July- the child that plays, is free, marches, meditates, co-creates!

This is not a long one, just a quickie really to say Thank You! Thank you mother earth, father sky, all the elementals coming to play. feeding us joy, high vibes, imagination not indoctrination, as we move frequencies remembering who we are, how did i come to pass, and where doth thou go in this journeying of absolute pleasure no matter what have passed in the Great Awakening..i have learnt how to sign my name capital gone, with old common universal lore back reminding us that we are above the merchant corporatocracy bores!

We are the ones, we are 144 chosen high frequencies coupled with majestic 526 vibrations. We know the difference between 442 hertz and 440 – how just before the second world war, the globalists have been pushing their one world cruel ordering to getus jabbed with the quackzine. The main streams pushing their masters lies to keep their jobs, not smart, more akin to bullshit low-vibe ghouls, entities, criminal mindsets, and guess what?! They are now in the lighter shadows coming through the tapestry of their own entropy. Our planet, is our home, and God made it so that we have free will, free choice, free systems, and even though we can see evil in much of our now time, the past 5 thousand years have too been crazy, and yet we now are witnessing the end of the times as we push through pluto, saturn, Uranus, mars and all the cosmic iota’s that give us our food for thought. We come from above as below, and are now rising grassroots ever more. Its not rocket science to see that the sun shines, the seasons come and go and poetry is everywhere should you know…abundance is key, and yet so it humility….

We are not alone, we are sovereign according to Gods will, for he placed us upon our individual thrones, not slaves to unseen others. We are the ones, and that makes this time so much easier knowing if you have been jabbed, that’s ok too, for your part to play is as equal to those who choose nay.

We are the human family, embracing joy, laughter, enthusiasm, and all of each one is a master.

We are many marvellous intracellular subatomic particle chromosomes marching forwards connected to God, Source The Divine…we no matter what they may think and say as they push their agenda 30 bullshit totalitarian grab track and trace the human race. I will tell you now the globalists have lost. We are free. We are aligned to our greatest shift evolving pushing dissolving what was and what is coming up. You see it was always about the unique individual soul ships ahoy landing mother tara, earthing, infusing, trusting in our own self awareness. For we are the ones, we are not lying down buying the bullshit of external enforces. The force is down and we are up. These cruel supposed humans lost their empathy many many blue blood-lines ago and now they serve to render their own demise and strengthening our human spiritual growth to above and beyond the rays of unseen yet felt telepathically and in massive potentiality to receive our true tasks. Arriving through this time of transition intact, with smiles so big so gracious so amazing, for this time has given us all the raison d’etre to hook up into our groups, our tribes, our historically important vibes, fusing, corroborating , recalibrating, co-creating and so coming together to grow food, eat organic, share our wares, tares, ins and outs upon this planet, plant, mother father, earth. No one will be left behind.

WE are not alone, not at all, should we collect our thoughts, allow the trauma to be transmuted in each willingness as one to one, to two to three to four and so it goes numbers galore!

Love yourself

We are the human family, embracing joy, laughter, enthusiasm, and all of each one is a master


Wow..thank you...

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