us building up multidimensional because Mother Earth requires a new and open sourced authentic mass awakening to take place to restore harmony to the planet, to the forests, to All sentients so future generations inherit a beautiful Mother Sophia Gaia.

Mythic Gnosis

I am a seeker of Truth….I am a vibrating human being who is having an authentic experience on this extraordinary third dimensional earth which, btw, is paradise….though the way the world  is being run in a hyper-bowl of disorientation and ghastly occultism backed by the Big 5 Media channels and Bankers beggars belief and promoted insanely by blandness and that the concept of sharing resources, cohabitation with the natural kingdoms and man’s higher appeal to self-sufficiency, and responsibilities to a world remaining protected is well, pr’d by morons from The Drudgery Ministries Of Food & Farm Industry Barons, lobbyists & mafiosi who have lost their hearts to evil despots in the pursuit of power.

If it takes the burgeoning appraisals of Alex Jones, Jordan & co to wet the appetites of the meek and mild then let the wrath of God awaken up mankind channeling the status quo.

plantingI am all for the co-creative inventory run and restoration with LOVE at the heart of All Humanities campaigns as Elders and intergenerational smaller groups tribal up and make hay when the sun shines.

IMG_0317We have a duty to out polluters, out ourselves, wake up from apathy,  get outside, get back inside alive with the knowledge that we are not what authority figures and history books deem us all. We are in fact so much more.

My vision is to keep on fighting the good fight for Mother Earth, in this solar system and the fact that I now understand quantum physics and how molecular and subatomic particles are resonating and how relevent that is gives me faith.

You just couldn’t make all this stuff up…. Next Stop: Outing 5G………peace & gratitude 🏻‍♀☀

11 thoughts on “The Great Awakening is here…

  1. Has a highly awakened soul. I can assume you you have some details wrong. Trump is no savior he is a monster no different from hitler. However his absolute stupidity and disgusting darkness is need at this time to create change. There must be a death to an era to start anew. But don’t give credit where it is not due. Do not give positive energy to someone who it’s destroying lives and hurting people. You clearly are not living in the USA because the energy here completely changed and is thick with hate and fear. Speak not what you know nothing about. My dear you are still asleep.


    • Thank you for your lovely comments… I absolutely have no alignment to politics… any longer….. I am as awake as you…. and I love the way the world is waking up….. I no longer subscribe to anything main stream…. and here the mainstream is malevolent not independent and free thinking….
      Stand up for all sentient beings….


    • You can judge Trump if you want because you still have the freedom to and that is the irony. Trump has sins like the rest of us but he is preserving freedom and is a 180 from Hitler. The Hitlers are the Democrats who want to control every portion of your life. Try and post your comment about a socialist and you will end up in prison. Believe it.

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