The Great Reset! No thanks to the WEF/UN/Globalists..We prefer Local, Seasonal and Organic! And love our Elderly and our human family.

Klaus Schwab is everything that is wrong think. The new-normal is utterly inhumane, dehumanising, cruel, confusing, chaotic (meant to be) as the Problem is continuously steered towards insanity, demonisation of anyone with critical thinking, chucked off Social Media, whilst the poor, uneducated unwashed masses remain transfixed to the Statism of TV/Press handing over their power in this Hoax of the Century. Schwab will go before the Nuremberg Trials alongside his minions before the day is up.

Klaus with his 4IR

Meanwhile the Elderly are dying due to Draconian systems that have placed our beloved human family, further into isolation as the head of the family would have dispelled the system where the State creeps into everything we once held as our own responsibility.

The natural order of home life, comfortable and safe have been left to the NHS and the Government as Old Peoples Care Homes sprang up after the Second World War up and down the country. This was the beginning of the end for many, not only facing their own immortality, but losing their spouses, and GOD Forbid children, the thinking that Care Homes would enhance their lives. Some places I would imagine are very good, but the amount of drugs the give to these people, are part of the problem, and do not fill their voids of losing home life, centred around each member of the family. Memories being all they have left and yet the State led Doctors of the 1950’s destroyed my mothers life by pushing cocktails of anti-depressants down her throat rather than a decent talking from trusted beings. That has all but gone, as now the NHS has turned into a drug pushing, quick fix, one shoe fits all drug dispensing institution. So imagine living in a State led home, oh my heart renders to their plight. And so we see in the year of 2020, massive genocide taking place. Spiritually starving, these folks are forgotten, targeted, tested, experimented, death imminent. Not even in our purview, whilst we live with the State and NHS. Both things I do not feel very trusting towards.

I believe very strongly that we should all be growing, making, slowing down, eating organic, as common sense natural lore. The simplicity of food from your garden, a neighbourly chat swapping stories has been pushed as a potential threat.

Many elders are now saying, they would rather take their chance of life, having lived their lives, so don’t worry shielding by this supposed flue. I don’t blame them. I love to hug all my friends and look at their smiling features. Masks are the first steps to bowing down to our anti-human, ritualistic and perverted ‘experts’. This is the NWO or One World Governments wet dream.

I stand up for my love to be free. I am Free. I am nature based, intonations with GOD lores. I came to witness this time-line that was heralded in August 1987, or The Harmonic Convergence. This world is heavier, slower and known to resonate as the Third Dimension. Our Great Mother and our absolute love for the Elemental Kingdoms that provide nourishment, joy, beauty, harmony, gorgeous earthworks, mineral, soil, air, water, earth, fire, electricity and FREEWILL as the seeker moves to reveal the massive imbalance/injustice in land grabbing, deforestation, weather modification wars, Directed Energy Weapons, as Science manufactures chemicals that harm the lands, waters, air and us in this world where psychopaths get to run Corps.

The Franken-Phood systems that we eat from mass supermarkets around the world do not generally give us the greatest confidence in knowing what we put into our vessels leads automatically to wellness.

Our bodies, organs, systems, cells, blood, lymph are all electric subatomic particles that pour in as out, in the laws of electricity and magnetism. Our Great Mother now allows us to see how a virus/contagion has filled our mentality with pollution, fear, disharmony, so now its time to wake up. Watch the films below and get healthy!

I with my ‘resistance’ friends feel no pity for those who wish to shroud themselves from the world watching the ubiquitous telly remaining ever conditioned and paralysed by fear porn, under a blanket of illusionary spellings, wicked disinformation, as once sane and rational members of society, whimper at the thought of catching the common cold/flue till a flue vaccination is rolled out. I always suggest to my friends to eat as cleanly as you can and avoid the system of Allopathic drugs.

Healthy people do not make money for the Sickness and Health Medical Industrial Complex.

The Next Ten years will be more of the same, more controls, cashless, digitally recorded, and total harvesting of everything that we once thought was free.

Semi lockdowns, travel restrictions, food shortages, going out, being ourselves, no. no. no.

Unless we refuse to Acquiesce and ignore these top down Hegelian bullying, Agenda 21 wants you tracked, traced, taxed, vaxxed, stacked and packed, under their gruesome giant AI tech, 4IR, IoT dystopia.

It would seem that Common Sense, and critical thinking is completely off the charts. The puppet masters have had a field day with this. Indoctrination schools. MindControl.

Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Dr. Birx, Neil lying Ferguson, should ALL be locked up. Ferguson still has blood on his hands with his lying models depicting a mass cull of old lineage animals, burnt, destroyed with farmers killing themselves through shame. Foot and Mouth Disease did not need to wipe out these beautiful animals.


I am not going to make this a long one, as I have been living close to this warped anti-human paradigm being promulgated at warp speed. I want only to add some blogs, stats, little films of those I feel add to my understanding on such a huge manifestation that is being weaved in our consciousness. We are living under a Vaudeville pantomime designed by low vibes, however the good news is we now can see them All.

The wholesale decimation of small businesses, those wishing to work, keep up their spirits, crushed under the UN/WEF codes of practice of reducing everything beautiful down, away and free. Look at the courageous boys from Liverpool who fought to keep their Gyms open.

Arts, festivals, raves, clubs, pubs, Adult Education courses, all postponed. Going to work to meet your fellow coworkers, practically finished. Kids falling behind because ZOOM doesn’t work for many children, who require their peers and teachers to be in the room with them. We are witnessing the take down of what was a year ago.

There’s more to come however it’s time to chuck the telly in the bin, cancel Netflix and the BBC, and do your life without SMART technologies aimed at mass obedience.

We need Civil Disobedience!

This is the World Economic Forums own public relations showing in Plain Site, their plans leading up to 2030. World Economic Forums PR film.

Agenda 21 leading to Agenda 30 and the Lock Step push to harness, weaponise, spy on all our Sovereign Rights as Common lore naturally here is bypassed by this very Globalist Strategic Action Plan to a One World Order using the Rockerfella Lockstep plan.

Half man half biscuit types push Project Fear using Lockstep to Covid19 as a weaponised reason to transition our whole way of life into a drag-net of such magnitude.

One only needs to look at NZ, Canada, Australia, here. The 5 Eyes Countries are Lock-stepping as we speak.

The fake flue plandemic, call it what you will, works in concertina with the ubiquitous 201event, the Wuhan military olympics in Oct 2019. Remember the Olympics 2012 London opening!


And finally…Watch out for Social Engineering Sloganeering…Think Tanks are all akin to the NEWS speak cycles.

Bojo is also sloganeering Build Back Better slogans, exactly the same rhetoric of Sleepy Joe Biden.

Biden is deep-state, old school, and can barely speak however the perverted DNC have their reasons for this candidate. The Green New Deal is their card to save the planet. Yet this is all about enslaving everyone of us, in a stack and pack society in densely populated places. The countryside and seaside will become outlawed. You will not be allowed to go on a plane, especially if you don’t follow their narrative.

Our lives are all being mined towards block chains, crypto currencies and digital data harvesting. Like I say, read both accounts of Who the WEF are, and why governments are not telling you the truth.

Things are so ridiculous in this year of years. I do not wear a mask. I do not comply to that sort of pageantry. I am not a robot and I am not someone who wishes to harm. I love life. What I do know, is I have to stand up against this giant trolling that is Big Tech and Big Medical Tyranny for all our children and their children.

Wrong Kind of Green have their fingers on the buzzer explaining the World Economic Forum’s Grand plan to enslave us all.

Computingforever does a wonderful YouTube highlighting Matt Hancock pushing the 4IR.

DAVOS, Bilderberg, UN, IMF, WHO, WTO, WEF, Tri-lateral, Governments in Lockstep, are the main-players.

Thank you!

3 thoughts on “The Great Reset! No thanks to the WEF/UN/Globalists..We prefer Local, Seasonal and Organic! And love our Elderly and our human family.

  1. Oh dear! so covid doesn’t exist but somehow Saturn in Aquarius square to Uranus in Taurus, spanning a cosmic influence through mid-February and mid-June affecting your life does!? – Time for a reality check


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