Bien Bees Sacred Unity Wondrous High Vibratory

Bien bien bien the bees intrahives & inter hives

Pips seeds mountain waves

signals tremor radiant light rays

Bien beings busy bees bien in their busy biens

The most wonderful and important read….

Buzz buzz buzz

Doth Maiden Drone Queen Home

Pips seeds fertilised decree the bien

Becoming the homecoming the inside rumination

Wildly imaginative imagined into the creation Arc of Light being



Vital rustles vital life forces vital statistic

Magnetic majestic miraculous spectaculars is the Arc-creative thought process

of hive minded consciousnes

Bien bien bee keeping the waves of pollination dripping upon wave length to field scape

tantamount proactive knowledge of the miasma plan

The harmful dystopia that comes from the poison propaganda

Chemically altering the god genomes of clean pure central fugal life wielding force

bien bien bien

Bien Bien Being

Wow..thank you...

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