‘Hope for the world will come from Russia; but not from communism or Bolshevism, no, but from free Russia. Each person will then live for his fellow’


Regardless of what you feel, think, are told to believe in, Edgar Cayce wrote some good shit in the early 20thc.

For me on a personal note, I am finding new ways to approach this extraordinary time of mass transition. The World is up in the skies, down in the dumps if you are someone who loves security markets – that has and is disappearing unless you are good with gold, silver, metals, and other decentralised systems. Russia is the theme, (great article), of which now has upped the antics, creating a GAME CHANGER, converting rubles into gold backs for Oil, Gas, and Energy..well well, this is a turn up.

Ukraine is bringing the house down. And those supporting the USA’s involvement are asking for the Ukrainians to be killed in the name of Endless Wars, which the Deep state just lurves…the 2013/14 coup with the toppling of Viktor Yanukovych, a democratically voted in right of russia sort of fella, to be replaced with actors…well in reality, all heads of state, are actors, just like those in the UN/WEF/BIS/DAVOS – all a big bunch of elite circles, circling humanity, in the great desire to enslave, entrap, entrain, and stockholm syndrome us all, with mind control programming, daily fear fodder news fake stories, all FEAR, FEAR, oh Dear, is that all they have got? It would seem so.

This will destroy the Great Reset WEF agendas & ghastly new world globalists ordering of our abilities to travel! Hooray! We will NOT entertain their hunger game digitally credit scored AI Chinese IOT/4IR modelling, to decipher our good or bad behaviours, and live in SMART boxes, by the train station, virtually stuck in doors, eating insects, & GMO’s; now known as biofortified! Oh yeah…sure…another pile of mass modification industry experts, pumping non organic, highly ubiquitous intensified additives made from GMO’s…UGHHHH!

Freedom rally London

Things. are accelerating as the Truth is setting us FREE from tyranny, and it’s all very interesting.

Within the Starship Earth Enterprise, The star, Homia is abound and close to all our needs, and abilities heralding gigantic light fuelled Photons from deep-space-gamma rays, belting out/in breaths of extraordinary previsionary dimensions. The veils are lifting, and Jupiter and Neptune for the first time in 166 years are gravitational expansion fields of consciousness. Pam Gregory is your man to explain this important stargate taking place. We are now in a holographic multi earth abstract reality, meaning, we have the unique potentiality to literally be-Come what we intended to.

March has yield freedom marches, flamboyant weather, war and peace, and faith in reconnecting with divine purpose.

That was politicking. Now cultural attaché stuff:

And so some unusual tips came towards me this mad month of march, with a book landing on my lap at my brothers girlfriend house. Written by John W. Armstrong, The Water of Life – a treatise on urine therapy, has opened my mind, my vibes, to the possibility of trying this. Written over the early part of the 20th century, Armstrong uses all his ability to give us a deep hidden insider story to the lives that were saved, where allopathic doctoring failed.

I think we were all a little shell shocked…The world is agog with so much good stuff after two years of utter fear mongering, jab pushing, and wholesale destruction of so many good, the bad, and ugly types. So a thoroughly good lot of fashion, art, stone wall and path making, put good use to my daughter metta-angel & my good soul self, working outside in Cornwall, then bombing back to London to revel in a rather good Hackney fashionista show!

My daughter metta-angel is playing out and about singing her heart out, with her guitar, and unique abilities. She is also a little fashion model, or muse, depending…and boy, does she light up the world! I am truly blessed to know this one, and of course, proud and pleased as punch!

And finally, as march is coming to an end, of this year, we all partied gayly at Gregory Sams last sunday…joyful, triumphant, and fun!

How The World Watched History In The Making asThe Great HONKENING began…


Last night, I watched the most disgusting show of force against peaceful truckers, their friends & families, as Blackface Trudeau, the Canadian tyrant, son of Fido Castro, (allegedly), gave orders for heavy arsenal fed police, UN police (from all over the world), Ottawa police, the RCMP; riot horses, trample over the people, leading to serious injuries for an old lady.

I was held with my heart in my hands, as grassroots independent journalists, held the lines, recording the most egregious and hard wrenching real time violence, and utter extraordinary acts of courage, as the people, begged the police lines, to do the right thing and choose how history is in the making, of the Free world, for their children and grandchildren, asking the question, Daddy, where were you in all of this?

Yesterday the thug, Trudeau, showed his illegitimate powers under the guise of the World Economic Forum, pushing mass totalitarian force upon his peoples. These Globalists terrorists, or 5 Eyes countries; UK, USA, Oz, NZ, and Canadian, have used Health dictates and mandates to halt, suspend, destroy small businesses, inject hundreds of millions of peoples, with Emergency Orders to frighten the lives of good honest folks, in the use of experimental gene therapies, proving to be more deadly than the actual virus, of which was never isolated. Never did the legacy MSM, promote alternative therapies, sun light, VitC, Zinc, D, organic food, to boost one’s own God given natural immunity. This has led a huge increase in falsification of data to support the cyclical, psychopathic tendencies of mad men in white coats, to be paid to speak for their agenda’s, give Big pharmaceutic companies like Moderna, Pfizer,etc huge prophets, leading to huge indiscrepincies in reporting, as we all know, the MSM is coopted by those industries, thus no real journalism could be expressed, other than independent and social media outlets.

Those injured, will never be given compensation for these unknown hidden cytokine spike autoimmune defects. Hospitalisation has quadrupled in the past 2 years. And pharma gets away Scot free.

I digress. This is all about the truckers. And the incredibly intense buildup to February 18th Friday, when Justin Trudeau gave orders, under the illegal Emergency Act, or The War Emergency Act, used three times, WW1 WW2 and 1970, under Pierre Trudeau’s government to quell a separatist Quebec.

The Canucks, or Canadian Truckers, had had enough, as they watched their country become locked down, severely, even with a 95% roll out in the uptake of those injectables. They still had to wear masks, quarantine at the borders, and wonder Hold on, why are we not able to travel, go to restaurants, have to show papers, proof of vaccine status, and all the other ghastly propaganda that has been thrown down our necks.

This was never about health. This is the destruction of all our once held democracy, being opening rejected by the 5 eyes secret shadowy arm of the WEF, to destroy freedoms, as Agenda 30 is pushed on the people, using Lockstep tactitions, all in view with the Legacy Mainstream Media, Big Tech, Big State Gov, and all the other usual suspects.

We all used to think the new world order was conspiracy now we know its the march of the Globalists One World Order, to surveil, using digital means, under the banner of the fourth industrial revolution, and the internet of things. I have written numerously as to what that feels, and looks like here and here

I have been wondering as to which direction to proceed with this blog, as so many things have unfolded since the Truckers rolled into the capital of Canada, Ottawa and what a fine and beautiful city it is. The Truckers came with peace loaded to the brim with heartfelt contagion, as I felt myself fall in love with this place, the Truckers, and the supporters of this world wide Freedom Movement.

I didn’t even know where it was. I know Wellington street, parliament hill, Terry Fox and his courageous story, and statue. I have witnessed the organised prowess, kind heartedness, joy and unification, as this beat The Olympics, by along stretch. I cannot bare to see athletes in masks.

The One wholesome truly good thing, is how this ugly dictator, has UNITED the freedom-loving Canadians, waking them up from mass formation-psychosis and more importantly, The World. His lib-tards, are walking away from him, and NOBODY voted for him, when he power-grabbed in the middle of the pandemic, running on persecution, division, & segregation, sticking it for two years, to those who chose NOT to be jabbed. He is greedy, dangerous, and his side kick, VP Freeland, went to school in the USSR, where she was kicked out by the KGB. Trudeau is a creepy man. And deservedly, the most hated man, now, in the world.

Economic Forum, pushing for mass totalitarian force upon his peoples.

I have met and wondered around the city with their enthusiasm, and commitment to report real news, in real time, interviewing the truckers, cooks, volunteers, artistes, and anyone of any individual Right to be there. Grassroot journalists, holding their beloved gimbles, UOttawaScotty, Church of BuBBles, machineseverywhere, mikebikercanada, war campaign, red prince, zoke, and many on-the-ground, warriors.

My heartfelt pourings have been beyond anything I felt even on the marches here in London of which kept me sane, in a great place with other folk NOT acquiescing to the ugly sinful face nappies or pants.

The Truckers movement has given me more clout about their visions, switched on-ness, ability to organise organically, and truly fall in love with humanity. As soon as that despot is thrown in the bin, and ALL the Mandates are chucked in the bin of history, I will be booking my holiday to Canada.

The men are men, and how they’ve worn their hearts on their sleeves, in below zero temperatures, rain, storms, and other, has not stopped their joyness’es reaching little ol’ me here. Thank you God, Thank you so much you amazing Truckers, and farmers, and deplorables..for we have witnessed Tyranny at first hand, under the guise of Democracy.

Youtube, Rumble, Telegram, Tucker Carlson, Tim Pool and many others, have knocked it out of the park.

The left liberals types have remained eerily silent as the Workers came to the city to peacefully demand the ending of ALL Vaccine Mandates, passports, and NEVER to put the children under jeopardy of mask wearing, injecting their healthy bodies, in the name of Health.

WE now can see how Agenda 30 is being pulled upon the world. And it has to Stop now. Central banks are finished. Digital surveillance will be overthrown, as we step up, HOLD THE LINE, and break free from tyranny, mind-control, legacy media, Big Banks, old codgers called Soros, BIS, WEF, UN, CFR, Bilderberg, and Club of Rome.

The next push is against all our rights to driving, moving around, flying, being free under the corporate guise of Climate Change.

God has us and faith is stronger as we unite worldwide to awake from the maddently violence of regimes pretending to be democratic.

talkRADIO on Twitter: “Kevin: “Why would you punish people for making a legitimate decision not to have the vaccine?” Retired paediatrician Dr Ros Jones says “nobody who is baying for mandatory vaccination can explain to me how the unvaccinated are posing this threat to the vaccinated”. @TVKev https://t.co/rCLvn3zs5C” / Twitter kid in


talkRADIO on Twitter: “Kevin: “Why would you punish people for making a legitimate decision not to have the vaccine?” Retired paediatrician Dr Ros Jones says “nobody who is baying for mandatory vaccination can explain to me how the unvaccinated are posing this threat to the vaccinated”. @TVKev https://t.co/rCLvn3zs5C” / Twitter
— Read on mobile.twitter.com/talkradio/status/1469397750676701189

The America that Almost Was And Yet Maybe….by Charles Eisenstein


A few years ago at a retreat I was outlining the dark side of the triumphalist mythology of progress. A man raised his hand and shared the following story. “When I was a boy in the early 1960s,” he said, “my father took me aside one day and said, ‘Son, we are living at the greatest moment of the greatest nation ever to exist on this earth. Anything is possible.’”

The man said this made a deep impression on him and asked, “Surely it can’t be all that bad. Surely there must be room in your narrative for the truth in what my father told me.”

I considered. “Yes,” I said, “there is truth in it. Even in full cognizance of the horror that accompanied the American version of the story of progress, the genocide, the ecocide, the slavery, the oppression, some of which was still ongoing in 1962 when your father spoke to you, still an ideal showed itself to us, never more visibly than at that historical moment. Yes, Jim Crow and the destruction of native culture and global imperialism and industrial pollution operated in full force, yet there was good cause for optimism. The civil rights movement was gathering steam, as was the environmental movement. We had an anti-imperialist, pro-civil rights President. One could reasonably believe that the ideals of freedom, democracy, liberty, and opportunity would soon bring light to the remaining shadowy corners of the American Dream.”

More recently I told my father this story. Dad was born in 1940, and he knew what the man’s father was talking about. A wistful look came over him, followed by an expression of pain, an old anger turned to grief not fully resolved. He told me, “Yes, and I remember the day it turned dark. It was November twenty-second, 1963.”

That, of course, was the day of John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

The Kennedy assassination was more than an historical event. It was a mythic event, a psychic event that reshaped the constituent archetypes of the modern world. Nearly sixty years later, the grief still abides in my father; I too feel inexplicably stricken when I watch the video of the assassination. My father, my country, and to some extent the world, has not yet fully come to terms with it. It is like a radioactive pellet lodged inside the body politic, generating an endlessly metastasizing cancer that no one has been able to trace to its source.

The Kennedy assassination(s) was the mother of all conspiracy theories; in fact, the very term “conspiracy theory” was coined by CIA operatives inside the media in order to discredit doubters of the official story. Many present-day conspiracy theories embed the Kennedy assassinations within a larger mythology; it is an integral structural element. That doesn’t mean that the truth of a particular Kennedy conspiracy theory entails the truth of any of these larger conspiracy theories. It does mean that without the JFK assassination and cover-up, most of these other theories would not have been born.

Yes, I take as a given that there was a conspiracy to kill John F. Kennedy. Kennedy had alienated vast sectors of the military establishment, top corporations, and the intelligence services. He tabled discussions pushed by CIA head Allen Dulles and Air Force chief Curtis LeMay to launch a surprise nuclear attack on the Soviet Union. He had refused to follow up the Bay of Pigs with a full-scale military invasion. He had defied the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff when they urged him to bomb Russian missile installations in Cuba (assuring him, falsely, that they had no nuclear warheads present there. Had he followed their advice, none of us would be here today.) He refused to invade Laos and, shortly before his death, issued orders to pull military advisers out of Vietnam. He fired Allen Dulles along with other CIA honchos like Richard Bissell (the architect of the assassinations of anti-colonial Third World leaders in Guatemala, Iran, the Congo, and elsewhere) and vowed in 1962 to “shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.” Through these actions, he made bitter enemies throughout military and intelligence institutions.1

The putative assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was a CIA asset who fake-defected to the USSR and returned; rather than being punished in that era of McCarthyism he was welcomed back to the United States. Two weeks before the assassination in Dallas, another assassination attempt was foiled in Chicago that bore remarkable similarities to the one that succeeded in Dallas. Oswald’s statements to the police were neither recorded nor transcribed. Before Oswald had a chance to make any public statements or be arraigned in court of law, he himself was assassinated at Dallas police headquarters by Jack Ruby, a mafia-connected nightclub owner. The Warren Commission set up to investigate the assassination included many of Kennedy’s opponents, including Dulles himself, and failed to follow many leads that pointed to more than one sniper.

Arguments that Kennedy’s assassination was coordinated by the CIA and other political factions has filled many books. Maybe there is no conclusive proof (although it is hard to say what conclusive proof of a cover-up would look like, now that all the main actors are long dead and any archival information can be labeled a fake). The circumstances are extremely suspicious though, so suspicious that I would like to argue: the American public never truly believed the story.

A large minority rejected the official story outright, but the majority, my father included, pretended and professed to believe it. But in their heart of hearts they did not believe. As well they should not have—on the face of it, the story beggars belief. I mean, come on. The whole thing just doesn’t add up. However, to reject the official story would have required accepting something so monstrous and so utterly contrary to the story of America that few people could withstand the shattering cognitive dissonance that would have followed. In most people’s eyes, the CIA and the military-industrial establishment were still heroes. They broke the codes that led to the defeat of the Nazis and the Japanese. They were fighting against the specter of communism. For them to kill a President, a war hero, was unthinkable. It contradicted the entire story of America, land of the free, beacon of democracy, exemplar for the world.

That is why we the people swallowed the lie. What followed was inevitable, just as in any relationship where a lie festers. On the one hand, it sets a precedent for the acceptance of more lies; at the same, real trust is impossible so long as the lie remains in place. The one lied to develops all kinds of suspicions that, while perhaps not factual, carry the essential truth that she is being deceived. So it is with conspiracy theories today. Certainly most are objectively false (after all, they broadly contradict each other), but also they are all true in their basic motif. They give voice to a profound alienation, an endemic and well-deserved distrust of authority. Today huge numbers of people believe the election was stolen, that the vaccines are a deliberate depopulation scheme, even that the moon landing was fake, the earth is flat, and Santa Claus is a hoax. The monstrous act of deception that was November 22, 1963 makes all of these a lot more plausible, suggesting, “They are capable of anything.”

The JFK assassination was by no means the first deception perpetrated by the American establishment upon its people, but nothing before it was as brazen or as total.2 It was in fact a coup, and we have been living under the regime it installed ever since. That doesn’t mean Kennedy’s successors were conscious of being figureheads; rather, the deep state had gained permanent control of the apparatus of government. It could, though imperfectly, winnow out leaders too far at odds with its goals and pressure others to conform. Over the next few years it consolidated its victory, removing first JFK’s brother and leading presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, and then Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, anti-imperialists who posed a threat far beyond challenging white supremacy.3

The beneficiaries of the coup included not only the military-industrial complex, but every institution whose profits and power were held in check by democracy. The core of democracy was dead and soon its necrosis spread to outer organs such as regulatory agencies. To varying degrees, all became captives of industry over the ensuing decades. Ever since the New Deal, government had enjoyed wide respect among the public—my grandfather took pride in paying his taxes. A majority saw government as their friend, on their side, protecting them from moneyed interests. It wasn’t only the Kennedy assassination and cover-up that changed that; it was also the ensuing takeover of government by corporate and other undemocratic interests.

Not only did the JFK assassination and cover-up irremediably damage public trust in government, it also corrupted government’s attitude toward the public. The Roman historian Tacitus wrote, “It is a principle of nature to hate those whom you have injured..” By the same token, it is a principle of nature to despise those one has deceived. Naive intuition sees it the other way around: you wouldn’t deceive someone if you respected them, right? But it is just as much the reverse. The JFK affair opened a gulf between people and government that no bridge can span. It was the death of America—the America of a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” People and government are now separate. The political class, interlocked with other elites, is a class unto itself, deploying propaganda, PR, psychology, “messaging,” spin, hype, “optics,” “narrative” and all kinds of manipulation on a population it holds in, at best, patronizing contempt: unruly schoolchildren who must be managed, surveilled, tracked, locked up, and locked down for their own good.

What can we do now? If the radioactive pellet of the JFK assassination and cover-up is the source of so much illness, what would it take to remove the pellet? It would take Disclosure.

I capitalize the word Disclosure in order to name it as an archetype. It reverberates throughout the conspiracy metaverse as the defining moment of victory, when the nefarious world-controlling powers surrender their most potent weapon: secrecy. The alpha of evil is always secrecy. Whether it is the secrets we keep from ourselves, or the secrets government keeps from the people, it is in their gloom that evil thrives. (Why? Because human beings are fundamentally compassionate. Evil must be somehow hidden—behind euphemisms, ideologies, justifications, or secrets.) The way to undo the effects of a lie is to reveal it. That is how to remove the pellet and clean the wound.

Lies tend to grow over time as further lies are required to maintain the original. Disclosure, then, has revolutionary implications, since revelation of the keystone lie will lead to the crumbling of the entire edifice of lies built around it. Which of the embedding conspiracy myths will be verified as we follow each cancerous filament to one tumor after another? I have no idea. Some may prove valid; the vast majority will fall away as honesty and transparency rob speculation of its fuel.

The biggest crisis facing society today is a crisis of communication; it is the division of society into mutually exclusive cults; it is the splintering of reality into disjoint shards. The groups that form around conspiracy theories are no more cult-like than mainstream belief groups. Exclusionary, punishing of dissent, trapped in their own reality bubbles, they are among the poisonous fruits of the distrust sown in 1963. That act of deception has indeed metastasized. Therefore, Disclosure will dispel not only the conspiracy theories but perhaps also the mainstream cultic trance that keeps society polarized. Of course we may still have serious disagreements, but the pitch of the playing field toward distrust will have been reversed. Disclosure, even after all these decades, will have a healing impact on society far beyond the resolution of an historical dispute.

America today is riven with division. Division, misunderstanding, and suspicion are inevitable when lies saturates the air we breathe. Human beings naturally trust authority—in a healthy society, those who have earned respect are the ones who rise to authority. When it betrays us, we lost not only trust in government but the very instinct of trust. In the post-WWII era, we had faith in ourselves as a people that cut across political divisions. The Story of the People was strong. Today it is in shreds. To fulfill the possibility of greatness that was so visible in 1962, we need to come together, both around traditional American ideals that, though never universally applied,were very much alive post WWII, and also a new story of peace and healing. Disclosure would be a huge step in establishing the trust necessary for such a coming together.

How will Disclosure come about? It requires a push and a pull. The push is from journalists, artists, and citizens who have ceased to tolerate their own pretense of belief. They no longer swallow obvious lies. They demand authenticity. They refuse the patron’s bribes and no longer cower before his threats. Then it becomes harder and harder to hold the lies together, and the urge intensifies among the secret-keepers to break ranks.

The pull, exerted on the secret-keepers (those who know that they know, and those who facilitate them without knowing that they know), comes from the world that Kennedy strove for, the America the man’s father invoked, a place that never truly was but that yet might be. He wasn’t seeing nothing. He was seeing a real future that shone into early 1960s America. It is still available. The damage can be reversed. The pull of that future on even the most jaded heart opens a portal to courage. And make no mistake, it takes courage to break ranks. Others will follow you. You know who you are. It is time.

Frequency Universal Lores Are Ah….


The mysteries of a village deep in Somerset 

Just Allow To Know

The mysteries of a village deep in Somerset 

The Time That Was Always 

We are now in the one of the most crucial times of our lives as our souls are being eaten alive by mass fear..mass destruction of all liberties and mass disinformation.

Programming and mass psy-opping are within the main steaming narrative as the people of earth wake up to a handful of oligarchs and psychopaths hell bent on pushing their terror and dis-ease campaigns

However time after time, mankind has risen up and remembered who they are and now the north are awakening as people, places, and things are truly now in self realisation, within this matrix of doom-gloom and subjectures  of all our freedoms.

We now Stand Up Stand together in the battle of the earth to reclaim our Sovereignty using Righteous instillation as we stop these demons, entities, ghouls and such like ghosts, reign of terror. 

We are at the edge of time, the ending of what we knew and the beginning of how to transmute the evil into the Goodness of Kindliness and rekindle our infinity to energy that is abound, abundant and precious to each and every one.

WE have Now the Tools to Access Higher beings higher self awareness and intuition to allow the work to be done without hinders.

God is within All that is, and how it should unfold.

Numbers, intuition and positive memories are absolutely essential to the fabric mix music, sound, vibes and gates to open with harmony, and balance.

September to remember.

many distractions coming so be focused like a laser beam, and in the end it will be a victory of the light 


Thank you. I am living in pure potential with my higher dimensional purpose showing, the Spirit Divine that works through me as God works through me.

I activate the full armour of God to inner stand and over-stand and have come here for a life purpose and have this in my innate DNA and do an important mission.

One day becomes now and we are this moment in history. 

We have been waiting for and the moment is now..we are out here on the front-line and taking in the  right light warriors and we are here for this mission that one knew deep inside and I knew from childhood and I knew for something important.

I came here for this divine mission.

Angel numbers 911 the ending the great beginning….this is ones calling….for ones entire journey since childhood.

We came here for so much more and now is time to activate and now is time find others.

I am not the only one, and neither are you.

We came where the waves are volunteers and this energy is coming in now.

What we came here to be.

Focus on this energy now. 

Ever since childhood you knew it you knew it innately. 

The Summer working in the fields of God, abundant playful mystical joyful playing as Now is the time to take your rightful place = this world isn’t going to shift itself, this is the law of Free Will. 

We are here to do this ourselves, embrace the energy even if I have to do it myself.

When one reaches that place when you do it yourself, you know the time is now and you will become the person you came here to be.

It comes from inside of you.  

embrace the call, the calling is now. 

I am mia. We are the 144 thousand group like rainbow warriors, activating our missions and take back our lives

The truth cannot be told, it can only be realised

All the thoughts you’ve had since childhood, were there for a reason, so now in the light of christ to remember to call to the light workers.

The waves are volunteers and they are coming in.

It times to remember thats all we are doing and who we are.

I am the defender of every day lives. Victory is at hand. 

Reach out share Be conscious of the activations happening right now

To remember:

What is Epigenetic’s conscious awareness to breathing directly to heart nervous systems 

and transmitters to elevate and allow influence your internal environment. 

When you change the way you breath, you will change the way you feel in the planetary universal myriad of cosmology. 

We are experiencing throat chakra upgrades, spinning wheels of energy and ascetics symptoms in parts of the body, healing, trauma release.

Speak your truth as the matrix gets raptured away.  

 When you have the light of God flowing through you, one person is more powerful than  thousands and so is it…

Stand strong as your brothers and sisters hear you but sometimes the others cant hear you however its important to stand in the essence of authentic as the lions hear you The devil will try to wear out the saints, thats all it can do.

Free Will is the law of the Universe with your feet planted firmly as the matrix crashes  and raptures away.

We didn’t come here to answer to sheep but to deliver us from evil stand strong like the lion but at the same time be a good shepherd.

144 144 144

11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99 110 121 132 144

We stand together for the good of humanity and when we speak we are broadcasting electro light codes of 144 vibes signature to remember what humanity is..

It is very dark right now and we are all feeling it…

Stand together people for this is how we want to be remembered…

In the last moments there will be miracles in this September to remember and free will is the law of the universe and so how do you want to be remembered….

Stand your ground keep your feet planted firmly as we carry the people to the new earth… 

Attachment is the root of All suffering and when you are able to walk away from anything you have a great power that lies within you…

so lets walk away together…

Our mental health is under attack as anxiety runs rampant and evil is being exposed… 

Evil is to live in reverse opposite inverted turned upside down so we are here to pick it back up the matrix is being raptured away people things and situations are changing  exponentially as we move forward to the great solar flash and vibrational syncs are coming through within higher vibrations…

the final upgrades and using our throat chakra to bring fourth the victory of the light!

Once you see you can never unsay and you will wish for others to experience the bliss

Gather around light warriors with raising the energies frequencies and such 

Speak our truths focusing on  God and Jesus Mary Magdalene 

Were here to clear and remove all the negative  energy on all our most vulnerable 

it's time to save our children 

its up to us as our role is showing up

Amplify your voice 

Pray and speak into the quantum fields as all our people need to be released 

self reflection 

Were in the unknown right now and do not know what to expect however that is the place where evolution occurs in the unknown space  

Friction creativity polarisation 

Speak your truth start your new earth life NOW 

we are the rainbow Hopi warriors of different creeds, colours faith 

Tesla said ideas are  born alone however its rough being alone, so lets stick together 

Reach out share Be conscious of the activations happening right now

144 namaste 

You can help yourself  

Where are all our chance meetings…?


7th October 2021
Go back to school… french Spanish
Create writing

Health wellbeing- homeopathy? But here’s the snag… these courses are all on line… where’s the community?

I loved mixing things up with other enthusiasts, sitting in our seats, primed for new heartfelt imaginations, moving into concrete manifestations.. now we sit on our screens, screaming blue murder at the hollow, shiny, feedback loops, television, smart gadgetry, zoom chatting. I’m belligerent and stand firmly reminding myself, there is a better way..face to face, heart beats across the way, language muffled, coughs normal, sneezing ahoa!

I stare out on the train, half the people in ugly masks, covering up their pretty human faces, from all races..places…
What dear God, has our human collective outpouring achieved?
We will overcome this madness…mind set mulling hyperbole insanity, for that is what she it is.

The 19thc with its ceaseless wars pushed into 20th ghastly cruelty great First World War… ghastly disgraceful hidden hands pushing agenda manipulation, monopolising their killing machines as test sites… France Germany Russia England

Charles Eisenstein simply has to be read in a world of quick fix ideologies designed to keep Big Industries in pocket…BEYOND INDUSTRIAL MEDICINE


Beyond Industrial Medicine …

Let’s say I’m addicted to prescription pain-killers. You are my concerned friend. “Charles,” you say, “you’ve really got to get off this medication. It’s ruining your health, and someday you’re likely to OD.”

“But I can’t stop taking it. I’m in pain all the time. If I don’t take it I can’t function at all. I have terrible back pain, and my doctor says there is nothing I can do about it.”

If you accept the premises of my response, you’ll have little to say. If we both accept that there is no other way to reduce the pain, and that the cause of the pain is incurable, then I’m right, I have to keep taking the painkiller.

Now let’s talk about glyphosate, the much-maligned herbicide that Monsanto markets as Roundup. Critics make compelling points about its effects on human and ecological health. Defenders rebut those points, at least to the satisfaction of regulators. The debate has raged now for decades. One point that Roundup’s defenders make is this: “Look, Roundup is the most effective broad-spectrum herbicide we have. If we stop using it, crop yields would fall. We would have to use other, less effective herbicides that might be even more toxic to human beings and the environment. Roundup is the safest, most economical option available.”

Here again, if we accept these premises, we are nine-tenths of the way to conceding the argument. By limiting the debate to Roundup itself, its relative harms and benefits, we implicitly accept as a given the entire system of agriculture of which Roundup is a part. If we take for granted an industrial system of monocrop agriculture, then Roundup’s defenders may be correct. We need Roundup, or something like it, to run the current system. If we don’t change it, then banning Roundup will just result in a switch to other herbicides: new chemicals or genetic technologies that will have their own dangerous side-effects.

Most critics of glyphosate are not motivated by the desire to replace it with another herbicide. Rather, glyphosate is a focal point for a critique of the entire system of industrial agriculture. If we had a system of small-scale, organic, regenerative, ecological, diversified, local agriculture, glyphosate would not be much of an issue, because it would hardly be necessary. As I amply document in my Climate book, this form of agriculture can outperform industrial agriculture in terms of yield per unit of land (although it requires more labor—more gardeners, more small farmers).

So do we need to keep glyphosate or not? If we take the current system of agriculture for granted, then maybe yes. The conversation we need to be having is about the system itself. If we ignore that, then the glyphosate debate is a distraction. One might still oppose it on technical grounds, but the most powerful critique is not of the chemical itself, but of the system that requires it. The good folks at Monsanto probably take the system for granted, and cannot understand how their diligent efforts to make it work a little better are so misunderstood by environmentalists who cast them as villains.

The same pattern applies to what is called “mental health.” Thirteen years ago I wrote an essay, Mutiny of the Soul, which described various mental conditions like depression and anxiety as forms of rebellion against an insane world. By calling those conditions illnesses and treating them with psychiatric medications, we suppress the rebellion and adjust the individual to fit society as it is.

If we accept society-as-it-is as right and good, then of course a maladjusted individual is a sick individual. If we also take as normal (or fail to see) conditions that make people unhappy, such as social isolation, unresolved trauma, the standard American diet, nature deficit, physical inactivity, or racial, economic, or other forms of oppression, then again we have little alternative but to adjust the individual. And if we exclude from consideration non-pharmacological forms of “adjustment,”1 then we are left with drugs like SSRIs. Therefore, those who condemned the article and its sequel were perfectly correct within their frame of reference. “These drugs, while perhaps overused, are powerful and necessary interventions that have rescued many people from depression and allowed them to live normal lives.” Leaving aside studies in which these drugs fail to outperform placebo, if we hold all other variables constant, one could reasonably argue that they are a beneficial technology, just as glyphosate is in the context of industrial agriculture.2

In a similar vein, those who accept the basic goodness, rightness, or inalterability of the current system will see its critics as psychologically infirm. Quite a few people have, with the kindest of intentions and often quite gently, questioned me about whether my skepticism of vaccines and mainstream medical system merely plays out unresolved childhood wounds around authority. Am I rebelling against real injustice, or is medical authority a proxy for my father (who wouldn’t let me stay up past my bedtime to watch “All in the Family,” the old tyrant). I might be suffering from Oppositional Defiant Disorder. To those who accept medical authority as basically good and right, it seems reasonable that my suspicion of it must come from some kind of psychopathology.

The examples of glyphosate and SSRIs illustrate how perfectly decent people can participate in harm simply through their acceptance of the systems and realities that immerse them. Malice is a poor explanation.3 This is one of the insights that launched my writing career. I spent fifteen years holding a single question in my mind: What is the origin of the wrongness? I found the aforementioned systems and realities to be products of ideologies so deeply woven into the fabric of civilization as to be nearly inseparable from it. Did some evil genius concoct the concept of the discrete, separate self marooned in an arbitrary universe of force, mass, atoms, and void? No, that mythology evolved organically, reaching its culmination in our time. It is in fact over-ripe, yet the fruit—the systems we inhabit and that inhabit us—has yet to fall from the tree. When it does it will split open and the seed of a new kind of civilization will grow.

Okay, Covid vaccines. We could argue about their relative harms and benefits, but again by thus narrowing the conversation we take for granted the system in which they naturally fit. Full disclosure: my personal opinion is that, even holding other variables constant, the risks and harms far outweigh the benefits. Last time I said that in an essay I got a lot of flak for not “documenting that claim,” even though I said it was an opinion and not a claim. I’m not going to claim it now either, nor try to document it, (1) because many of the sources I would use are unacceptable to most of the people who disagree with me, and I would have to unfold a complex discussion of systemic bias in the information environment; (2) because my opinion draws heavily from practitioners in my circles who are seeing damage first-hand, and I can’t cite them using publicly available documents; (3) most importantly, because right now I want to broaden the conversation to the system of industrial medicine, which bears close resemblance in many dimensions to the system of industrial agriculture. Also, since I’m not making false “claims,” the scrupulously logical social media censors won’t be able to take this essay down. Ha! Pwned!4

If we accept as a given the current state of public health along with reigning paradigms of modern medicine, then the case for vaccination is at least arguable, just as is the case for glyphosate in the context of industrial agriculture.5 We could debate about relative harms, study designs, suppression of information by corporate interests, unlabeled ingredients, underreporting to VAERS, and so on, but in engaging that particular debate, both sides implicitly agree not to talk about what lies outside its boundaries.

What lies outside the debate about vaccine safety? Effective natural and alternative treatments for Covid. Superiority of natural immunity to vaccine-induced immunity. The “terrain” of infection: why some people experience serious illness and death, and others do not. The positive role viruses, even pathogenic ones, play in health and evolution. The decline of virulence over time. The sociological implications of handing body sovereignty over to government authorities.

Basically, vaccines are a way to keep society-as-we-know it functioning as usual. The idea is, “Everybody get the jab and we can go back to normal.” It is much like psychiatric medications. Taking for granted a society that makes vast numbers of people miserable, maybe we need those drugs to keep them happy, or at least functioning. They can get back to normal—the life defined by society’s norms. Yet that life is what may have made them miserable to begin with. Similarly, what we have known as normal includes the conditions that result in needing (arguably, anyway) the jab in the first place.

Normal has been a society where autoimmunity, addiction, diabetes, obesity,6 and other chronic conditions are at epidemic levels. This epidemic is actually quite new. In the 1950s, the prevalence of diabetes in the United States was a tenth what it is today. Obesity was a third. Autoimmune diseases were medical rarities. As most Covid deaths are in people with diabetes and other chronic conditions, the whole context of vaccine policy includes conditions that are historically aberrant.

Normal has been the disempowerment of people to maintain their own health themselves and in community, making them dependent instead on experts to do things to them. The “patient” is passive, patiently enduring what the expert doctor does to her.

Normal has been a ubiquitous death phobia that worships at the altar of safety and would sacrifice anything for the promise of security, even at the cost of civil liberties, personal freedom, and community self-determination.

Normal has been the marginalization of holistic and natural healing modalities that offer effective treatments for Covid and most other conditions. Oops, that sentence will get this flagged as misinformation. Where’s the data, Charles? Well that is part of the problem. Society has not devoted the vast resources into researching and developing herbal, nutritional, vibrational, and other unorthodox therapies that it has into pharmaceutical ones. They don’t fit the funding system and they don’t fit the paradigm. So, evidence at the level of multiple large-scale double-blinded placebo-controlled trials is scarce. Moreover, since many alternative therapies depend on unique relationships between therapist and patient, individualized treatments, or active work by the person being healed, they are inherently unsuitable for standardized trials. Standardized trials that produce the aforementioned “data” require the control of variables. They are part of what I’ve been calling industrial medicine—”industrial” is all about standardization, control, quantification, and scale.

That is not to say that alternative and holistic treatments for Covid or any other disease lack evidence. Far from it. But, to access their full power one must venture into realms beyond industrial paradigms and proofs.

I’d like to imagine, then, a different normal. It departs from industry’s dream to remake the earth, life, and the human being in its image. It is the normality of the age of ecology, the age of relationship, the age of community, the age of reunion.

In that future, it is normal to see health as a matter of good relationships within the body and outside it. Society redeploys the hundreds of billions it spends on sick care toward understanding and restoring these relationships. Every conceivable holistic, herbal, homeopathic, nutritional, energetic, etc. therapy is pursued, tried, tested, improved, and if effective, made available.

In that future, it also becomes normal to take responsibility for our own health and to receive support in doing that (because personal willpower is not enough, we are social beings and need support). The support is economic, legal, and infrastructural.

I asked my wife Stella, an extremely effective healer, what she thinks healthcare could become. She said, “We recognize mind and body as a continuum. We don’t see illness as a random misfortune. We know that resonant attention and the holding of space for emergent wholeness can heal, and that anyone can do this. We can return medicine to the people.” I see Stella help people heal from real medical conditions nearly every day. Sometimes they are conditions doctors say are incurable. The power of these techniques (and so many others in the alternative world) is real, and they can be taught, and a new normal could be built on them.

Yes, we can return medicine to the people. The power to heal ourselves and each other has, like so much of modern life, been professionalized, turned into yet another set of goods and services. We can reclaim that power. The future of medicine is not high-tech. Technology has its place (for example in emergency medicine), but it has usurped the place of other powers: the hand, the herb, the mind, the water, the soil, the sound, and the light. Can we imagine a healthcare system that fulfilled the promise of the medical alternatives that have touched millions of lives in the shadow of the conventional system? These alternatives should stop being alternative. Come on people, these actually work. They have gained momentum over the last half-century despite ridicule, marginalization, lack of funding, and persecution from mainstream institutions. They work. Let’s take them seriously. We know how to be healthy. We remake society around that knowledge.

No authority during Covid has said, “People are sick, they need more time outdoors. People are sick, they need more touch. People are sick, they need healthy gut flora. People are sick, they need pure water. People are sick, they need less electromagnetic pollution. People are sick, they need less chemicals in food. People are sick, let’s put diabetes warnings on soda pop. People are sick, let’s encourage them to meditate and pray more. People are sick, let’s get them in the garden. People are sick, let’s make our cities walkable. People are sick, let’s clean the air. People are sick, let’s provide free mold remediation on all dwellings. People are sick, let’s promote education about local herbs. People are sick, let’s make the best supplements and practices of the biohackers and health gurus available to all. People are sick, let’s heal our agricultural soils.” None of these are as hard as keeping every human being six feet apart from every other. So let’s do these things. Let’s remake society in their image with as much zeal as we remade society in the year of Covid.

Am I saying not to talk about vaccines and focus only the bigger picture? No. Vaccines, their dangers, their shortcomings, and the measures needed to coerce the unwilling are the visible tip of an iceberg, showing us starkly the system they represent. They are a window into a future of technological dependency where we put into our bodies whatever the authorities tell us to, and wonder why the promise of health, freedom, and a return to “normal” is always on the horizon but never here.

Another future beckons. It won’t be handed to us by the same authorities and systems that rule today; we have to claim it. We claim it through the choices it offers. Which future does your next step lead toward? Toward more normalization of the world under control? Or toward the new normal I’ve described? The road has forked. It is time to choose.




Examples of non-pharmacological treatments for depression include psychedelic therapy, tai chi, Kundalini yoga, cold water immersion, red light therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, and many more. Wait, did I just give medical advice? Bad! I’m not suggesting any of these actually work. Nope. I’m just exercising my fingers. None of the above should be construed as medical advice. Please see your qualified medical practitioner before trying any of these. You are not qualified to do your own research. In fact, since life is increasingly medicalized, please don’t do anything at all, even go outdoors, without permission of medical authority.2

To be clear, I think that even in the narrow terms of risks and benefits, both glyphosate and SSRIs are better left unused. That is due to their side effects, which industry tends to cover up. In the case of SSRIs, these include all kinds of physical problems plus, quite possibly, murder and suicide. My point here is that there is an argument to be made for them that is at least worth having if we hold the system as unchangeable.3

Certainly, ruthless, malicious, and psychopathic individuals are over-represented among the global power elite. They thrive in our current system, rise to the top, and find ways to stay there. But their power depends on the deep stories I am describing here. They did not create those stories, but they feed them and feed off them.4

People keep telling me I made a typo here. “Pwned” is actually a term from video game culture. I know that because I’m an avid gamer. Just kidding. I had and have teenage sons, which is why I’m so stylish and hip. That was a joke too. Also, I was joking that this will balk the censors. Some people thought I was serious.5

The case for mandatory vaccines is far weaker as the narrative of an “epidemic of the unvaccinated” crumbles and evidence mounts that the vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission but only lessen symptoms.6

When I mention obesity I often get accused of “fat shaming.” So let me say, obesity is not to be blamed on people’s weak willpower or dumb choices. It is a function of childhood trauma, social programming, toxic environments, a social infrastructure in which physical activity is separated off into the category of “exercise,” unmet needs that get displaced onto food, a food environment devoid of genuine nutrition, and many other factors. Sometimes overeating isn’t involved. When it is, fat shaming is actually counterproductive as a way to get someone, especially oneself, to lose weight. That’s because overeating (especially of sugar) can be a way to compensate for lack of unconditional love and acceptance. It is when we love ourselves and each other exactly as we are, that that stage can be completed and change can happen. I made a small online course called Dietary Transformation to explore and practically integrate these and related ideas.

No Longer can we sit on the fence of neutrality, we are now in the eye of the storm and the magic is born from polarisation, gold is made from high friction and so we now become Warriors together..


September 27th Monday mets jumped into bed with me last night after a feeling that terrified her; her duvet felt like it was being pulled off of her and something dark was coming towards her. I explained that the amount of drugs she took a weekend ago at Balter – a drum and base festival in Wales may have something to with it, coupled with the fact that she met a lovely young man called James, who’d been double vaxxed, thus rendering more potential possibilities of other worldly in-animates entering in to her fields of consciousness, entities and the such. Basically metta-angel has not been on top form for a while, whilst on one hand, she wishes to go clean and serene; she still is 19 and has a young girls approach to fun, frivolity and fabulously especially in this very reversed dynamic universe of satanism sweeping across the western world with the Schwabs, Gates, Big Pharma/harma, GMO’s, glyphosate, graphene oxides, chem-trailings, and now fluoride will be pushed onto us again. All brain numbing, dumb-downing, mind fucking, abnormalities of which we are really witnessing in the early 21st century.

We really need to embrace sovereignty, organic foodstuffs, growing our own, stepping into fearlessness, totally switching off the main stream media’s, and adopting a new narrative that transcends the lower vibratory fields of lack, smallness, following the above institutional governments, club of rome, environmental climate change sayers, hell bent on sending us over the top, under the skin, injectables to reduce our brilliance of God given immunity, and so keep us swimming in a petri-dish of paranormal underling pestilence, dis-ease and death knocking early at our doors.

We are not robots, yet, though the Algorithms that Gates and co are pushing, will be the masters of our behavioural aspecting, giving autonomy to their what gets seen, what gets used, what becomes of value in their china credit-scoring communistic bombastic bottom lining.

We are all under the hammer & sickle of this utter well designed 200 year Cecil Rhodes deceit, however, fortunately we are many, have much more power in our own individualistic pursuit resonating body, mind, soul autonomy, thus allowing our champion causes to be the absolute manna, and medicine, to keep these lying thieving, cruel hegemony yahoo betters at bay.

In a nut, the new-world ordering globalists elites are been found out quicker so they push their agenda 21 to 30 faster, insisting we better get used to this or else we will not benefit using the corporate entities of maligned untruths, half-truths left brain thinking indoctrinations.

We are not going to lie down in their pokey visions upon how they see us. We are All here to witness the most amazing GREAT-AWAKENING from their cold hearted, digital encroachment that wishes us to sing from their satanic sheets of 140 hertz frequencies and not the 144 high vibing constellation of cosmic ordering, harmonic filtering truth, integrity, and righteous good thinking leading to Right Action.

We all now choose to Stand Up collectively as individuals, not foot men for their plain-sited, dystopian, dreadful Smart dumb-down, stack and pack , chip n pin vaccine passport entry to their insect, fake meat, gmo gooey grasping for our health. made in Silicon Valley.

These psychopathic pests crawling in human skins, pull their punches from our misery, delighting on the fearful adrenaline flight, fight and freeze hormones, yet we are humble, kind, resourceful and they, will have to simply leave our dimensions of Godly-Greatly-Goodly proportions, and pray their sins to be repented under the One True Creator-God, and Our Great Mother Sophia, Tara, Gaia-Earth. She loves her children that dwell upon her gracious abundance.

This universal prodigy cree’ing no one will be left out, no matter what we think, the jabbed, and non-jabbed. For we are breathers kin and kindred in our makeup, designed by electrolytes, subatomic particles of beams matter of fact in High Divine potency laced essence, high powers, highness.

Those who align to the pomgrams of evil will at some point remember who they are, and bit by bit, break down, remembering their Why they came to witness humanity sufferance, repent and start realignment. It is written in the word of man.

We have All come here to witness the ending of poverty, power-mad manics monetising/monopolising our Souls to suit their crony capitalism, communism and fascism in the name of their own gods they worship.

These symbolic wannabe’s, devil may-care loose nefarious shadowy types, have played their part well, however the end is here for their spells, incantations, wickedness, and push to turn man into a machine like creature, Borg transhumance.

The more they push the more we awaken and remember. Even under a spewing blanket of Barium, Strontium, Aluminium, Lead, nano-bots, falling in plain view criss-crossing the star gates of this hemisphere in a semi circled landscape.

It does feel uncomfortable, yet it is not without its consensus outcomes as the tribes form into back-bones, strong, tightening, flexing muscles, mind, ligaments, blood, no longer frightened of the terror show being thrust in bombastic propagandised mainstreams serving their Pilgrim masters of council privy council sorts. 

We are All in the Unknown, however what drives us now, is simple honest Faith in our greatest moment of need upon the hour that wipes away those that plunder our sparkling powerful mightiness, stemming from our ancestral governance, all waiting in the wings, to come back to fight this day of reckoning, willing us to step into our Light illuminating and emulating our divine existence.

I, personally, have made a new and extraordinary group of friends, many from my deep past, however many completely made from freedom rallies, talks, meet ups. I cannot remember a time like this other than a dim stretching back to the beginning of All that Was. 

I have lost many friends too, who simply buy into the Government Big Corps lines of misinformation, be-lie-vying for our attention…and there! it is, where we place our attention, focus, thinking; all leads to the materialising of our where with All.

The globalists are finished, barely able to cross over into our country, for their belligerence speaks back to front jargon, laced in lies, reversal policies aimed to confuse, speak double-dutch, thus designed to bring you and me into a contractual system known as the law of the seas, or Admiralty law, merchant law, statutory law, bound by the 20th century Birth certificates created in 1933. What they are offering up is cruel, divisive, sectioned and fractured in a ballsy totalitarian, communatarian ‘justice sociey’ of sneaky, indoctrinated state workers, laymen, rules, system pariahs pushing for the same old shitty sameness. UGHH. Their Governance, IPCC, Councils of this and that, reducers of life? They mock us as useless-eaters, and in their approach towards 2030; they foresee us living in zones, stacked and ubiquitously packed, as the AI rules All us proletariats.

These one percenters are not so bad as we would like to believe, however they hide behind huge transnational entities.. Their double-speak is blatantly dominated by the long lay of centralised, organised power grabs with very long tentacles that over-reach in everything we use, service and products, utilities, by usury. They are the same models that offer another point of views, yet these very same NGO’s, United Nations, World Economic Forum, Bilderberg, Jesuits, Knights of Templar, catholics, jews, muslims, organised religions, are the same. And keep us in a very convenient lie. Just like how we were taught. From day one.

They exist partly because We give them power, as we go about our business. Now though, through this 201, plandemic, we can see through their spells using men in science wearing white coats, working in tandem under the pretence of health and wellbeing; where I only see conflict in major proportions – non organic foodstuffs, allopathic cutting, the proliferation of huge dopey, dehumanising, anti-humanism, anti-bionics, anti-inflammatories, antidepressants and anti-life, whilst making money out of sickness. . The best the NHS offers, is surgery for broken bones, etc…there is another whole other story of the wholesale destruction of the family and our own love of hand me down medicinal sharing. The Flexnor report of 1910, destroyed Herbalism and Homeopathy.

Man no longer can ruminate under tyranny for our Souls are Free and this Earth plane is home. WE made it here in Gods image, true, physical accomplishment to feel the fettle of finery or gruff other.

We now by virtue or vice, have the forewithall to challenge these harbingers of disorder and chaos, transmuting All the post trauma of the wars, of the hidden cloaked-hand, and boy what a ride this is! How it is accelerating mans ascension.

Bare witness to this transformation beyond all we have ever been shown in this third dimensional 20th-21st century..remember the Great war, the second world war and all the wars in de-facto? They were all co-created to cause mass harm to our ability to manifest our own beautiful acsencions leaving us crippled in mind, post traumatic by design, and stooped to bow-down to their every whim and want in Statehood fanatical management. They destroyed our families to keep their power intermittently throughout the past few thousand years and now the Devil and Satan sit upon their thrones doling out drudgery and poison-pen for our daily bread…however…

We now are on the Bridge of Antahkarana. We can see the open fields full of wild flowers, running streams, clean clear waters, bountiful organic foodstuffs, natural holistic herbal medicinal plants, powerful circles and spirals abundant dressed in arts, culture, humanity, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, children playing without the hammer and sickle of bombardment convoluted in mindless skulduggery and drenched in brutal enforcement idols we know as Aunty Beeb, the nanny state, corporate control, quangos, bureaucracy, greed and grotesque memes all wanting our energetic blueprints as they come for our intracellular DNA, our Who Am I’s.

We know now we live in a third to fifth frequency known as multidimensional in our own trans-figuerence to meet our full potency of magnificence; or simply lay down before these autocrats and forget your signatory unique akashic records. We have the ability to ride all the way-showers, wavy, interdependence upon inner-standing how you became here and why.

To take breathe inwards and out breath, is the core magnetic motion of life.

This psyche of mayhem is here flushing out the scum of the earth as the cream rises to the top to denounce the vices crippling mans virtues. 

We can no longer sit on the fence thinking neutrality hoping that things will turn out all right. Now is the time to put on your God of Armour, Sword in hand, Shields up, feet firmly on the ground, crown chakras glory be to thee, as we break free from the chains of illusionary inventory,  firmly focused within the bandwidths of absolute propensity, empowering each and every polarised consortium in this mystical ride of all that was and all that will be unfolding in immense potentialities. 

It is our duty for future generations to not withstand the diabolical offerings of demented lackeys hellbent in dark counterproductive psy-ops. Grim at the best of times. 



Know Thyself Man

We, I say NO it has now been seen in the eye of each and every beholder that holds up their heads high and mighty with discernment and critical thinking…We are not for turning back to their oligarchy cretony…

We have all our bows, and arrows shooting to the high heavens embodied within our armaments and so we Stand Together one by one till we are All in divinity, shining our lights through All the chaos, doom, gloom and polarisation. Choose wisely dear Ones, for we have all come to witness this end game and rise like Lions from slumber…

Thank you. 

This was downloaded on this morning of the 27th. 

HorseBox Adventures as we journeyed up North to remember Thy Land..


When Lester began doing up the horse box back in June, did we know how much we fall deeply in to a great big luxurious funny magical journey. Normally we always go to our beloved families in France, the Pyrenees…of course we all know why we are not there now. Not One Truly Discerning, researched and informed Soul will take that experimental jab. So we hold the line.

From our first stop in Snowdonia to begin with a Sacred Hearts cacao ceremonial 6 days and banquet at the end, served with delicious frothy raw chocolate made by the wonderful Anita Brullee….with a lake to swim, a hot tub to sink into and wonderful food prepared by our new member, Elaine The Awakened One.

Our God Dog….

From there we set out on the road covering ground under new directions, high seated, high-up, high-minded. Our aims to stop at the Farm Shops and avoid Big Corps…we managed rather well. Our dry cupboard already bountiful. We explored, laughed, met the craziest loveliest peeps along the way; the Scouser’s utterly funny, generous and very illuminating. They scorned the BigState systems. No one will be showing any damn quackzine passports to get into their clubs…

On we travelled, having a few hitches with the fan belt, tyres, and potential accidents. We all came away more resolved ‘issues’.and cleanup our messes. From Yorkshires sweeping moors, fells, open spaces, gorgeous stone walls, fat healthy lambs, and sheeps, purchasing organic Gin, wine, beer and cheeses…our wild camp that night will never be forgotten. I woke up the next morning, bruised on my body and head hung hard….

Rolling along the up north vibes, Lancashire stoping and wild camping, mixing with proper camp sites to shower, fill up on water, etc.

In wet Cumbria, two nights of rainfall persistent at Conniston Lake, however our brilliant Lester had made a wonderful awning before hand, that could support our fires in the grate on the levelled ‘outside’ room. Snug, cozy, and lots of great inspiration.

On we went, up and up to Dumfries, Scotland, staying in Barn Soul, meeting the very nicest Scots man, Andrew, the manager. He enjoyed a wee nip….and lots of historic….Lester’s Birthday gave him reading parts of his book, and breaking down crying as he missed his sons. WE held him. Our newest other member Jason came to Yorkshire and on to the Scottish parts. He bought magic shrooms.

On we went up and up, to the West Highlands, Skye, more wild camping, more fun. WE turned into 505 route, and wondered if our girl would make it. She did as we stopped for lunch looking always for property to sale. As if by heavens own admission, our Horsebox, our God dog, our lovely family, were guided to Ascnashallach….a grand lodge off the road…and four days spent there in my birthday ….Jason came again with his son. My scottish accent perfected once a wee dram of the fire came through..we all felt it.

We spent two days in Find Horn; a little disconcerting as many people wore those evil masks. I honestly wish people would see the correlation between dehumanisation and the really problematic graphene oxide going onto those masks causing all sorts of lung problems . Boy oh boy, the globalists are in deep trouble as the acceleration is going fast now to the awakening of mans I AM.

We fell deeply in love with everywhere we went, from Wales, England, all over Scotland, oh my!, to the east Northumberland and it’s incredibly jolly warm people. The land yielded, the sun shone, and it was warm. Our Horse box was met with joy as we felt a little like rock stars on tour….jumping for joy….and gratitude…now we know so much more about our dear islands, its massive potential, and hugely warm folk from all over. We are planning more as our purpose is to ready ourselves for our beloved return to Mother Nature, Gaia, Tara, Sophia in her ascension, to know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy, KnowThyLand, Water, Air, and live in harmony with her, him, father mother, sister brother…We are in the most precious of times, and now is the time to switch things UP, living with those who resonate without judging, with oodles of potential, willingness, guts, and courage to co-create our efforts to hold us all as the human family, not slaves. We Have Already Won.

Who’d have thought we ALL fall in love with our great country!

July- the child that plays, is free, marches, meditates, co-creates!


This is not a long one, just a quickie really to say Thank You! Thank you mother earth, father sky, all the elementals coming to play. feeding us joy, high vibes, imagination not indoctrination, as we move frequencies remembering who we are, how did i come to pass, and where doth thou go in this journeying of absolute pleasure no matter what have passed in the Great Awakening..i have learnt how to sign my name capital gone, with old common universal lore back reminding us that we are above the merchant corporatocracy bores!

We are the ones, we are 144 chosen high frequencies coupled with majestic 526 vibrations. We know the difference between 442 hertz and 440 – how just before the second world war, the globalists have been pushing their one world cruel ordering to getus jabbed with the quackzine. The main streams pushing their masters lies to keep their jobs, not smart, more akin to bullshit low-vibe ghouls, entities, criminal mindsets, and guess what?! They are now in the lighter shadows coming through the tapestry of their own entropy. Our planet, is our home, and God made it so that we have free will, free choice, free systems, and even though we can see evil in much of our now time, the past 5 thousand years have too been crazy, and yet we now are witnessing the end of the times as we push through pluto, saturn, Uranus, mars and all the cosmic iota’s that give us our food for thought. We come from above as below, and are now rising grassroots ever more. Its not rocket science to see that the sun shines, the seasons come and go and poetry is everywhere should you know…abundance is key, and yet so it humility….

We are not alone, we are sovereign according to Gods will, for he placed us upon our individual thrones, not slaves to unseen others. We are the ones, and that makes this time so much easier knowing if you have been jabbed, that’s ok too, for your part to play is as equal to those who choose nay.

We are the human family, embracing joy, laughter, enthusiasm, and all of each one is a master.

We are many marvellous intracellular subatomic particle chromosomes marching forwards connected to God, Source The Divine…we no matter what they may think and say as they push their agenda 30 bullshit totalitarian grab track and trace the human race. I will tell you now the globalists have lost. We are free. We are aligned to our greatest shift evolving pushing dissolving what was and what is coming up. You see it was always about the unique individual soul ships ahoy landing mother tara, earthing, infusing, trusting in our own self awareness. For we are the ones, we are not lying down buying the bullshit of external enforces. The force is down and we are up. These cruel supposed humans lost their empathy many many blue blood-lines ago and now they serve to render their own demise and strengthening our human spiritual growth to above and beyond the rays of unseen yet felt telepathically and in massive potentiality to receive our true tasks. Arriving through this time of transition intact, with smiles so big so gracious so amazing, for this time has given us all the raison d’etre to hook up into our groups, our tribes, our historically important vibes, fusing, corroborating , recalibrating, co-creating and so coming together to grow food, eat organic, share our wares, tares, ins and outs upon this planet, plant, mother father, earth. No one will be left behind.

WE are not alone, not at all, should we collect our thoughts, allow the trauma to be transmuted in each willingness as one to one, to two to three to four and so it goes numbers galore!

Love yourself

We are the human family, embracing joy, laughter, enthusiasm, and all of each one is a master