Unconsciousness to Super Consciousness..what does this all mean?

Here is a top line view of how a daughter such as mine, is full of energy, beans, zest, passion and love of all things funny, silly and playful. WE laughed our socks off in the lift that afternoon.

This is a state of being authentic and human that makes this world a wonderful and enjoyable experience especially if you are like me, gets depressed before, after and in the year! I have dips where I am being eaten alive by those hyper dimensional unseens, that I like to call entities. Other societies have in ancient lore, referred to them as demons, ghouls, ghosts that inhabit our etheric, astral, mental and physical domains. We humans are mostly unaware of the feedback loop that comes crushing upon us when we struggle and find it hard to reach out, or look within at our patterns of behaviour that keep us in that loop I mentioned.

I write this because I have been working on myself probably unconsciously all my life, to wake up from some strange long sleep that is imbued with a mixture of dream like qualities that can easily translate to madness, acute depression, fear of this and that, and avoiding the unknown qualities to step into my authentic individual creative self mastery role and become that change I so wish to be. Today I try to work consciously on my spiritual, emotional, physical and mental parts to remain embodied and calm. I am in luck, as I have an Aunty Shelia and really good guides in the spiritual realms. My ancestors are also very much apart of my inner grand journeying of learning how to sense the intracellular world and the extracellular world. Meaning I am so grateful for God, David Bowie, my higher power, and all the angelic realms that have guided me out of some tricky, dark phases, whereby I could have easily left the planet.

Over the course of this life time, I have witnessed bouts upon bout of waking up in the morning feeling completely in a state of sheer fear at what is happening world wide to our great forests, oceans, lands, animals, air, and us. We seem to be in so much denial that we then and  this I know well, will self medicate or seek medication from a Doctor. This is known to be a way to keep in a sort of trance that keeps serotonin, dopamine, melanin, norophinon, adrenaline and all our hormones that are required to reward, nurture, contain and keep us balanced at a level that our brain chemistry can receive and then send to the body the necessary nutrients, ATP to keep us alive and well.

I know that the way to good healthy health, is a mixture of good organic food, clean food, not processed, intensive and industrious. I know that in my life, when I am in nature, I relax and breathe and am able to take in to my lungs gulp full’s of good energy that synthesis with my anatomy and physiology and gives me so much simple salve.

I swim in cold, fresh water. I love this. I become so  engrossed in the bodies innate alchemical transformative practices of that really cold natural vibration that removes all stagnation and blocks that were lingering in my blood, bone, ligaments, fascia, organs and then a lot of the hard work is done.

I know by hydrating every morning on my lemon water and I add Golden Seal/echinacea to it, really gives me a head start.

I am also contemplating completely becoming a vegan, though I am loathed to give up butter!!!! I love butter, however I know that animal products are causing most of the methanes and gases that are adding to climate change, and wholesale deforestation. Anyone who needs to find out more about this, should go and watch the-war-on-drugs-war-on-farmers-marketsCowspiracy.(http://www.cowspiracy.com).

It really is a good one that eye opens the mixed messages from those climate change scientists who always seem to not put in the mass industrial scale ship of food chain practices that humans seem to require in having their cake and eating it with the supermarket mainstream subsidy rackets world wide in order to keep on trucking out loads of deforestation, mining, drilling, fracking, bombing, over fishing, all in the pursuit of making tonnes of stock monies for shareholders, and hey its ok to fuck the planet, so long as we are winning our money to pay for our what? Insanity? We meanwhile all become immune to the senseless mass intense industrial farming practices world wide that not only are cruel to animals, plants, nature and ourselves, but because we become so caged in our perceptions of thinking our rights to beef, pigs, chickens, veg and fruit canned, frozen, freeze-dried should be always there on the shelf of customer care, that we are in fact, creating massive blocks in our bodies with foodstuffs that poison, toxicate and harm our innate wonderful systems of eliminations and excretions through breath, letting go, sweating, crying, oozing, and shitting. We have also become the bi-products of an insane systems, whereby we have to get up, go to work , probably to jobs we don’t particularly feel good about, but hey, the mort-age, the kids, the wife, the this the that, we keep on giving permission to a soul less society that prescribes one shoe fits all, and if you step out of that shoe, you will be put down, told you are mad, evil, weird, and on it goes. For me, I recognise the insanity of humanity as it throws its self into a perpetual cycle of consume, push down, block, whilst holding down a job that is not for life, and is possible causing the individual to become depressed, anxious, stressed, sick, dis-eased. What to do?

This takes me nicely on to human behaviour and how bad we have got in programming ourselves to patting each other on the back in a congratulatory manner in order to show our materialistic wealth and supremacy as the supposed top food chain predators. Well, listen up reader, there seems to be a huge misconception because this is ensuring future generations grow up without forests, elephants, tigers, bears, rhino, orangutans, insects, flora, fauna, and on it goes. WE humans, are in that friggin loop I described earlier, showing off our materialistic 3rd dimensional prizes to prove how good and worthy we are.

Look at my wealth in relationship to what I own, use, consume, upgrade, keep a certain look and feel to those outside, but hey, don’t you dare come close to my inside, as that is private, and hidden and not allowed for discussion. You can possibly drive my car, visit my homes, borrow my objects etc meanwhile I am in the business of getting famous whilst parading  celebrity culture as though it were the bees knees, when the bees are actually almost at the brink of ecological disaster due to our continuous cutting, slashing, burning, and on it goes.

I am in no doubt that my ongoing depression is down to how I feel inside of myself in relationship to powerlessness and this beautiful blue planet that is home and is our beloved Mother Nature, Gaia, Sofia Gaia and Earth. However even by refusing to be beaten by WordPress technology, as I seem to have some autistic traits around programmes, I feel ok to share my vulnerability and knowledge as a farmer daughter, who smoked many a quarter and who has lived vicariously through sex and drugs and rock n roll. Meaning, I have partied hard, learnt the hard way, been homeless many times, and not tired to marry myself for security, gain and not really loving myself. How could I love another, when I didn’t even know how to love myself? Hmmmm ( another story to unfold no doubt).

We are children of the universe and the time has come to unfold a miracle of multidimensional paradigms whereby the layman, middle man, child can re-invent how he uses, chooses, refuses to buy into the world of want and scarcity and fear mongering mayhem as we give our power over and over and over to dualistic systems that have forgotten that we, all life on earth , is sentient, meaning, we are all bridges to divine as we raise upward towards God’s country.

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