HorseBox Adventures as we journeyed up North to remember Thy Land..

When Lester began doing up the horse box back in June, did we know how much we fall deeply in to a great big luxurious funny magical journey. Normally we always go to our beloved families in France, the Pyrenees…of course we all know why we are not there now. Not One Truly Discerning, researched and informed Soul will take that experimental jab. So we hold the line.

From our first stop in Snowdonia to begin with a Sacred Hearts cacao ceremonial 6 days and banquet at the end, served with delicious frothy raw chocolate made by the wonderful Anita Brullee….with a lake to swim, a hot tub to sink into and wonderful food prepared by our new member, Elaine The Awakened One.

Our God Dog….

From there we set out on the road covering ground under new directions, high seated, high-up, high-minded. Our aims to stop at the Farm Shops and avoid Big Corps…we managed rather well. Our dry cupboard already bountiful. We explored, laughed, met the craziest loveliest peeps along the way; the Scouser’s utterly funny, generous and very illuminating. They scorned the BigState systems. No one will be showing any damn quackzine passports to get into their clubs…

On we travelled, having a few hitches with the fan belt, tyres, and potential accidents. We all came away more resolved ‘issues’.and cleanup our messes. From Yorkshires sweeping moors, fells, open spaces, gorgeous stone walls, fat healthy lambs, and sheeps, purchasing organic Gin, wine, beer and cheeses…our wild camp that night will never be forgotten. I woke up the next morning, bruised on my body and head hung hard….

Rolling along the up north vibes, Lancashire stoping and wild camping, mixing with proper camp sites to shower, fill up on water, etc.

In wet Cumbria, two nights of rainfall persistent at Conniston Lake, however our brilliant Lester had made a wonderful awning before hand, that could support our fires in the grate on the levelled ‘outside’ room. Snug, cozy, and lots of great inspiration.

On we went, up and up to Dumfries, Scotland, staying in Barn Soul, meeting the very nicest Scots man, Andrew, the manager. He enjoyed a wee nip….and lots of historic….Lester’s Birthday gave him reading parts of his book, and breaking down crying as he missed his sons. WE held him. Our newest other member Jason came to Yorkshire and on to the Scottish parts. He bought magic shrooms.

On we went up and up, to the West Highlands, Skye, more wild camping, more fun. WE turned into 505 route, and wondered if our girl would make it. She did as we stopped for lunch looking always for property to sale. As if by heavens own admission, our Horsebox, our God dog, our lovely family, were guided to Ascnashallach….a grand lodge off the road…and four days spent there in my birthday ….Jason came again with his son. My scottish accent perfected once a wee dram of the fire came through..we all felt it.

We spent two days in Find Horn; a little disconcerting as many people wore those evil masks. I honestly wish people would see the correlation between dehumanisation and the really problematic graphene oxide going onto those masks causing all sorts of lung problems . Boy oh boy, the globalists are in deep trouble as the acceleration is going fast now to the awakening of mans I AM.

We fell deeply in love with everywhere we went, from Wales, England, all over Scotland, oh my!, to the east Northumberland and it’s incredibly jolly warm people. The land yielded, the sun shone, and it was warm. Our Horse box was met with joy as we felt a little like rock stars on tour….jumping for joy….and gratitude…now we know so much more about our dear islands, its massive potential, and hugely warm folk from all over. We are planning more as our purpose is to ready ourselves for our beloved return to Mother Nature, Gaia, Tara, Sophia in her ascension, to know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy, KnowThyLand, Water, Air, and live in harmony with her, him, father mother, sister brother…We are in the most precious of times, and now is the time to switch things UP, living with those who resonate without judging, with oodles of potential, willingness, guts, and courage to co-create our efforts to hold us all as the human family, not slaves. We Have Already Won.

Who’d have thought we ALL fall in love with our great country!

Wow..thank you...

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