And so the end is nigh..We enter the Great Month Mother, to witness the end of the Globalists dastardly plan! Hoorah…

The Race is on and the Great Awakening is yet again in the midst of a mass red-pilling..what does that even mean?

This November the 3rd, 2020 was the biggest election fraud of history in all its entirety. Twists and turns, evidence flowing in and out, and where oh where is the LameStream Media? Crickets however a few anomolies are happening right now as we speak.

In my whole estimation of what is Right from Wrong, I now can see that I was never a lefty, though in the 80’s under Thatcherism, young, naive, starting out in the city, I first affiliated to Anarchy. And in my heart of hearts, I still believe that the choice of an individual to live his or her life, is theirs, so long as no malice and cruelty and other defects, comes to pass without some corrections.

Today the Governments of the World have shown their hand as to whom Their Masters are, and they are not aligned to support the people who put them in their positions of power. In fact, the past few months, and weeks, we have seen Build Back Better under the 5 Eyes countries, and many more. The Globalists almost think they have their Big Technocratic, all out Allopathic medical tyranny and their continued push to dominate us, end-danger us, sickening us, dumb-down us, and in ten years, we will not recognise any where other than in regions, SMART and Strong cities made up by shadow NGO’s, that have absolutely no right to tell us what, where, how and why to be.

However I am now firmly in the position to say, the Globalists Great Reset Agenda 21/30 is going to flop and is already on its way out.

We are many, We are the people and We do have the Power to Say No to their strange draconian, dystopian, in yer face made up nonsense.

The People this year from our first Lock Down to Now, are shifting and how so. We are Waking up very fast and everytime Klaus Schwab and his wrecking crew come near us, there is already a back lash.

Divide and Conquer is no longer something we choose. Politics is no longer something to fight for as we see Starmer and Bojo, both inept, both globalists and both, out of touch with what real men and women wish for. A Way to live their lives, like I, without some office whipping boy pushing out their foolish fascism, and cultural marxism. We Do Not Comply. We Do Not Feel anything calming, and truthful from you the few, the top tiers of the pie, who work for your 13 families.

And as I watch and listen with fascination to the way the Election 2020 unfolds in real time, I feel there is a GOD, a GOD of Love, Of Service and Of Great Joy!

1 thought on “And so the end is nigh..We enter the Great Month Mother, to witness the end of the Globalists dastardly plan! Hoorah…

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