The ‘Normies’ are WAKING UP! Freedom is partying..choosing who how why what and our sovereign righteousness..stop seeking approval.

First and foremost this is written from my heart, and inspired by the brilliant David Whitehead (I have just clicked it and already youtube has removed it, well well) so you can find the original version here on Rumble. David’s effortlessly guided me throughout allowing me to really understand what is happening with this V and V hence why YT pulled it down.

Thank you fellow truth warrior! I too walk with my Sword in hand, shields up, GOD conscious armour on, and feet on the ground fully aware in the gratitude of my self worth that came to this beautiful mothering earth….

Nanotechnologies, tubes, mRNA messengers wrapped in envelopes ready to unfold when the pathogen is assimilated…these ugly parts of the universe do have a part to play of which we, the indigenous hybrid human hearted, soul conscious, humble-handed; grasp how we, as one great big Heart beating and banging the drums, come together in this mass psy-op of intense war on information.

We know about their agenda’s to brainwash us, dumb us down with pesticides, industrial corporation chemicals, Barium, Strontium, Aluminium, Lead, Mercury, dead baby parts, splaying through the air, dropping on us. GMO’s, lab grown meat, plants, burgers….:(

The largest vaccination propaganda programme of the century that violates the Nuremberg Code is being rolled out through wide cohesion tactics with all the trimmings of the globalists elites using every single psychological behavioural modification tool they have in their evil box of tricks.

The Nuremberg Trials 2 will be coming up behind the violation of Human Rights on this level. Tread carefully as these psychopaths will fall upon their own swords..

The massive mind games, trickery to fool us into compliance, conforming, using unseeing risks, such as this invisible enemy, the cold, flue, call it what you will, carrot and stick mantra’s of ‘Your only route to freedom is to conform to our telling you what to do every single step of the day, way and new normal.

Wake UP Man! Wake UP!

So what do you think happens, most of the population bend over, and believe the lies, deception, havoc, chaos, fear being deployed monumentally throughout the main stream medial membranes fracturing, degrading, dehumanising, damaging huge wedges of sentimental, memories, triggering our health and wellbeing to thinking we are powerless, and thus handing over our righteous thinking.

As they feed on our energetic Godly gifts as our bodies release electrolytes in flight, fight or freeze of what makes us HUMAN, these demonic entities, parasites, devils, eat phood identified as loosh. These greasy grime/crime-reapers named Governments, and Chairmen, leaders of Industry, Banksters and Corporate Slave masters, now are readying them selves for a great big loosh fest at the trough of greed, brutality and cruelty.

Egg Spurts

Globalists using Environmentalism to Push Eugenics

The so called experts are living in a bubble and they believe their propaganda was successful….deep down they know they are stepping way too far across the line not informing the public of alternative remedies, even hydroxy-chorine works 99.9999% of the time as does the natural and wonderful warming sunshine, Vitamin D (Sunshine), exercising outside and inside as it increases dopamine, serotonin, melonin, good fats to burn off bad fats, magnesium, selenium, fermented foodstuffs like sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, kephir, all excellent gut flora houses to increase better harmony throughout our oxygen blood/brain barriers, of which wearing a mask simply suffocates everything good about breathing, ingesting, ejecting, eliminating and so on.

This Spiritual War fare is not new, we have seen man under attack from outsiders many times before, now the dark ones are in-side our every waking, breathing apparatus, they know how to starve us of our oxygen, of our deeply requiring sense and sensibility of staying Alive, in love, caring, not despairing. These task maskers, are revealing themselves through carelessness and repetitive narration.

This Globalists insurrection is firmly buried in the minds eye. Who owns that minds eye..the very same top of the pile oligarchs, blood line families and wicked archons. Their methodology and practice is war..war and more war….now with the acceleration of our own unique ascension, the true humans, are waking up and a little bit faster than these mobsters planned for.

And part by part humanity awakens, triggering high vibrations, glorious synchronicities, serendipity and divine cosmic re-ordering are the postures of man. They the dark rulers governed by feeding low vibes; they are sinking. The light is outwardly shining, and look…we can see their games, their methods, their outright lies, treason, destruction. This means the Great Awakening is the End Goal. Not the reset. Never.

Conspiracy Theorists were right all along.

These Darkened handlers from low vibe land, are hell bent on destroying our natural immunity in our wonderful soil, earthly pleasures, and most of all, our freedoms to do and be with WHOM EVER we choose. These cruel masters of controlling, chaos and darkness, have no idea of how we love to be together, dancing, drinking, eating, partying, playing, chatting, learning, inspired and without draconian and out and out isolation tacks to reduce our immunity and language.

The Normies are waking up and this can only be a good thing. Instinctively WE know. They know we know. The jig is up.

Even though the MSM is totally closing, shutting shop, stopping any serious conversation from taking place in regards MY Body, My Choice…an Underground society is already in the making and the split of `new earth’ and the old hegemony world is fading into the 20th century Technocratic wet dream of mass vaccinations, mass control of the media, mass labour camps and mass instant gratification…and there lays the hidden codes of what these marxist/facist globalists oligarchs have in mind for humanity. They simply do not like us. They have lost their empathy genes a long time ago and we the people are many.

This V is a mass experimentation on humanity. Vaccines do not get rushed out. Where is the evidence based RnD? where indeed….

Think about this we do know that 99.9% survive this flue/cold/covid coronavirus. We also know that the Virus has NOT been isolated. So how can a V be mimicked to ask the body to build a defence system against the supposed C19….Think about that!

Nano-bots, naon-carbon-tubes, geo-engineering, AI, EMFs, 5G, MSM, Corps, Admiralty merch laws, Vatican, pedos, Banksters, NGO’s, Govs, health industries and all those we see poisoning, and dumbing us down, are the ones to now watch. They are not able to love like us. Their thing is Power. Mean, cruel, evil, sucking off our GOD given Soul frequencies bombarding us with their low fear vibrations.

Land-grabbing, soul sucking energy stealing Gates and his gang of merry eugenics are behind everything, throwing patented viruses at us all, using usury monies to create a problem, cause a reaction, and clean up with the solutions!. lol…we, though are many, and have identified them! GOTCHA!

The Science Angel……

The V’s being pumped into our bodies has synthetic envelopes that are overlapping your RNA thus reprogramming your DNA.
It is teaching the nervous system how to attack your placenta, sperm, fertility.

We are NOT given INFORMED CONSENT. This is extremely worrying. 

Spike protein hooks onto Coronavirus- causing Binary deaths…one vaccine then SECOND is the shot that will create permanent side effects and possible Death.
Only cats, ferrets have had SARS, MERS injected into them. They all died… via immune enhancement. You challenge the animals with combatting SARS with the immune response replicated by the mRNA – messenger code…and guess what..the body is under immense self autoimmunity….hmmmmm
Worst of all NONE OF ThIS has been approved by the FDA!
Therefore this is BIOLOGICAL weapon. Just like HIV.
Pziffer warn Do not have sex for 30 days after having the shot because it has spike codes to attack placenta, sperm etc 
The MSM is completely aligned to this Agenda30 UN WEF WHO DAVOS Centralists systems. 
Trillions in profits. 
Doctors worldwide are whistleblowing and freaked out. As well as being locked out of the areas to be heard. 
HIV was a Fauci experiment. And a mRNA. Recently Australia cancelled a vaccine that was potentially coded with mRNA HIV. Fact. 
The Big Pharma industrial complex are  immune from no recourse on their eugenics long term money making golden pony. So they keep on profiteering to making us sick, dis-eased and dim however……..

We are being injected with nanotechnology that would normally be attacked by the bodies defence system. However it is fooling the body with this mRNA digital goo

Infertility, blood clotting, Balls Palsey, heart disease, respiratory and forgetfulness are a few of the symptoms. 
Vaccine inserts come with Contraindications… you grow the sickness then inject it the. Your own immune system builds (allegedly) the pathogen recognition. 
Here you are programming the messenger code to tell your body to produce certain things. This spike protein therefore creates the PATHOGEN.

We, the peasants, will be required to produce our vaccine passports, eventually leading to chipnpin, stack n pack, GMO eating, rare earth mining, destruction of Africa, the CCP running the shows as massive illegal immigrants flood our borders with no Covid scare-tactics. ‘No Jab or No Job‘…No travel..with all the new potential lucrative scripts of other unseen enemy warfare c19 variances in the pipeline.

Once you have the jab, life MAY return to normal..other than your fertility, and many side effects… may travel with your number of the 666 Beast jab…..for ‘harmonisation’, these nutters wish to push us…Drink their Kool Aid….the old Normal never to return..

The Positive Solutions are simple...Yin Yang, balance, harmony, self care towards each and everyone is our greatest earthly worldly assets returning to heaven on earth. Gratitude, compassion and kindredness.

Our freedoms to roam to travel to go about our businesses and do our own thing are here NOW. Choose wisely. Gravitate towards others like myself. Join in this New Earth, this wondrous time to be alive in Earth. We are part of the Solution. We, Sovereign, individualistic, Truth Warriors…

Have faith, courage, discernment, critical thinking powers, courage to face your fear daily, as mankind comes together remembering Who Am I with Self Awareness, self love, and service to others, (STO), as our strengths align to GOD not Satan, lucifer Baal, etc….Mother Nature is Nurture and man-kind is ever-evolving. We have the tools to rekindle our passionate fiery sparks sundering, galloping, and slowly unpacking alternative clean natural holistic practices with each other.

GOD gave us a beautiful immunity system…eating well, organic, local and seasonal are the NOW…..We respect each other and cannot support these mad mens visions….

We are all about Common Universal Law. Do as thy would be done.

And so I write knowingly, that an informed population innately knows the truth of their own individual existence that is Goodly, GODLY and unique to each and everyone of us.

We Are Many. They are few…as Earth Ascends..manKIND naturally, organically does…We Resonate higher and higher…revealing all that is unfolding…..Love is All……

Wow..thank you...

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