Frequency Universal Lores Are Ah….

The mysteries of a village deep in Somerset 

Just Allow To Know

The mysteries of a village deep in Somerset 

The Time That Was Always 

We are now in the one of the most crucial times of our lives as our souls are being eaten alive by mass fear..mass destruction of all liberties and mass disinformation.

Programming and mass psy-opping are within the main steaming narrative as the people of earth wake up to a handful of oligarchs and psychopaths hell bent on pushing their terror and dis-ease campaigns

However time after time, mankind has risen up and remembered who they are and now the north are awakening as people, places, and things are truly now in self realisation, within this matrix of doom-gloom and subjectures  of all our freedoms.

We now Stand Up Stand together in the battle of the earth to reclaim our Sovereignty using Righteous instillation as we stop these demons, entities, ghouls and such like ghosts, reign of terror. 

We are at the edge of time, the ending of what we knew and the beginning of how to transmute the evil into the Goodness of Kindliness and rekindle our infinity to energy that is abound, abundant and precious to each and every one.

WE have Now the Tools to Access Higher beings higher self awareness and intuition to allow the work to be done without hinders.

God is within All that is, and how it should unfold.

Numbers, intuition and positive memories are absolutely essential to the fabric mix music, sound, vibes and gates to open with harmony, and balance.

September to remember.

many distractions coming so be focused like a laser beam, and in the end it will be a victory of the light 


Thank you. I am living in pure potential with my higher dimensional purpose showing, the Spirit Divine that works through me as God works through me.

I activate the full armour of God to inner stand and over-stand and have come here for a life purpose and have this in my innate DNA and do an important mission.

One day becomes now and we are this moment in history. 

We have been waiting for and the moment is now..we are out here on the front-line and taking in the  right light warriors and we are here for this mission that one knew deep inside and I knew from childhood and I knew for something important.

I came here for this divine mission.

Angel numbers 911 the ending the great beginning….this is ones calling….for ones entire journey since childhood.

We came here for so much more and now is time to activate and now is time find others.

I am not the only one, and neither are you.

We came where the waves are volunteers and this energy is coming in now.

What we came here to be.

Focus on this energy now. 

Ever since childhood you knew it you knew it innately. 

The Summer working in the fields of God, abundant playful mystical joyful playing as Now is the time to take your rightful place = this world isn’t going to shift itself, this is the law of Free Will. 

We are here to do this ourselves, embrace the energy even if I have to do it myself.

When one reaches that place when you do it yourself, you know the time is now and you will become the person you came here to be.

It comes from inside of you.  

embrace the call, the calling is now. 

I am mia. We are the 144 thousand group like rainbow warriors, activating our missions and take back our lives

The truth cannot be told, it can only be realised

All the thoughts you’ve had since childhood, were there for a reason, so now in the light of christ to remember to call to the light workers.

The waves are volunteers and they are coming in.

It times to remember thats all we are doing and who we are.

I am the defender of every day lives. Victory is at hand. 

Reach out share Be conscious of the activations happening right now

To remember:

What is Epigenetic’s conscious awareness to breathing directly to heart nervous systems 

and transmitters to elevate and allow influence your internal environment. 

When you change the way you breath, you will change the way you feel in the planetary universal myriad of cosmology. 

We are experiencing throat chakra upgrades, spinning wheels of energy and ascetics symptoms in parts of the body, healing, trauma release.

Speak your truth as the matrix gets raptured away.  

 When you have the light of God flowing through you, one person is more powerful than  thousands and so is it…

Stand strong as your brothers and sisters hear you but sometimes the others cant hear you however its important to stand in the essence of authentic as the lions hear you The devil will try to wear out the saints, thats all it can do.

Free Will is the law of the Universe with your feet planted firmly as the matrix crashes  and raptures away.

We didn’t come here to answer to sheep but to deliver us from evil stand strong like the lion but at the same time be a good shepherd.

144 144 144

11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99 110 121 132 144

We stand together for the good of humanity and when we speak we are broadcasting electro light codes of 144 vibes signature to remember what humanity is..

It is very dark right now and we are all feeling it…

Stand together people for this is how we want to be remembered…

In the last moments there will be miracles in this September to remember and free will is the law of the universe and so how do you want to be remembered….

Stand your ground keep your feet planted firmly as we carry the people to the new earth… 

Attachment is the root of All suffering and when you are able to walk away from anything you have a great power that lies within you…

so lets walk away together…

Our mental health is under attack as anxiety runs rampant and evil is being exposed… 

Evil is to live in reverse opposite inverted turned upside down so we are here to pick it back up the matrix is being raptured away people things and situations are changing  exponentially as we move forward to the great solar flash and vibrational syncs are coming through within higher vibrations…

the final upgrades and using our throat chakra to bring fourth the victory of the light!

Once you see you can never unsay and you will wish for others to experience the bliss

Gather around light warriors with raising the energies frequencies and such 

Speak our truths focusing on  God and Jesus Mary Magdalene 

Were here to clear and remove all the negative  energy on all our most vulnerable 

it's time to save our children 

its up to us as our role is showing up

Amplify your voice 

Pray and speak into the quantum fields as all our people need to be released 

self reflection 

Were in the unknown right now and do not know what to expect however that is the place where evolution occurs in the unknown space  

Friction creativity polarisation 

Speak your truth start your new earth life NOW 

we are the rainbow Hopi warriors of different creeds, colours faith 

Tesla said ideas are  born alone however its rough being alone, so lets stick together 

Reach out share Be conscious of the activations happening right now

144 namaste 

You can help yourself  

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