David Bowie …my higher power…

One year ago I was waking up feeling that well-known vibration orienting a familiar energy in that of a well-loved artist, hero and most loving charismatic adventurer that being his birthday… Out came his album Black Star…. and then on 10th Jan 2016, he departed and went into the status of seraphim, higher consciously rippling into the stars and universal unique blue print.

David Jones was born in that year of 1947. The very same year when the then British government and War Ag came together to create The Agricultural Act that would take a certain amount of cash in tax subsidies from  each working man and women to pay middle men (gov) who then would pay ICI, to spray the Fields in an increasing of the yields with organo-phosphates & nitrates. This would spell disaster for Mother Nature & humanity.

David came to earth to bring art to first himself, and then we were honoured to have this authentic creature express and resonate his super talented unique mix tape of high fashion, gorgeous melodies, themes that oozed and gave us all permission to be sovereign.

A year ago I wrote this on the advent of his departure:

“Ground Control is on..My daughter and I are singing our hearts out to his excellent years of creating, inventing, making and us identifying with him…He is now a true Star Man, on his way in the multidimensional heavens where he will be chatting to his God and he will be saying, Rightio can you make those on mother earth reflect and love her, and he is saying how beautiful that planet earth is blue and there is nothing he can do…his Ashes to Ashes are scattered in our molecular sub-planes, he is an earth angel ascended and will sadly be missed. His music came to me throughout my life and then touched my daughter. Mummy can we put Bowie on..yes..as floats now in his tin can far far away…and now we are ch ch Changing all facing our strains…turn and face those that are ooh yeah..ripples …Ashes to ashes…darling dear David Bowie, you touched all our hearts, opened our minds to spacetime, and Ziggy star-dusted inspiring all cadets to play guitar…and now gave the world a sense of orienting throughout the decades. WE Love/feel/hear you and look forward to seeing you in our waking dreams…with our Gene Genie, slice back lakers, talking about Monroe and walking on snow white…Hero, stardust, action man,sonic details all aware…synthsis..aint got no money, but good cos it should be obsolete…Major Toms..adios till next time…valuable friend, hope your happy too…no smoking to stop, and listen up, Ive never done good things and I too have never done bad things and never done anything out of the blue…Ashes to Ashes, we know Major Toms is a junky slung out in heavens high……..Love..my mama said to get things done…you’d better not mess with major tom…..”
and then I found this to discuss his gnostic views on all that was/is Bowie by a chap called Kylebstiff on his own interpretations of what Black Star’s symbols represent especially in the world today.

I will be posting a video to compliment just as soon as I work out my inserts etc!

For now any enthusiasts can look at his cosmology charts.


I also have another blog to insert by a chap called Kyle who intuitively read Black Star and its symbolism. It resonated deeply on his Major Tom dying and returning to the multidimensional abstract universe and to God.

For me, I have spent an eternity trying to figure out the sins of myself and of humanity and though I am not religious, I am very much a spiritual being having an earthly experience in my physical embodiment of which I am most most graciously aware of.
I know I make huge errors and when I do so, I flagellate and become very much a typical human being who feels like a monster, or something inside of me that automatically pings to self loathing and I cause a lot of harm in my own self.

Today I spend time reflecting on sobriety and being clean. I am not working a programme anymore, choosing to go freestyle and float into the unknown known. It does not mean I am hanging out with the devil, however I do on occasion permit myself to the finer things in life.
I think intuitively my whole life has been about seeking approval from everywhere, primarily because my childhood was a big pile of neglect, damage and trauma that impacted my willingness to be liked, be a good girl and be taking care of.  However I have known on many levels that it was all meant to be. So the question arose, how did I get here, how can I wake up from denial, and what to do when/if I fully awaken.

My external influences caused havoc with my internal inner guidance systems that caused a lot of problems breaking down my resolve to be an actress/musician/artist/poet. I simply was not encouraged to be me.
Even today I can see the mess left behind from that of what was, though in my own understanding, I now see that I love all parts of it, even though there are times when I cry all over myself at the sadness that seeps out of every particle of body living in me.

I will outpour more of this in my self-development of unfolding moment to moment.
Right! Off to Islington Farmers market….and I thank God I have such a good outlook on all things local, seasonal and organic.

2 thoughts on “David Bowie …my higher power…

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