Savage camping in the most ecologically beautiful Belle France…

This years wonderful interlude to France was met with surprise, shock and total vivid encapsulation as we drove the English car through the tunnel, and got into our fab French car that had Ecological Route…We took it…..We found ourselves all and about the most incredible, massive, rural France had to give..forests, rivers, castles, medieval and spectular! A real treat for mad dogs and english men…

WE seemed to get off on the right way by avoiding any big road and any big hurry. This was a slow movement holiday..

Pentonque…civilised…and fun..

And we had the added bonus of bringing the beautiful bouncy, golden dog, Bullit! I had to get his Pet Passport, have a chip thing, and a pill or two, but it was so worth seeing our little man unfold into the great landscape that is france.

It was also empty! France is huge and yet, hardly anyone seems to be living in it….Our eyes were gorged by the imagination of dreaming into a home or three in France…house prices are low, and there are a lot for Sale. France is so different to England with all its business and such…..I so needed this break from the madness that is bursting out of my beloved England with all its resentments, its divisiveness in the handling of the individuals affairs…I couldnt wait to leave the religious zealots of climate change and the mentalness of those fighting to Remain…I am truly astonished by the peoples ignorance, but then, the landscape in the UK is dominated by Globalists and elites whilst we battle ourselves into noticng how the MSN is nothing more than a tool to totalitarian lock down. France is and was the tonic of the day.

When we got our beloved tent for three, it popped up, with no legs etc, it was perfect. however our first camp was in a hemp field! We thought we’d lucked out….lol….the following morning after a good strong coffee and croissant in a little village, we knew we needed more upgrades, more warmth and our own little camp fire. The Universe in all its resplendent finery delivered a Troc which happened to have a little metal fire pit and a big pink blanket…we began to feel more and more up for our wild camping……..As the Ecological route intuitively took us above and beyond the tourist ways, we felt we were lucky if we met another car or person upon our own discovery.

The Loire…….I think…there were so many amazing rivers we jumped into…..

To know thyself in the countryside of life, is to know and like life, and this time, we all drank in the waters and sunshine of our middling years, with my Shazam mixes on the these SMART cars dont believe in Analogue..hmmmm…..


Bullit the Golden Dog

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