No Longer can we sit on the fence of neutrality, we are now in the eye of the storm and the magic is born from polarisation, gold is made from high friction and so we now become Warriors together..

September 27th Monday mets jumped into bed with me last night after a feeling that terrified her; her duvet felt like it was being pulled off of her and something dark was coming towards her. I explained that the amount of drugs she took a weekend ago at Balter – a drum and base festival in Wales may have something to with it, coupled with the fact that she met a lovely young man called James, who’d been double vaxxed, thus rendering more potential possibilities of other worldly in-animates entering in to her fields of consciousness, entities and the such. Basically metta-angel has not been on top form for a while, whilst on one hand, she wishes to go clean and serene; she still is 19 and has a young girls approach to fun, frivolity and fabulously especially in this very reversed dynamic universe of satanism sweeping across the western world with the Schwabs, Gates, Big Pharma/harma, GMO’s, glyphosate, graphene oxides, chem-trailings, and now fluoride will be pushed onto us again. All brain numbing, dumb-downing, mind fucking, abnormalities of which we are really witnessing in the early 21st century.

We really need to embrace sovereignty, organic foodstuffs, growing our own, stepping into fearlessness, totally switching off the main stream media’s, and adopting a new narrative that transcends the lower vibratory fields of lack, smallness, following the above institutional governments, club of rome, environmental climate change sayers, hell bent on sending us over the top, under the skin, injectables to reduce our brilliance of God given immunity, and so keep us swimming in a petri-dish of paranormal underling pestilence, dis-ease and death knocking early at our doors.

We are not robots, yet, though the Algorithms that Gates and co are pushing, will be the masters of our behavioural aspecting, giving autonomy to their what gets seen, what gets used, what becomes of value in their china credit-scoring communistic bombastic bottom lining.

We are all under the hammer & sickle of this utter well designed 200 year Cecil Rhodes deceit, however, fortunately we are many, have much more power in our own individualistic pursuit resonating body, mind, soul autonomy, thus allowing our champion causes to be the absolute manna, and medicine, to keep these lying thieving, cruel hegemony yahoo betters at bay.

In a nut, the new-world ordering globalists elites are been found out quicker so they push their agenda 21 to 30 faster, insisting we better get used to this or else we will not benefit using the corporate entities of maligned untruths, half-truths left brain thinking indoctrinations.

We are not going to lie down in their pokey visions upon how they see us. We are All here to witness the most amazing GREAT-AWAKENING from their cold hearted, digital encroachment that wishes us to sing from their satanic sheets of 140 hertz frequencies and not the 144 high vibing constellation of cosmic ordering, harmonic filtering truth, integrity, and righteous good thinking leading to Right Action.

We all now choose to Stand Up collectively as individuals, not foot men for their plain-sited, dystopian, dreadful Smart dumb-down, stack and pack , chip n pin vaccine passport entry to their insect, fake meat, gmo gooey grasping for our health. made in Silicon Valley.

These psychopathic pests crawling in human skins, pull their punches from our misery, delighting on the fearful adrenaline flight, fight and freeze hormones, yet we are humble, kind, resourceful and they, will have to simply leave our dimensions of Godly-Greatly-Goodly proportions, and pray their sins to be repented under the One True Creator-God, and Our Great Mother Sophia, Tara, Gaia-Earth. She loves her children that dwell upon her gracious abundance.

This universal prodigy cree’ing no one will be left out, no matter what we think, the jabbed, and non-jabbed. For we are breathers kin and kindred in our makeup, designed by electrolytes, subatomic particles of beams matter of fact in High Divine potency laced essence, high powers, highness.

Those who align to the pomgrams of evil will at some point remember who they are, and bit by bit, break down, remembering their Why they came to witness humanity sufferance, repent and start realignment. It is written in the word of man.

We have All come here to witness the ending of poverty, power-mad manics monetising/monopolising our Souls to suit their crony capitalism, communism and fascism in the name of their own gods they worship.

These symbolic wannabe’s, devil may-care loose nefarious shadowy types, have played their part well, however the end is here for their spells, incantations, wickedness, and push to turn man into a machine like creature, Borg transhumance.

The more they push the more we awaken and remember. Even under a spewing blanket of Barium, Strontium, Aluminium, Lead, nano-bots, falling in plain view criss-crossing the star gates of this hemisphere in a semi circled landscape.

It does feel uncomfortable, yet it is not without its consensus outcomes as the tribes form into back-bones, strong, tightening, flexing muscles, mind, ligaments, blood, no longer frightened of the terror show being thrust in bombastic propagandised mainstreams serving their Pilgrim masters of council privy council sorts. 

We are All in the Unknown, however what drives us now, is simple honest Faith in our greatest moment of need upon the hour that wipes away those that plunder our sparkling powerful mightiness, stemming from our ancestral governance, all waiting in the wings, to come back to fight this day of reckoning, willing us to step into our Light illuminating and emulating our divine existence.

I, personally, have made a new and extraordinary group of friends, many from my deep past, however many completely made from freedom rallies, talks, meet ups. I cannot remember a time like this other than a dim stretching back to the beginning of All that Was. 

I have lost many friends too, who simply buy into the Government Big Corps lines of misinformation, be-lie-vying for our attention…and there! it is, where we place our attention, focus, thinking; all leads to the materialising of our where with All.

The globalists are finished, barely able to cross over into our country, for their belligerence speaks back to front jargon, laced in lies, reversal policies aimed to confuse, speak double-dutch, thus designed to bring you and me into a contractual system known as the law of the seas, or Admiralty law, merchant law, statutory law, bound by the 20th century Birth certificates created in 1933. What they are offering up is cruel, divisive, sectioned and fractured in a ballsy totalitarian, communatarian ‘justice sociey’ of sneaky, indoctrinated state workers, laymen, rules, system pariahs pushing for the same old shitty sameness. UGHH. Their Governance, IPCC, Councils of this and that, reducers of life? They mock us as useless-eaters, and in their approach towards 2030; they foresee us living in zones, stacked and ubiquitously packed, as the AI rules All us proletariats.

These one percenters are not so bad as we would like to believe, however they hide behind huge transnational entities.. Their double-speak is blatantly dominated by the long lay of centralised, organised power grabs with very long tentacles that over-reach in everything we use, service and products, utilities, by usury. They are the same models that offer another point of views, yet these very same NGO’s, United Nations, World Economic Forum, Bilderberg, Jesuits, Knights of Templar, catholics, jews, muslims, organised religions, are the same. And keep us in a very convenient lie. Just like how we were taught. From day one.

They exist partly because We give them power, as we go about our business. Now though, through this 201, plandemic, we can see through their spells using men in science wearing white coats, working in tandem under the pretence of health and wellbeing; where I only see conflict in major proportions – non organic foodstuffs, allopathic cutting, the proliferation of huge dopey, dehumanising, anti-humanism, anti-bionics, anti-inflammatories, antidepressants and anti-life, whilst making money out of sickness. . The best the NHS offers, is surgery for broken bones, etc…there is another whole other story of the wholesale destruction of the family and our own love of hand me down medicinal sharing. The Flexnor report of 1910, destroyed Herbalism and Homeopathy.

Man no longer can ruminate under tyranny for our Souls are Free and this Earth plane is home. WE made it here in Gods image, true, physical accomplishment to feel the fettle of finery or gruff other.

We now by virtue or vice, have the forewithall to challenge these harbingers of disorder and chaos, transmuting All the post trauma of the wars, of the hidden cloaked-hand, and boy what a ride this is! How it is accelerating mans ascension.

Bare witness to this transformation beyond all we have ever been shown in this third dimensional 20th-21st century..remember the Great war, the second world war and all the wars in de-facto? They were all co-created to cause mass harm to our ability to manifest our own beautiful acsencions leaving us crippled in mind, post traumatic by design, and stooped to bow-down to their every whim and want in Statehood fanatical management. They destroyed our families to keep their power intermittently throughout the past few thousand years and now the Devil and Satan sit upon their thrones doling out drudgery and poison-pen for our daily bread…however…

We now are on the Bridge of Antahkarana. We can see the open fields full of wild flowers, running streams, clean clear waters, bountiful organic foodstuffs, natural holistic herbal medicinal plants, powerful circles and spirals abundant dressed in arts, culture, humanity, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, children playing without the hammer and sickle of bombardment convoluted in mindless skulduggery and drenched in brutal enforcement idols we know as Aunty Beeb, the nanny state, corporate control, quangos, bureaucracy, greed and grotesque memes all wanting our energetic blueprints as they come for our intracellular DNA, our Who Am I’s.

We know now we live in a third to fifth frequency known as multidimensional in our own trans-figuerence to meet our full potency of magnificence; or simply lay down before these autocrats and forget your signatory unique akashic records. We have the ability to ride all the way-showers, wavy, interdependence upon inner-standing how you became here and why.

To take breathe inwards and out breath, is the core magnetic motion of life.

This psyche of mayhem is here flushing out the scum of the earth as the cream rises to the top to denounce the vices crippling mans virtues. 

We can no longer sit on the fence thinking neutrality hoping that things will turn out all right. Now is the time to put on your God of Armour, Sword in hand, Shields up, feet firmly on the ground, crown chakras glory be to thee, as we break free from the chains of illusionary inventory,  firmly focused within the bandwidths of absolute propensity, empowering each and every polarised consortium in this mystical ride of all that was and all that will be unfolding in immense potentialities. 

It is our duty for future generations to not withstand the diabolical offerings of demented lackeys hellbent in dark counterproductive psy-ops. Grim at the best of times. 



Know Thyself Man

We, I say NO it has now been seen in the eye of each and every beholder that holds up their heads high and mighty with discernment and critical thinking…We are not for turning back to their oligarchy cretony…

We have all our bows, and arrows shooting to the high heavens embodied within our armaments and so we Stand Together one by one till we are All in divinity, shining our lights through All the chaos, doom, gloom and polarisation. Choose wisely dear Ones, for we have all come to witness this end game and rise like Lions from slumber…

Thank you. 

This was downloaded on this morning of the 27th. 

Wow..thank you...

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